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02/03/2006EBT and EDI Overview1 Electronic Business Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) & Electronic Business Transactions (EBT) Standards.

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2 02/03/2006EBT and EDI Overview1 Electronic Business Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) & Electronic Business Transactions (EBT) Standards

3 02/03/2006EBT and EDI Overview2 EBT? EDI? EBT is the description of what is needed to conduct a business transaction & when it is done. EDI is the vehicle that allows the transfer of the EBT data between dissimilar computer systems.

4 02/03/2006EBT and EDI Overview3 How EDI Works Sender’s Translator Mapping Mapped Data Sender’s CIS Data VAN Mapped Data Receiver’s Translator Mapping Receiver’s CIS Data “Trading Partners”

5 02/03/2006EBT and EDI Overview4 Maine’s Model

6 02/03/2006EBT and EDI Overview5 EDI Standards Format specifications: the characteristics & order of data for each transaction ANSI X12 Version 4010 UIG - D guidelines for deregulation EBT Standards MPUC Chapters 322 & 323 Maine EBT: Appendices A, B & C

7 02/03/2006EBT and EDI Overview6 EDI GUIDELINES Appendix C –Known as Data Dictionaries in other states –Links Customer System Fields to EDI Fields –Includes all data required for each business process –Typically used by programmers/EDI developers

8 02/03/2006EBT and EDI Overview7 EDI GUIDELINES (example of Appendix C)

9 02/03/2006EBT and EDI Overview8 Appendix C 824-1 RESPONSE FOR NON 814 TRANSACTIONS ADMINISTRATIVE LIST OF FIELDS From Supplier to Distribution Company EBTEDI IMPLEMENTATION GUIDELINES HEADING DESC USE SIZE TYPE SEGMT/POS LOOP QUALIFIER REFER TO Unique Tracking Number M/U30 A/N BGN/020 BGN02 Supplier Identifier M/U13 A/N N1/030 N19 N104 (Dun’s plus 4) Supplier account number M/U20 A/N REF/070 N111REF02 LEGEND M/U = Must Use OP = Optional A/N = Alphanumeric DATE = CCYYMMDD

10 02/03/2006EBT and EDI Overview9 EDI GUIDELINES MAINE Appendix B –Glossary of Terms used in Maine documents

11 02/03/2006EBT and EDI Overview10 EDI TransactionSets Appendix C - Implementation Guides –Technical Specifications for EDI Structure –Maine will Implement Version 4010 –Used by EDI developers –There are some minor differences between the Maine utilities.

12 02/03/2006EBT and EDI Overview11 Appendix C 824 Application Advice Ver/Rel 004010 Introduction: Functional Group ID=AG The transaction set …is designed to allow the CEP to report errors back to the T&D. Transaction Best Practices: One 824 is to be used for each error to a non-814 transaction set. Transaction Layout: Heading Pos. Seg. NameReq. Max. Loop Notes No. IDDes.Use Repeat Must Use 010 ST Transaction Set HeaderM1 Must Use 020 BGN Beginning SegmentM1 LOOP ID – N1 1 Must Use 030 N1 Supplier Co NameO Must Use 070 REF Supplier Acct NumberO12

13 02/03/2006EBT and EDI Overview12 EDI/EBT Standards Committees Utility Industry Group (UIG-D) 1998 ME-EBT Working Group

14 02/03/2006EBT and EDI Overview13 Maine’s Business Rules Must have designated business & technical contacts One Enrollment per Account First In Rule, 2 Days Prior to Next Read Enrollments Only On Cycle Drops may be Processed Off Cycle CEP Retains Customer - “Seamless” Move EDI Response by Next Business Day

15 02/03/2006EBT and EDI Overview14 Settlement Transactions E-mailed, not EDI Daily & monthly aggregated load estimates will be e-mailed to the bulk power administrator & CEPs.

