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Ncfe Academy Advert Project By the Rising Stars Academy.

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1 ncfe Academy Advert Project By the Rising Stars Academy.

2 Introduction The Rising Stars Academy

3 How we remade our ideas We began with a group brain storming session about what we could change about the video and website to improve upon the originals. We then took on the feedback we had received from various different people. In addition to this we realised that the iBook would be a viable extra media access for users to find out information. During this initial meeting and subsequent meetings we worked out what we would needed to complete the project and discussed the time frame in which we hoped to complete each task. Using this to our advantage we were able to effectively work as a coherent team.

4 We decided it would be best to break the project down into three sections. This made it so that we could easily identify the roles that would be required for each section. iBook Webpage Video

5 As a group we then went about discussing what we could change about the different sections. Although this was time consuming, it allowed us to fully improve our ideas. Although some of the changes where only small we all felt that the impact would be much better due to changes and would be more suited to our target audience.

6 iBook Roles Ben McQuade James Hutton Tom Snell Sam Thompson

7 iBook This shows our initial idea for the iBook and the version that we actually went with. As you can see we had to change the idea due to the different structure of the iBook app.

8 Once we had decided what was going to be put into the content and the roles were decided, we went about creating the content. This content was for the iBook and thanks to the offer by Mike and Sam, who gave up there time to explain to our iBook team how they could go about making them and keeping in theme with the ncfe iBooks. In total the whole process took between 3-4 days. James, Sam, Ben M and Tom all wrote the content for the iBook by listing to everyone in the group. They were able to create a unique insight into how we as a group felt about our 15 weeks.

9 As a group we all agreed that it would be best if the iBook had more interactive features then the website as it is a different access media. This meant people could go and download the iBook as well as looking at the webpage. We all felt that the addition of the videos made it easier for the user to take on board the information as well as being more memorable than just reading text. Using the videos allowed us to give a first hand account.

10 Trying to make the iBook more interactive, it was suggested that a game could be implemented into the iBook to make it that the user could do something else rather than just read the text. This was headed up by Tom and James.

11 The finished game will be integrated into the iBook. Thanks to Tom and James we now have a much more interactive version of the iBook.

12 Webpages Roles Ryan Richardson Ben van den Berg

13 Webpages During one of our group discussions we had to decide if we were to change the design of the website. They were many new ideas floating around due to the fact the teams had been merged, however as a group we thought only minor changes should be made. A huge factor that we wanted to change was the integration of the video into the website.

14 So once we began we had to figure out what we wanted. We began looking to code it ourselves, we felt that if we coded it ourselves it would be a much better achievement. However much to our disappoint the scope in which we wanted was just to complex for us to understand and code ourselves. After this we sought help from the ncfe to see if they could provide the answer.

15 Realising that we needed help we went about emailing people around ncfe. This resulted in getting help of Andrew who works in marketing. We feel that Andrew went above and beyond to help make our project a reality. Thanks to this we were able to get our project of the ground and become on the actual website. Without Andrew we would not be able to actually use or have any idea how to create the website without him.

16 The finished webpage complete with the video integrated onto the page.

17 Video Roles We decided it would be best if we all took part in the video.

18 Video Since the success of our last video it was agreed that we would do another video which would be an improvement on the original. We wanted to improve the video as much as possible so that it really could make it clear that it is a fantastic opportunity. Filming the video was a lot of fun for everyone as it gave us the chance to put our point across to the viewers.

19 Sam was our dedicated director and writer for our video. He really exceled in creating a video which flowed from scene to scene, this allowed us to make sure that we made an amazing video to insight other candidates to join the Academy. All the videos that we included in our project were edited by Ryan who spent many hours trawling though video footage and other images. Ryan a massive thank you.


21 We wish to thank everyone who made our project possible, from all of the Rising Stars THANK YOU! Thank You !!!

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