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Justin Davies +44 7929 372853 Find Me!

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1 Justin Davies +44 7929 372853 Find Me!

2 Is 2008 the year of location? * The ability to acquire the location of a person is becoming mainstream The iPhone effect Profile generation is becoming a unique proposition

3 Location Longitude, Latitude, Speed, Direction and Altitude Buddy Finders Local Browsing/Search Asset Tracking Find my child Navigation Your location is more than a number…

4 Developing on the mobile J2ME – Ability to run on lots of handsets S60 – Mid – High end S40 – Developing Countries iPhone – Be cooool! Blackberry – The Enterprise Windows Mobile – 12%

5 Location on the mobile CELL ID GPS Operator Assisted WiFi Fingerprinting

6 CELL ID Each network cell is assigned and ID CELL IDs are unique and maintained (and changed) by the MNO Useful for bookmarking services Using CELL ID with real location can be useful

7 GPS Cost of GPS chips greatly reduced Lots of mid-high end phones include GPS Mobile navigation systems now viable (and most popular) Manufacturers usually provide SDK access Not that useful indoors though! 15 19 29 28 26 N WE S

8 Operator Assisted Ability to get location access across most networks through aggregators Strict process to be able to access location Not that accurate (100M – 2000M) UK “triangulation” is not triangulation High Cost per lookup

9 Skyhook CELL ID, WiFi and GPS XPS Self healing database Granularity increases as the system is used more iPhone location provider Limited distribution

10 Location Providers The MNO MX Telecom/iTagg Skyhook Future Nokia API Sony Ericsson OpenCellID/Navizon

11 Privacy API calls are usually restricted Network acquisition is restricted You don’t always have to be accurate Location is very personal Let the end user know how their location is being used

12 Mapping Excellent examples from Yahoo! And Google People are used to visualising location via maps Nokia Maps is very successful Developer access is difficult

13 Getting Map data Source data is licensed out by Teleatlas and Navteq Territory pricing and coverage Some hacks have been successful - MGmaps Price is in 10’s of thousands per year The difficulty of being an aggregator

14 Yahoo! Map Image API mapImage?appid=myapikey&longitude=0.05&latitude=51.5&image_width=320&ima ge_height=240&zoom=12

15 Getting the tile location 8wped6wXWCiOAsIjnwUKLbMhPVbCoQ6JDLHQzx jKI43Ol1yV_R91BqMW2iaH_DsVmFvJBHRzPdbTe XZQ7QTLJ_LCXhW_WfjZk94iEDERqpTYCHw8FE0 UfTG3lvwBGPUggmzSx0jMjpq.gPw8tkyIY- &mvt=m?cltype=onnetwork&.intl=us

16 Tada!

17 Questions ? Justin Davies +44 7929 372853

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