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Support Case Management API – Benefits and Availability

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1 Dell Support Services Application Program Interfaces (APIs) Overview June 2013

2 Support Case Management API – Benefits and Availability
An electronic channel that enables transactional management of support cases directly between Dell and the customer’s Help Desk. An extension to the customer’s Help Desk system enabling a single console to manage support cases with Dell. What is it? Connection: Customers may securely create support cases and receive updates using their own help desk environment. Convenience: Customers bypass typical case management steps, eliminating multiple contact points and enabling direct access to up-to- date information. Control: Empowers customers to manage their issues and resolutions as preferred. Customer Benefits Availability? In-warranty systems with ProSupport entitlement only Enterprise systems  (launched FY14 Q1) Client systems target launch FY14 Q2/3 2 Confidential

3 Support Case Management API - Work Flow
Customer Dell Customer opens TT in their helpdesk 1 Helpdesk Customer submits TT to Dell via API 2 3 Automatic support case creation Customer is notified 4 Customer contact The Support Case Management API will be made available: Limited Release: December 2012 Enterprise: Q1/Q2 FY14 Client: Q2 FY14 3 Confidential

4 Support Case Management API - Capability Definition
Is Is Not A Capability to perform electronic support case transactions with Dell using external customer systems ( i.e. help-desk) Not a stand alone offer Data connection between customer system and Dell help-desk Graphical User Interface (GUI) Capability to be integrated by customer Dell Managed Service Standard off the shelf capability - not customisable Customised solution ProSupport only customers Basic customers In Warranty Customers Out of Warranty Customers Routing to standard Dell Tech Support queues Customised for specific routing/queues Throttling to limited number of calls Open volumes / unlimited calls * Automation of service requests (Web Case Generation) Remote monitoring 4 Confidential

5 Support Case Management API - Customer Onboarding Process
Questionnaire completed and sent to Dell Dell sends API bundle (includes license agreement) Customer agrees to License to access API bundle Dell sends API key with Test Tags Dell provides Self-certification process Customer Integrates API and tests in sandbox Customer executes self-certification Dell validates self-certification -> promotes sandbox key to production Customer uses Production URL Go – Live! Companies who release their API often do so as part of a larger software development kit (SDK) that includes the API, programming tools and other instructional documents to make the developer's job easier. Note: SS-API Support Team may assist customers as necessary during the integration phase 5 Confidential

6 Support Case Management API – Typical High-Level Schedule
Dell support and guidance is available during the integration/testing phase. Certification process documentation and supporting information are available. 6 Confidential

7 Support Services API – Resources and Contacts
Links API community page How to Get Started Document Contacts Please contact your local TAM to discuss API opportunities Alternatively contact to request more information 7 Confidential

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