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IRIS System Upgrade v11 IRIS System Upgrade. Upgrade Information Why upgrade? End-User Changes Upgrade Information Help Questions & Answers IRIS System.

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1 IRIS System Upgrade v11 IRIS System Upgrade

2 Upgrade Information Why upgrade? End-User Changes Upgrade Information Help Questions & Answers IRIS System Upgrade v12 Agenda

3 3 Upgrade Information Takes place during Thanksgiving holidays  Should be available on Monday, December 1, 2008  Training system upgraded prior to production Portal SAP functionality not changing SAP GUI transaction functionality not changing significantly Some screen appears slightly different Minimal terminology changes 3

4 4 BW, BPS, and Budget (FMBB) No changes in Business Warehouse (BW) and Business Planning Simulation (BPS) systems No changes in Budget screen FMBB (budget transfers and revisions) 4

5 5 Why Upgrade? Support for current version (4.72) expiring Provides the technical infrastructure to carry the SAP system until 2012 Allows for future SAP functionality enhancements

6 IRIS System Upgrade v16 Global Changes

7 IRIS System Upgrade v17 Upgrade Copyright Displays Copyright system message on first logon  Press Enter or click on Continue to complete the logon  Will not appear in future

8 IRIS System Upgrade v18 Global Changes – SAP Easy Access Menu Campus Management now Student Lifecycle Management

9 IRIS System Upgrade v19 Global Changes – Date Entry Use F4, F4, then F2

10 IRIS System Upgrade v110 Different look, same fields Global Changes – Variant Screen

11 IRIS System Upgrade v111 SLCM Changes Student Lifecycle Management (SLCM) Changes

12 IRIS System Upgrade v112 CM/SLCM Changes Campus Management (CM) now Student Lifecycle Management (SLCM)

13 IRIS System Upgrade v113 CM/SLCM Changes– Student File Tab order more logical for student lifecycle

14 Holds Admission Admission Checklist Majors/Minors/Options Transcripts Requests Recruitment Registration Enrollment Certification Request Application for Degree Correspondence Scholarships General Data Applications Program Type Progression Status Activity Documents Requirement Catalogs UK Degrees Awarded IRIS System Upgrade v114 CM/SLCM Changes – Student File Recruitment Applications Admission Admission Checklist Major/Minors/Options Registration Program Type Progression General Data Holds Status Advisor(s) (was on Master Data) Requirement Catalogs Application for Degree UK Degrees Awarded Enrollment Certification Request Transcripts Requests Correspondence Activity Documents CurrentUpgrade

15 IRIS System Upgrade v115 CM/SLCM Changes – Student File Prncpl Org Unit now Principal OU

16 IRIS System Upgrade v116 CM/SLCM Changes – Majors/Minors/Options Display, Change/Create, and Delete icons/buttons simplified

17 IRIS System Upgrade v117 CM/SLCM Changes – Advisors Tab Advisor(s) tab now on Student File See QRC for format details

18 IRIS System Upgrade v118 CM/SLCM Changes – Student Master Data More logical tab order groupings

19 Address Overview Standard Address Personal Data PCC Units Transcripts/Tests Best SAT/ACT Special Attributes Student Category Visa/Residence Data Athletics Advisors (now on Student File) Related Persons ADA Vet. Status Eligibil Additional Data Fee Calculation Data Bank Data Contract Objects Medical Info myPasscode_AD Registration Oblig. Identification Nos. IRIS System Upgrade v119 CM/SLCM Changes –Student Master Data Personal Data Standard Address Address Overview Additional Data Visa/Residence Data Special Attributes Transcripts/Tests Best SAT/ACT PCC Units Related Persons Fee Calculation Data Student Category Contract Objects Grant Assignment (was Sponsored Data) Athletics Vet. Status Eligibil ADA Medical Info myPasscode_AD Registration Oblig. Identification Nos. CurrentUpgrade

20 IRIS System Upgrade v120 CM/SLCM Changes – Student Master Data Prncpl Org Unit now Principal OU

21 IRIS System Upgrade v121 CM/SLCM Changes – Student Master Data Extras menu added Provides Change Document information

22 IRIS System Upgrade v122 CM/SLCM Changes – Address Overview Tab Standard Address now an address usage type Address time delimiting added

23 IRIS System Upgrade v123 FI and GM Changes Finance And Grant Changes

24 IRIS System Upgrade v124 FI Changes – F.08 Summarization Level removed Business Area Allocation checkbox, Keep Print Parameters for Output checkbox, and Output Variants section options added

25 IRIS System Upgrade v125 FI Changes – F.10, FBL3N, FBL4N, F.51, F.08, F.54 Complex Search Help icon now Search Help button

