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MapInfo Product Update 22nd May, 2002 MapInfo Product Update 22nd May, 2002 Simon Armstrong EMEA Desktop Product Manager.

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1 MapInfo Product Update 22nd May, 2002 MapInfo Product Update 22nd May, 2002 Simon Armstrong EMEA Desktop Product Manager

2 Agenda MapInfo Discovery MapInfo Professional v7 MapInfo Professional for SQL Server MapX 5

3 MapInfo Discovery- What is it? Allows MapInfo Professional Users to publish workspaces –to a web server which are distributed via the Internet or Intranet –which End users access via a web browser End user product not a developer tool like MapXtreme Functionality cannot be changed Two Components –Publisher Tool added to MapInfo Professional V6.5 or higher –Server side Component, which creates a catalog to view/select maps and administrate them

4 + MapInfo Discovery Internet or Intranet MapInfo Professional v7 Web Server

5 MapInfo Discovery- What is it? From a menu in MapInfo Professional, data is Published to a web server

6 MapInfo Discovery- Server Setup Point to Web Server Username and Password

7 MapInfo Discovery- Publishing Data Map Name Map Description Thumbnail Category Security Options

8 MapInfo Discovery- Publishing Data Where is the data held

9 MapInfo Discovery- Publishing Data Where is the data held Or specify a different directory

10 MapInfo Discovery- Publishing Data Web Page HTML Text

11 MapInfo Discovery- What is it? The end user accesses the results via a Browser

12 Once a category is selected the end user will see the following MapInfo Discovery- What is it? Links to maps or categories of maps can be e-mail or embedded in reports, doc’s etc…..

13 MapInfo Discovery- What is it? the user selects the map of interest: pan Zoom Info tool Layer Control Distance Tool Thematic

14 Features and Benefits Integrated with MapInfo Professional. Minimal learning curve – low cost of adoption Intuitive user interface. Can be used without training and make enterprise adoption simple and rapid. Simple…….but POWERFUL Decision makers not familiar with mapping tools can now access information from a URL – no need for downloads, special software, plug-ins or have specialist knowledge.

15 Features and Benefits (continued) Links to related documentation. You use more than just maps to make decisions. Discovery allows the integration of maps and supporting documents such as spreadsheets, business briefings, business presentations, links to other web sites. Email links to colleagues. Distributing information is as simple as clicking and sending an email – anyone on the network can view and use maps.

16 What you will require Discovery Catalog System Requirements –Windows NT with Service Pack 6, Windows 2000, or Windows XP –The ability to move files to the server using FTP server –Internet Information Server (IIS) 4 or higher Web server software –Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher or Netscape 6.0 or higher –400 mhz processor, 256 megabytes of RAM

17 Questions?

18 Operating System Support Microsoft Windows XP Professional*Microsoft Windows XP Professional* Microsoft Windows XP Home*Microsoft Windows XP Home* Microsoft Windows 2000*Microsoft Windows 2000* Microsoft Windows NT 4.0Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 Microsoft Windows 98Microsoft Windows 98 (*) – MapInfo Professional will be Logo Certified

19 Access Data… Database Connectivity –Oracle (8.16, 8.17 and 9i) –IBM Informix Dynamic Server 9.21 –MS SQL Server (7 and 2000) –MS Access 2000 –SpatialWare 4.5 support for Informix and MS SQL Server 2000

20 Access More Data… –Direct Read of Shape Files –Import OS Mastermap Independent Polygons (GML) –JPEG 2000 Support –Built in support for: MrSid, ECW, ADRG, CADRG, CIB, ASRP and NITF raster formats –Auto detect Projections of Shape files with the updated Universal Translator

21 Open Files, Workspaces and database tables from the same dialog. Check for web Software updates from a help menu Easy File Access and Product Updates

22 Analyse / Process Split by Line/PolylineSplit by Line/Polyline Voronoi PolygonsVoronoi Polygons Rotate Graphical ObjectsRotate Graphical Objects Move Objects Using Arrow KeysMove Objects Using Arrow Keys Undo nodeUndo node

23 New and Enhanced tools New North Arrow ToolNew North Arrow Tool Enhanced Coordinate ExtractorEnhanced Coordinate Extractor Enhanced EZ- Loader for loading data in DatabasesEnhanced EZ- Loader for loading data in Databases

24 Improved Usability New –Preferences: Default Projection, Styles and Auto- Scroll Improved –File  New Table –Combine Tables Using Column Dialog. Store results in new table –Labeling  Label Partial Objects

25 Publish Updated Crystal Reports - Version 8.5Updated Crystal Reports - Version 8.5 Discovery Publisher ToolDiscovery Publisher Tool Support for MapX MobileSupport for MapX Mobile Export Window to User Defined ResolutionExport Window to User Defined Resolution Enhanced Printing OptionsEnhanced Printing Options

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27 MI Pro For SQL Server Departmental Solution Customer who want to share spatial data not just point data Centralised Spatial Store Leverages SQL Server capabilities –Data security –Multi user editing –Scalability –Processing power

28 MapX v5.0-New Features Label Enhancements - Individual labels are now selectable and editable. Label Partial Object VB.Net Sample applications Dynamic Selection for Radius and Polygon Selection Tool Snap to Node

29 Translucent Raster Images Label Thematics Multi-point and Collection objects support Improved Object Processing –combine, erase, erase outside, convex hull, enclose, Improved Performance –connecting to remote RDBMS' including SpatialWare and Oracle Spatial Pack Table MapX v5.0-New Features

30 Pricing MapInfo Professional v7.0 –MapInfo Professional €1,795 –Annual Maintenance €359 –MI Pro Upgrade 6.5 to 7.0 €539 MapInfo Professional v7.0 Add-On –MapInfo Professional for SQL Server €630 MapInfo Discovery v1.0 –MapInfo Discovery €5,900 MapX 5.0 –MapX SDK €1,482 –MapX per User min 10 €147

31 Next Steps Beta –MapInfo Professional Readme.pdf –MapInfo Professional for SQL Server –MapX –MapInfo Discovery (Private Beta) Launch Dates EMEA Conference, Cannes, 5th-7th June

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33 Thank You

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