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A DIVISION OF ACCO BRANDS. 2 Confidential V1.1 MRD Contents  The Product  Market Data  Channel Strategy  Where?  When?  What?  Naming & Theme 

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Presentation on theme: "A DIVISION OF ACCO BRANDS. 2 Confidential V1.1 MRD Contents  The Product  Market Data  Channel Strategy  Where?  When?  What?  Naming & Theme "— Presentation transcript:


2 2 Confidential V1.1 MRD Contents  The Product  Market Data  Channel Strategy  Where?  When?  What?  Naming & Theme  Packaging  Key Messaging  How  Foundation Assets & Tactics  Social Media  Web Optimization  Campaign Objectives  Next Steps

3 3 Confidential V1.1 The Product: EVAP K39723 Value Rescue your wet electronics before its too late! Once your item has been sealed in the EVAP bag, simply wait until the humidity indicator signals, I’m ready! Features  Aluminized Mylar Bag – Allows the least amount of moisture.  In as little as 3 hours and No longer than 2 days (depending on how soaked your device was) it will come out of the bag EVAP’D.  2 - Vacuum Sealed Tyvek Pouches containing 30 Grams of Molecular Sieve – APG Grade 13X (High Grade) Available Jan ’13 NEW!NEW!

4 4 Confidential V1.1 Market Data  5 billion Smartphone users in the world circa 2015  81% of Smartphone users never turn off their device, Lifestyles Group UK  1 billion of us are connected like never before  2 out of 3 people will get their Smartphone’s wet, MSNBC  5 out of 10 Smartphone accidents happen around the home,  60% of mobile insurance claims are due to water damage, Gartner  $700 is the cost of replacing a Smartphone Insert EVAP infographic here when available

5 5 Confidential V1.1 Channel Strategy & Road Map Priority’s Listed w/ respect to strategic importance (Q1, 2013) Phase 1 (Q2, 2013) Phase 2 (Q3, 2013) Phase 3 (Q4, 2012) Phase 4 (Q 1, 2014) Phase 5 Priority 1a. (Focus) Priority 1a. (EVAP+ Kensington) Telco Tier-2 { Independent Wireless Distributors} Tier 2 & Tier 3 BuySell Co-Op Mobile Insurance Partnerships {SquareTrade, LSG, Protect Cell, Assurian} Tier -1 Telco (Corporate) At&T, Verizon, Sprint & TMobile Mass Retail Tier -1 Target Apple Grocerie Outlets CVS/Walgreens RadioShack 711 Walmart Continue d Mass Deploym ent. Geo Expan sion Priority 2 (Focus) Tier DistributorsAirport conveniance FiJi H20 Model Priority 3 (Focus) Leslie’s Pool Supply West Marine Priority 4 (Focus) Independent Telco Tier-1 (Authorized Verizon Retailers) Verticals

6 6 Confidential V1.1 Where?  Global launch  Europe, America’s, Asia, Australia  Launch type  Hero product  Channels  Telco, Retail & eTail 

7 7 Confidential V1.1 When?  Launch date (web live)  US: February 16, 2013  EU: February 16, 2013  In-stock date  February 16, 2013  Events  CES 2013, available for customer review  Press Announcement date  Broadcast at CES 2012, no additional release needed  Campaign assets  Global asset target delivery date: January 7, 2013

8 8 Confidential V1.1 What? Naming & Theme  Naming  Continue EVAP naming convention  Create brand awareness & secure additional naming  Rescue Pouch™  ESAC™  Wet Electronics Rescue Kit (pending legal review)  Campaign Identity  Leverage “Rescue your wet electronics before it’s too late” tag line from packaging  Create fear based marketing to garner advance sales  Offer EVAP as safety net for your precious Smartphone protection  Main focus on Retail, E-Tail and Telco

9 9 Confidential V1.1 What? - Packaging  Packaging  Leverage existing packaging from supplier  Modify to smaller structure (reduce by half)  Update imagery & reduce copy  Add Kensington branding  Shipper  Create shipper with same updates as packaging  QR code  Links to product video

10 10 Confidential V1.1 What? – Key Messages Pain points solved:  EVAP rescues your wet electronics before its too late  Usual Dry time 6-24 hours  10x Faster than rice or other at-home-remedies.  Increases your chances of successful recovery up to 700 times  Single Use Disposable Aluminumized/Mylar Pouch  Neatly packed with 3 vacuum sealed healing kits stuffed with 20 Grams of Molecular Sieve each