16 02/03/2006EBT and EDI Overview15 SOP Transactions ID 810 - 3 Description Aggregated Billing Information Transaction Set

17 02/03/2006EBT and EDI Overview16 CEP Transactions ID 810 814 820 824 867 997 Description Invoice Usage/billing Account Administration Payment/Adjustment Errors for non-814’s Historical Usage Functional Acknowledgement Transaction Sets

18 02/03/2006EBT and EDI Overview17 Maine EDI Transaction Sets 810 Billing & Usage Best Practices Use of the IT1 loop is used to accumulate all consumption and charge detail for a single meter or service. Each meter or service will be detailed in a separate IT1 loop The MEA segment is used to convey consumption reading for one metering period. The amount shown in SAC05 may be positive or negative. If negative, the minus sign will be transmitted to the supplier.

19 02/03/2006EBT and EDI Overview18 Maine EDI Transaction Sets 810 Monthly Billing and Usage 810-1 Separate Billing –CEP and T&D do their own billing 810-2 Consolidated Billing –T&D does billing for CEP and T&D 810-3 Standard Offer Provider Billing –T&D does billing for SOP and T&D

20 02/03/2006EBT and EDI Overview19 Maine EDI Transaction Sets 814 Account Administration 814 - 1 Enrollment (CEP TO T&D) 814 - 2 Change CEP Company Data (CEP TO T&D) 814 - 3 Change T&D Company Data (T&D TO CEP) 814 - 4 Successful Enrollment (T&D TO CEP) 814 - 5 Customer Move (T&D TO CEP) 814 - 6 Error (Both Ways)

21 02/03/2006EBT and EDI Overview20 Maine EDI Transaction Sets 814 Account Administration (cont) 814 - 7 Customer Drops CEP (T&D to CEP) 814 - 8 CEP Drops Customer (CEP to T&D) 814 - 9 Confirm Drop Date (T&D to CEP) 814 - 10 Request History Usage (CEP to T&D) 814 – 11 Positive Change Confirmation (Both ways) 814 – 12 Cancel Pending Drop (CEP to T&D) 814 – 13 Confirm Pending Drop (T&D to CEP)

22 02/03/2006EBT and EDI Overview21 Maine EDI Transaction Sets 820 Payments/Payment Corrections The 820 is a Remittance Advice –T&D Consolidated Billing Option Only –Contains Customer Payment Information –Write-off of Prior Supplier Receivables after 60 Days

23 02/03/2006EBT and EDI Overview22 Maine EDI Transaction Sets 824 -1 Error Response CEP sends this to T&D for any non-814 error –Similar to the 814-6 Error Transaction –Data would have passed the CEP’s translation mapping but for some reason would not pass data validation in CEP Customer Application

24 02/03/2006EBT and EDI Overview23 Maine EDI Transaction Sets 867 - 1 Historical Usage –Typical 867 will contain only 12 months of history –CEP has option for additional 24 months Note: The 814-10 in Maine does not carry indicator to request more than 12 months. Default is 12 months via EDI

25 02/03/2006EBT and EDI Overview24 Maine EDI Transaction Sets 997-1 Functional Acknowledgement –Automatically sent via translator Need to configure edi software appropriately –Must be received within 1 business day of receiving transaction –Must be reviewed daily for any discrepancies

26 02/03/2006EBT and EDI Overview25 Supplier Testing Why: To demonstrate EDI capability Required to enroll customers When: Prior to sending enrollments to the T&D How: Test Plan Objectives are in EBT: Appendix D (each T&D’s test plan on its Web site)

27 02/03/2006EBT and EDI Overview26 Scheduling EBT transactions must be transmitted daily by the time specified in the Service Agreement Transactions must be acknowledged by the end of the next business day Billing/Usage data must be forwarded to CEP by the next business day

28 02/03/2006EBT and EDI Overview27 Steps to Take Now Designate technical contact person Assess options for EDI capability- vendors/ software/hardware Become familiar with ME EBT document - Appendix A & C Technical Contact registers with T&D and prepares for testing schedule Start now!

29 02/03/2006EBT and EDI Overview28 Thank you Maine Public Utilities Commission Bangor Hydro Electric Company Central Maine Power Company Maine Public Service Company

30 02/03/2006EBT and EDI Overview29 Thank you

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