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Welcome to Mobile TEL A questionnaire will follow this presentation for you to evaluate the application.

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1 Welcome to Mobile TEL A questionnaire will follow this presentation for you to evaluate the application.

2 Mobile TEL Objectives To be eLearning updates awareness at any time at any place. To minimize the time it takes to respond to any eLearning or course related activity. To effectively utilize multiple channels of communication including social networks, messenger applications, SMS, etc. To increase interactivity of both students and instructors with eLearning activities. To assist visual impaired people but also achieve parallel use of the app with other tasks by enabling a voice-to- text system

3 Never miss updates again Mobile TEL ensures that the learning community (students and instructors) will always be updated on changes in eLearning content and activities: Ubiquity – Receive Notifications about updates everywhere through your mobile device (smartphone, tablet) Integration – Mobile TEL aggregates and pushes content from your College eLearning site through a variety of popular services like Facebook, Twitter, Blackboard, Viber, WhatsApp, eMail, SMS, etc. That way, no matter what channel is used for communication, you will get it all, once you use your mobile device.

4 Work Together By keeping class members updated on eLearning activities and content, Mobile TEL increases the interactivity and collaboration on class members even when not in class! It creates a feeling of being member of a Learning Community.

5 Get notifications form everywhere Mobile TEL permits users to connect the application with a variety of on-line services including eLearning Applications, Social Networks, Messenger Services, email, SMS, etc. That way you will be notified in one single place on you Mobile devices of any communication or update that is related to eLearning content and activities no matter which is the chosen channel of communication.

6 Interact everywhere Mobile TEL enables users to interact with received communications and learning content directly through the Mobile TEL environment! That way, the time to respond and interact to eLearning content and activities is minimized. Prompt interaction with eLearning content and activities increases the engagement of the members of the community to eLearning activities.

7 The Interface Download Mobile TEL Prototype At this point you may choose to download the non-Functional Mobile TEL prototype for Android. This may assist you in having a better experience of the service offered and the interface. Unfortunately, at the time the Mobile TEL Prototype is offered only for Android devices. Should you not have one or if you don’t have enough time please continue with the Presentation. The presentation is strongly recommended even if you install the application! Continue with the Presentation

8 Login and Home Screen Once the Mobile TEL App is executed for the first time a Login process is initiated for the application to identify the user. Thereafter the user will be remember and no future login will be required unless a reset of the device occurs. 1 After the Login process is completed the Home Screen is presented to the user. There are two options available: 1.Notifications Handling 2.Content Management Both will be presented at the following slides. Voice Command interface available in all areas of the theoretical model of the application. 2 Aims Personalized access depending on student/instructor status. Simple application navigation. No expertise required. Voice command interface integrated in all areas of the application assists access in parallel with other tasks and makes application accessible by people with sight challenges. 2 1 This screen is not included at the prototype 2 Not available at the Mobile TEL prototype

9 The Notifications Screen Notifications from all connected services filtered to course related subjects is offered in one screen. Mark read/unread notifications Device menu offers filtering of notifications by service provider. Voice-to-text interface available. Aims No need to check multiple services anymore. Organize notifications based on service. Focus on a communication channel. Never miss an course related update or a communication again.

10 Interactivity Tap on a notification and access it either directly through Mobile TEL through the Content Editor or through its native application. Aims Faster response to notifications without unnecessary access to originating applications.

11 The Content Management Simple navigation in selecting content to create or respond to. User may choose between Mobile TEL and related to content app editing environment. Aims Common sense easy to navigate selection process. Organized per service content to ease and speed-up the selection process of responding to notifications. Native Editor to fast respond from within Mobile TEL app. Mobile TEL Content Manager Editor frequently offers more services than the target service, i.e. ability to create and insert text, video, audio, or attach a file from the device where applicable. 1 1 Not available at the Mobile TEL prototype

12 Integration Open architecture to provide integration with multiple popular services and institutional LMS but also mobile provided services such as: Social Networks (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) LMS (Blackboard, Moodle, etc.) Device notifications (Android Notifications bar & Screen) Speech-to-text System Device input interface Aims By integrating course content related activities students and faculty the level of interactivity between class members and learning content and instructors is expected to increase dramatically.

13 In one glance Never miss learning related communications and updates again. Receive updates through multiple popular communication services without login to the institutional eLearning system. Respond faster to communications through Mobile TEL. Available everywhere. Non-Georgaphically restricted. May be used in parallel with other tasks. Helpful for visually challenged people.

14 Mobile TEL Bringing Learners closer through innovative use of current popular technologies creating Virtual Academic Communities. Download the Mobile TEL Prototype for further evaluation (Click the arrow when in Slide Show mode)

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