26 Ledger Grp, Ledger, Ref Key (Head) 1, and Ref Key 2 added IRIS System Upgrade v126 FI Changes – FB02 and FBD2

27 IRIS System Upgrade v127 FI Changes – ZFI_PARK_FROM_FILE Radio buttons moved

28 IRIS System Upgrade v128 FI Changes - BP Control Data tab now Customer Tax Data tab Tax ID field removed

29 IRIS System Upgrade v129 FI Changes – FM_FUNCTION Changed to transaction format

30 IRIS System Upgrade v130 FI Changes – S_ALR_87012328/S_ALR_87012284 Fin. Statement Vers. field removed Assignment Line field added

31 IRIS System Upgrade v131 FI Changes – New Toolbar Added to S_ALR_87012083, S_ALR_87012089, S_ALR_87012103, S_ALR_87012104, S_ALR_87012341, S_ALR_87012173, S_ALR_87012177, S_ALR_87012182, S_ALR_87012195, S_ALR_87012195, F.41

32 IRIS System Upgrade v132 FI Changes – S_KI4_38000039 Overlaps radio button now Validity Overlaps Interval Complete radio button now Validity Covers Complete Intvl

33 IRIS System Upgrade v133 FI and GM Changes – Filter Icon Integrated filter selection and value entry

34 IRIS System Upgrade v134 GM Changes - GMGRANTD Overhead Costs tab now three tabs – Overhead Costs, Overhead Cost Limits, and Overhead Cost Refund

35 IRIS System Upgrade v135 GM Changes - GMGRANTD Replenishment tab now Report Tracking/ Monitoring tab

36 IRIS System Upgrade v136 HR Changes Human Resources Changes

37 IRIS System Upgrade v137 HR Changes – Organizational Assignment 0001 Grant and Func. Area short text added

38 IRIS System Upgrade v138 HR Changes – Additional Personal Data 0077 Veteran Discharge Date field added

39 IRIS System Upgrade v139 HR Changes – Additional Personal Data 0007 Veteran Status choices expanded

40 IRIS System Upgrade v140 HR Changes – Absences 2001 Payroll ID field now Payroll Identifier

41 IRIS System Upgrade v141 HR Changes – UK Hospital Tab Skills (0024) now Qualifications (0024)

42 IRIS System Upgrade v142 HR Changes – PPOSE Person Collective Search Help search option added

43 IRIS System Upgrade v143 HR Changes – CAT2 Multiple Selection for Personnel Number status tabs now text

44 IRIS System Upgrade v144 HR Changes – PT_QTA10 Display Absence Quota Information now Absence Quota Information for Concurrent Employment

45 IRIS System Upgrade v145 HR Changes – PT_QTA10 Further Selections, Search Helps and Sort Order Ascending pushbuttons moved

46 IRIS System Upgrade v146 HR Changes – PT_QTA10 Reporting Period entry simplified

47 IRIS System Upgrade v147 HR Changes – PT_QTA10 Person ID selection field added

48 IRIS System Upgrade v148 HR Changes – PT_QTA10 OrgStructure pushbutton added

49 IRIS System Upgrade v149 HR Changes – ESS – US Taxes: Overview New table format

50 IRIS System Upgrade v150 HR Changes – ESS – AD & D Enrollment Insurance Option box moved

51 IRIS System Upgrade v151 HR Changes – ESS – Personal Data Overview New table format

52 IRIS System Upgrade v152 HR Changes – ESS – Address Overview New table format

53 IRIS System Upgrade v153 HR Changes – ESS – Family Member/Dependents New table format

54 IRIS System Upgrade v154 MM Changes Materials Management Changes

55 IRIS System Upgrade v155 Same fields, new format MM Changes – Variant Screen

56 IRIS System Upgrade v156 PM Changes Plant Maintenance Changes

57 IRIS System Upgrade v157 PM Changes – IW33 Work Orders Menu item Order Documents now Documents for Order

58 IRIS System Upgrade v158 PM Changes – IW33 Work Orders Report Planned/Actual button now Rep. Plan/Act

59 IRIS System Upgrade v159 PM Changes – IR02 Work Center HR Assignment button now HRMS

60 IRIS System Upgrade v160 PM Changes – IR02 Work Center C opy From button now Template

61 IRIS System Upgrade v161 PM Changes – IR02 Work Center Standard Values Overview table added

62 IRIS System Upgrade v162 PM Changes – IW47 Confirmation Cancel button changed

63 IRIS System Upgrade v163 PM Changes – IW47 Confirmation S and ActType (act) columns switched

64 IRIS System Upgrade v164 PM Changes –ZIW38 PM Orders: Selection Short Text now Description

65 65 Upgrade Information Help Upgrade information (updated as needed)  IRIS/ASG Upgrade Corner   Contains updated news items  myHelp Upgrade Training   Contains upgrade quick reference cards (QRCs) and upgrade presentations

66 66 Upgrade Information Help For technical problems (password, system problems, etc.) or problem of unknown origin  Customer Service Center at 257-1300 or by email For functional problems (use of a specific function, interpret information, etc.)  Call respective department or unit (e.g., Accounts Payable, General Accounting, Purchasing, Compensation, Registrar, etc.) For questions regarding upgrade reference materials  IRIS Training team at

67 IRIS System Upgrade v167 Questions and Answers Questions and Answers

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