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Software Tamper-Proofing Deployed 2-year Anniversary Report Macrovision Corporation Patrice Capitant VP Engineering.

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1 Software Tamper-Proofing Deployed 2-year Anniversary Report Macrovision Corporation Patrice Capitant VP Engineering

2 Agenda  SafeDisc  The Hacker World  Hacker Tools & Security Risks  SafeDisc Deployment  In The Field  The Lessons  Recommendations  SafeDisc 2.0  Summary

3 SafeDisc  Copy Protection of PC games on CD.  Applied to more than 51 million units over 20 months  Applied to more than 300 titles  More than 100 SafeDisc replication facilities worldwide

4 The Hacker World  Super-Hackers (The White Knights) –Organized (suppliers, crackers, coders, web hosters) –Friendly competition but cooperation on tough problems  Custom Tools –Debuggers & add-ons (anti-debugger aids, memory dumps...) –Advanced Hex-editors –Packers & unpackers (PEcrypt, Procdump,…)

5 The Hacker World  Hacker’s goals: to beat and humiliate you –Generate tamper-proof patches –Generate essays on your technology –Generate essays on hack techniques

6 :.:[ #HUMMERS_WareZ ]:. :.:[ Application Form ]:. §-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+§ WE'RE LOOKING FOR: Suppliers, Web Hosters, Crackers, Coders Check the position(s) you want to apply for, look for the section & answer the questions. :[]Topsite FTP Courier X1 : X2 : X9 : :[]Web Hoster X1 : X3 : X9 : :[]Site Operator X1 : X4 : X9 : :[]Shell SupplierX1 : X5 : X9 : :[]Supplier X1 : X6 : X9 : :[]CrackerX1 : X7 : X9 : :[]Coder X1 : X8 : X9 : :[]OtherX1 : X9 : X9 : §-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+§ Hackers’ Application Form – Part 1

7 X1. Information :Real Name-...............................[ ] :Nick-....................................[ ] :E-mail-..................................[ ] :IP Mask-.................................[ ] :ICQ Number-..............................[ ] :Connection speed-........................[ ] :Years of experience in warez?-...........[ ] :Have you been or are you in a group right now? [ ]-YES [ ]-NO :What Groups? What Position? Groups-...............[ ] Position-.............[ ] Hackers’ Application Form – Part 2

8 X2. Topsite FTP Courier :Do you have access to new, 0-min warez? [ ]-YES [ ]-NO : How many mb can you curry in a week?-......[ MBS ] : Name the sites you are on? #1-[ ] #2-[ ] #3-[ ] Hackers’ Application Form – Part 3

9 X3. Web Host :Can you host the page 24/7? []-YES []-NO :Space Available for the page-..............[ MBS ] :Any other information?(Domain name, etc) [] Hackers’ Application Form – Part 4

10 X4. SiteOp :Connection Speed: (cable users need not apply) []T1 []T3 []OC+ :Operating System (Check all that apply) [ ]Windows 3.1x/95/98 [ ] Any Nix os (Please Specify)[ ] [ ]Other(Please Specify)[ ] :Space Available for the group-..........…[ GIGS ] :Will your site be dedicated to HUMMERS only? [ ]-YES [ ] –NO :Will your site be up 24/7? If not,how often? [ ]-YES [ ]-NO Hours up-[ ] :How many users can your site support at a time?-[ ] :What is the ip and login info of your site? (look only account) IP: [ ] LOGIN: [ ] PASS: [ ] Hackers’ Application Form – Part 5

11 X5. Shell Supplier : Do you own a shell? [ ]-YES [ ]-NO : How many 24/7 bots do you have on your shell?-[ ] Hackers’ Application Form – Part 6

12 X6. Supplier :What can you supply?-................[ ] :How much can u supply in a day/week?-[ ] :Will you supply on demand? [ ]-YES [ ]-NO Hackers’ Application Form – Part 7

