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September 20, 2009 95 DAYS Before Christmas BACKGROUND  In 2007, preparation for the Grand Silver Homecoming of the St. Michael’s Institute (Bacoor)

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2 September 20, 2009

3 95 DAYS Before Christmas

4 BACKGROUND  In 2007, preparation for the Grand Silver Homecoming of the St. Michael’s Institute (Bacoor) became the formal start of an informal organization. This paved the way for the first Christmas outreach program of the SMI Batch ’83. The attendees came from residents of Bacoor and nearby cities, OFWs based in different parts of the globe and Filipino immigrants of different countries. Coming from different social and economic stature, members of the SMI Batch ’83 united as a group to live up to the motto of St. Michael “I WILL SERVE.”  Given the busy schedule of the members of the group and geographical locations, we could only aim to at least hold a once a year outreach activity. This was dubbed as the SMI Batch ’83 Christmas Outreach Program. The aim of the outreach activity should benefit less fortunate communities in the town of Bacoor.  With this in mind, the first community and the most impoverished being very evident based on actual everyday encounter of those who pass by the Bacoor coastal area. The beneficiaries came from the fisher folks communities of the coastal areas of Bacoor. There were initially 50 family beneficiaries in 2008.

5 BACKGROUND The First SMI Batch ’83 Outreach Program  The initial project targeted 50 families. The beneficiaries were chosen based on the criteria that they are involved in organized activities in their area, presence of at least 2 children in the household, and the extreme condition of poverty that the family is in.  The activity was a half day activity but the preparation took months for the group to complete. Members of the group raised funds to buy rice, groceries, clothing and toys. Bags were donated by one member where the groceries were packed; another member donated the entire party package from McDonald’s; lunch treat came from different members who had the food cooked from their own kitchens.  The St. Michael Institute’s covered court was the venue for the activity. An entertainment and educational program was the main feature of the activity. There was also a lunch treat for all who attended. The bags of groceries, rice, clothing and toys were distributed after the program. Transportation was also provided for the beneficiaries. The children had their own Christmas treat which was comprised of a Mc Donald kids’ party with parlor games and loot bags.


7 Christmas 2008 Outreach Activity


9 MEETING AGENDA Dates Venue Reservation Location for the preparations SMI Batch Commitment SMI Batch Xmas Party Confirmation Cover Letter Solicitation Letter Potential Beneficiaries List of Names/Company Finalization Take note and might consider Recorded & documented Comments & Suggestions

10 OBJECTIVE  The SMI Batch ’83 intends to hold another Christmas Outreach activity this year. Because of the success of the first activity the group will make an ambitious attempt to double the beneficiaries of the activity. We target to have 100 fisher folk families from the Bacoor coastal areas to be the beneficiaries. With the threat of demolition always hanging on their heads, this effort would make them look forward to Christmas as a season of joy and giving.fisher folk families from the Bacoor coastal areas  As much as the members are willing to share their blessings to the less fortunate, the number of target beneficiaries has driven the group to seek the help of other individuals, commercial establishments and groups with similar aim of rendering help to the marginalized people.

11 Fisher folk families in Bacoor Coastal Area

12 Our Call for Help  In this light, we seek your assistance in any which way you may be able to support our activity. Food is a primary need for this effort. We intend to provide a modest noche buena package, rice, groceries, clothes and toys.  We aim to duplicate last year’s activity which would include a program, lunch treat and kids’ party.

13 THE LOGISTICS Rice  5 kilos of rice per family Groceries  1 kilo of sugar per family  100 gram pack of coffee per family  100 gram pack of powdered milk per family  1 can of luncheon meat per family  2 cans of corned beef per family  3 pieces of noodles per family Noche Buena Pack  1 kilo of pasta per family  1 bar of cheese per family  200 grams pack of spaghetti sauce per family Clothes and Toys Lunch Treat and Kid’s Party

14 Target Funds to raise

15 AGENDA 1 - Confirmation  Agreed Dates – December 2009December 2009  Venue Reservation Choice 1 : SMI Grounds Choice 2: or any suggestions from the group??  Place/location for the preparation/packing of items  Set deadline for the solicitation letters or raising of funds (goods, in kind etc.)  SMI Batch Commitment for the Outreach Program Outreach Coordinators/Members List the Activities and Assignment  SMI Batch Xmas Party – set the date

16 AGENDA 2 - Finalization  Cover Letter – draft for comments  Solicitation Letter – draft for comments  Potential Beneficiaries – set criteria  Submit List of Names/Company Suggestion: 1) Only one person will record the letters to be printed and distributed - Arlin Cuenca (Letter MUST BE originally signed by Domeng. 2) BDO Account signatories – Domeng Eusebio/Josie Gamboa 3) Collection and handling of money to the bank – Gina Ejida/Imelda Continente 4) Recording and reckoning of funds from time to time. 5) Update the SMI batchmates regularly on collections

17 AGENDA 3 – Comments/Suggestions  Take note and might consider Any Ideas, suggestions, thoughts, proposals, voluntary support are very much welcome subject for consideration and acceptance by the group.  Recorded & documented Pictures, video for tracking of this event in achieving successful results. Keep a documentation of the activities (e.g. meetings, gatherings) and inform/post the SMI batch thru yahoo group.

18 DECEMBER 2009 SundayMondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFridaySaturday 1234 5 67891011 12 131415161718 19 2021222324 Holiday 25 X’mas day 26 2728293031

19 QUESTIONS SMI Batch ‘83 Outreach Program 2009

20 Final Words  The value of a man resides in what he gives and not in what he is capable of receiving. ~ by Albert Einstein  "Fundraising is the gentle art of teaching the joy of giving." ~ by Hank Rosso 19


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