11 11 Confidential V1.1 Value Prop: Mass Compelling for Kensington  Phase 3 of “stepped strategy” where volume, brand value & brand recognition have been validated through the earlier phases of the strategy where the customer bases were incrementally smaller.  Using this “step strategy” to conquer our next phase, Global Expansion. Compelling for Mass  Consumers demand Hot ticket items. Thus Category Captains are highly coveted by mass-retailers.  Margin % increase. Not selling the wrong product, just the wrong brand. At $ 20.00 I can guarantee a 60% margin increase.

12 12 Confidential V1.1 Value Prop: Telco & Co-op Compelling for Kensington  Using the install base of Buy-Sell Co-Op, secure next level placement & volume while uncovering new revenue streams and brand awareness amongst Tier – 2 Telco.  Gain traction for phase 2, Tier-1 Telco launch  A) Leveraging the Tier-2 Telco and wireless BuySell Co-Op experiences to move up to the next install base in our “stepped strategy” penetrating Tier-1 Telco.  B) By working with Tier 2 Telco to provide the highest level of customer service and high-end wireless accessories. Compelling for T-2 Telco & Co-ops  Adds value to the in-store customer experience and overall level of customer service.  Gets their customers back online cheaper and easier than ever before.  Customer data interruption is minimal and inexpensive compared to todays alternatives  Increased profits & margins  Backed 100% by a trusted brand and valued partner in Kensington.  Pure profit, EVAP does not replace the sale of any other P.O.P accessory sales.  Best Electronic Rescue Kit available today.  Reduce ARPU (Average Return Per Unit Sold)  EVAP is a product that yields very low returns due to its nature.

13 13 Confidential V1.1 Value Prop: Insurance Compelling for Kensington  1-1 Hardware/Accessory attachment at P.O.S.  Distribution  Brand Recognition Compelling for Insurance Providers  Want EVAP because it solves the pain point of customer claims for damaged phones of which 60% are due to water damage  Drive Demand and interest for their product or bundle.  Bundled as part of customer reward or follow-up program  Instant $20.00 value add on that Insurance companies use to incentivize their customers to renew service or lure new customers

14 14 Confidential V1.1 How? – Foundation Assets PUBLIC RELATIONSSTATUS Press AnnouncementN/A official announcement CES 2012 COPY & MESSAGING Category messaging, & subject lines√ Catalog copy, F&Bs√ Web Optimized ContentTBD InfographicIn-the-works PHOTOGRAPHY Key Visual (horizontal & vertical)Use image from front of pkging Environment photographyShot list complete Product photographyshot list complete VIDEOSSTATUS Lifestyle/viral videoAmy provided brief to team COLLATERAL Sales deckJames Tech SpecAmy Sales Kits (includes sample, sales deck, tech spec, infographic, pricing) In queue for CES WEB Social MediaAnne Landing pageBjorn Home page bannerAmy & Kate MERCHANDISING Category plan-o-gramTBD In-store Merchandising ConceptsTBD Last updated: Dec. 17, 2012

15 15 Confidential V1.1 Social Media  E-Team to provide content  Copy goes here

16 16 Confidential V1.1 Web Optimization & Planning   Add EVAP to Smartphone category  Create product page  KeyWords  Wet electronics, wet smartphone, wet iPhone,  SEO  Copy goes here  SEM  Copy goes here

17 17 Confidential V1.1 Campaign Objectives  To launch EVAP as rescue kit/safety net for wet electronics to create fear and drive sales of product before it’s too late  Create a 360˚ protection story  To support Sales Teams/Partners & Customers with assets, marketing materials and a sales deck to drive revenue and capture market share early  To communicate that Kensington is aligned with market trends and addressing the needs of the end consumer

18 18 Confidential V1.1 Next Steps ActionResponsibilityComment PackagingJames & BVComplete Catalog copy, F&B’sJames & BVWith BV for review PhotographyJames & Amy InfographicJames & AmyIn design Naming – Wet Electronics Rescue Kit James & BarbaraWith legal for review VideoJames & Amy Key VisualJames & Amy WOCJames & Amy Build Sales DeckJamesWith James for development

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