13 X7. Cracker :How long have you been hacking/cracking?-[ ] :How many applications have you cracked?-[ ] :How many games have you cracked?-[ ] :What are the last last three games/apps you've cracked? #1-[ ] #2-[ ] #3-[ ] :Are you willing to demonstrate your skills to a Senior in HUMMERS? []-YES []-NO Hackers’ Application Form – Part 8

14 X8. Coder :What do you use to code? (Programs) [ ] :Do you have examples of your work? :[]-YES []-NO (If yes, please include one with this app) :How fast can you start and finish a good program for the group? [ ] Hackers’ Application Form – Part 9

15 X9. Other :What other thing can you do that is not listed? [ ] [ ] Hackers’ Application Form – Part 10

16 X10. Hand-in App Now rename this yournick.txt and copy and paste, then send it to "HUMMERS@HOME.COM" with "HUMMERS APPLICANT" as your subject. §-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-§ ©1998 [HUMMERS_Warez] Hackers’ Application Form – Part 11

17 Hacker Tools & Security Risks  Debuggers  Disassemblers File Level Attacks  Memory Lifts  Spoofing  Cryptographic Attacks  Procedural

18 Debuggers  Step through code  Set memory and code breakpoints  Disassemble code  Change operation of code  General experimentation tool  e.g. SoftIce, TRW and Microsoft debuggers

19 Disassemblers  Can analyse security code in a file on hard drive  Allow authentication and security code to be easily patched and recompiled  Help remove obfuscation code  e.g. idapro

20 Spoofing  Spy programs used to monitor application calls to system functions  Spoof program intercepts calls and returns data expected for an authentication  e.g. frogsice, spy32

21 Memory Lifts  Copies decrypted application (or sections) from memory to a file.  Reconstructs the remainder of the application  Can memory lift security code or protected application  e.g. procdump

22 Cryptographic Attacks  Use of cryptographic techniques to analyse encrypted-protected applications  Use of cryptographic techniques to find decryption keys

23 Procedural  Leaks from publishers  Release of demo builds  Publishing cracks on the WWW  Publishing cracker tools

24 SafeDisc Deployment  Successful Pre-release Testing… –Software successfully tested by single hackers and corporate entities (Microsoft, Alladin) over 2-month period  …Conclusions: –It will take a very long time to crack: There is plenty of time to add security features –If a crack occurs, patching the security hole will be sufficient

25 In The Field  First hack after 6 month.  Three generic hacks over two years, all patched.  All hacks limited to Super-Hackers.  Time to Hack keeps decreasing.

26 The Lessons  Super-Hackers can’t spell  Super-Hackers will work together: –You are facing large skilled groups not individuals  Hacks are more than one break: –Frequently reflect systematic understanding of whole security system

27 The Lessons  Hacks are more a matter of “when” than “if”  Essays on your security techniques will be published  Patches will be tamper-proofed (just to show you)

28 The Lessons (cont.)  Security hardness when raised to the level of Super-Hackers –Diminishes number of hacks –Diminishes distribution sites for patches –Deters cautious users from applying patches

29 Recommendations  Be proactive: –New security techniques must be added frequently –Expect to develop major changes in security architecture on a regular basis  Be patient: –Monitor hackers techniques & tools –Devise multiple techniques before releasing counter-attack  Focus on slowing down hacks: –Put as many layers of security as you can in all critical areas  Focus on limiting hack effectiveness: –Use polymorphism: Each installation is different –Dedicate resources to monitor and close Web sites

30 SafeDisc 2.0  Enhanced automated wrapping tool –Added DLL and data protection  Additional security layers in each critical area –Debuggers, disassemblers, spoofing, memory lifts & cryptographic attacks –Heavier use of polymorphism  Same program against hackers sites  New SDK for publishers –Additional security (level 1-3) for identified functions  Additional media signatures for both data & audio

31 Summary  SafeDisc hacks limited to a small group of Super- Hackers  Original strategy focused on preventing all hacks –Did not put a boundary on time to hack  Second generation tamper-proofing just released –Focuses on limiting time to hack

32 Conclusion

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