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September 25, 2008 PROBATION ASSOCIATION OF NEW JERSEY (PANJ) Separate alcohol from the offender... and your job will get much easier.

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1 September 25, 2008 PROBATION ASSOCIATION OF NEW JERSEY (PANJ) Separate alcohol from the offender... and your job will get much easier.

2 David Connon Mid-Atlantic Region Manager Dick Irrer Director, Northern Region Alcohol Monitoring Systems Inc.


4 Corporate office located in Littleton, CO Company founded in 1997 7 years and $20+ million in R&D Privately funded Product introduction in March 2003 100+ employees Alcohol Monitoring Systems (AMS)

5 AMS Reputation in the Industry CAM Market Leadership Largest provider of electronic alcohol monitoring Strong relationships with national special interest groups:  Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD)  National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)  National Institutes of Health (NIH)  American Probation & Parole Association (APPA)  National Association of Drug Court Professionals (NADCP)

6 Alcohol – A Difficult Problem for the Criminal Justice System Legal Substance Socially Acceptable Available Almost Anywhere Driving While Intoxicated (33%) Domestic Violence (75%) Other Criminal Behavior(36%) $184,700,000,000/alcohol abuse

7 *Nationally – 12,998 DUI Fatalities in 2007 * New Jersey – 724 DUI Fatalities in 2007 Alcohol : A Difficult Problem for the Criminal Justice System ** New Jersey Domestic Violence Incidents, 35,589, January – June 2007 * NHTSA DWI Fatality Statistics ** 2007 NJ Uniform Crime Report ** New Jersey DWI Arrests – 13,359 January – June 2007

8 Alcohol – A Difficult Problem for the Criminal Justice System Some People simply should not drink alcohol Separating Alcohol from the Offender Why is it so Difficult? Rapid Metabolism (Absorption/Elimination) Need for Consistency Need for Accuracy Positive Identification Incident Reporting Manpower Intensive

9 Alcohol – A Difficult Problem for the Criminal Justice System Alcohol Testing Technologies Personal Breath Testers Urine Testing Remote Breath Testers Vehicle Ignition Interlock ALL ARE POINT-IN-TIME MEASUREMENTS

10 Alcohol metabolizes quickly  Offenders can drink around random breathalyzer tests Breathalyzer Test 7 AM Offender Starts Drinking 6 PM Breathalyzer Test 5 PM Offender Peaks 0.095 Offender is Sober 6 AM Breathalyzer Test 7 AM Unless you're lucky, random point-in-time testing will miss most drinking events Why random testing does not work

11 Continuous offender accountability Automated 24 x 7 testing Comprehensive next-day reporting Court-supported technology What Is needed?

12 Alcohol metabolizes quickly  CAM monitors an offender’s alcohol consumption continuously, 24x7! CAM Testing Methods Offender Peaks 0.095 Entire drinking event is recorded Offender Starts Drinking 6 PM Offender is Sober 6 AM

13 The Role of Continuous Alcohol Monitoring Assess  Identify/Direct Offenders to treatment and supervision Detect  Improve Supervision/Intervention  Separate Compliant from Noncompliant Offenders Deter  Offender Accountability – Stay Sober or Else  Enhance Public Safety Separate Alcohol From the Offender Assess Detect Deter

14 At The Core: Responsibility & Accountability Shift Responsibility/Accountability to Offender  24 x7 Testing vs. Point in Time Testing  Cannot Drink Around 24x7 Testing  Awareness of Testing Increases Successes  Long-Term Abstinence Increases Success Rates “

15 SCRAM – Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitor Worn on the ankle 24/7 Goes where the offender goes Tests for alcohol every 30 minutes Uses transdermal technology to measure alcohol as it evaporates through the skin Automatically collects, stores, and transfers all data to the SCRAM modem on a predetermined schedule

16 SCRAM System Components SCRAM ankle bracelet  Secured to offenders leg SCRAM modem  Plugs into an analog telephone line  Stores alcohol readings, tamper alerts, and diagnostic data  Sends all data to SCRAMNET SCRAMNET  Web-based application managed by AMS where offender data is collected, stored, and analyzed

17 The SCRAM System

18 What Does SCRAM Detect? Alcohol Tampers/Obstructions Environmental Interferrants

19 Non-compliant offender: SCRAM Detected the Consumption of Alcohol SCRAM GRAPHS

20 Non-compliant Offender - Obstruction SCRAM GRAPHS

21 Environmental Interferant Detected

22 Transdermal Alcohol Testing A percentage of alcohol is excreted unchanged wherever water is removed from the body – breath, urine, perspiration, and saliva Unaltered alcohol excretion permits an accurate measurement using both breath and insensible skin perspiration

23 Transdermal Testing  Used as a screening device to determine whether a small, moderate, or large amount of alcohol has been consumed  Does not produce a specific BAC reading  Recent studies conclude that transdermal alcohol readings correlate with BAC readings  Transdermal testing has a time delay in the absorption, peak, and elimination of alcohol

24 Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) Transdermal Alcohol Content (TAC) Absorption and Elimination Rates

25 SCRAM Research NHTSA  “Evaluating Transdermal Alcohol Measuring Devices” University of Colorado Health Sciences  “Validity of Transdermal Alcohol Monitoring: Fixed and Self- Regulated Dosing” (Sakai JT (2006) Alcohol Clin. Exp. Res. 30:1, 26-33) Traffic Injury Research Foundation (TIRF) Other Studies  National Law Enforcement and Corrections Technology Center (NLECTC)- NW in Alaska  Acadiana Criminalistics Laboratory, LA  Michigan Department of Corrections (MDOC)

26 DUI Offenses Domestic Violence Family Court Underage Drinking SCRAM Usage in the Criminal Justice System Prison Overcrowding Condition of Bail Probation/Parole Sanction/Sentence

27 AMS-Supported Court Hearings SCRAM technology is upheld in court hearings and challenges across the country  50 evidentiary hearings in 19 States  19 hearings resulted in Frye/Daubert rulings  18 of 19 courts determined that evidence was admissible

28 Program Efficiency 14,8881,22650 100%8.2%.0033% of non-compliant offenders

29 SCRAM TODAY* 155,151,236 tests performed 73,533 offenders monitored SCRAM programs in 46 states Over 1650 courts and agencies using SCRAM * As of August 31, 2008

30 SCRAM Program Objectives Ensure participants maintain sobriety Increase accountability of participants through continuous monitoring Provide alternatives to court system Reduce recidivism by addressing root cause of the problem and modifying behavior Decrease impact of DUI and alcohol-related cases on the system Provide evidence-based program statistics

31 SCRAM Program Summary Proven Product & Technology Peer Reviewed Court Validated National Acceptance Addresses Root Cause of Alcohol Problem Assesses the offender’s alcohol problem Places compliance responsibility on the offender Provides for rapid intervention upon violation Provides constant awareness – deterrence Successful Program Implementations Across a broad spectrum of criminal-justice applications

32 Questions and Answers? Thank you for your time

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