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StratusLab is co-funded by the European Community’s Seventh Framework Programme (Capacities) Grant Agreement INFSO-RI-261552 StratusLab: Enhancing grid.

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1 StratusLab is co-funded by the European Community’s Seventh Framework Programme (Capacities) Grant Agreement INFSO-RI-261552 StratusLab: Enhancing grid infrastructures with virtualization and cloud technologies C. Loomis (CNRS/LAL) France-Grilles External Advisory Committee 15 March 2011

2 2 Contents StratusLab Project  Facts  Principles Cloud Distribution  Integration of cloud technologies with EGI  Public, preview releases  Architecture for version 1.0 Expectations from French Institutes Conclusions

3 3 StratusLab Project Information  1 June 2010—31 May 2012 (2 years)  6 partners from 5 countries  Budget : 3.3 M€ (2.3 M€ EC) Goal  Create a comprehensive, open-source cloud distribution  Demonstrate production grid services over StratusLab cloud Contacts  Site web:  Twitter: @StratusLab  Support: CNRS (FR)UCM (ES) GRNET (GR)SIXSQ (CH) TID (ES)TCD (IE)

4 4 Goal  Offer remote access to computing resources Advantages  Customized environments  Rapid access via simple API  Complete control (root access) with “pay as you go” model Disadvantages  Non-standard interfaces (vendor lock-in)  Creating new virtual machines is difficult Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) Platform as a Service (PaaS) Software as a Service (SaaS)

5 5 Project Principles Grid and cloud technologies are complementary  Uniform security model (grid)  Sharing of resources, algorithms, and expertise (grid)  Dynamic allocation of resources (cloud)  Customized environments (cloud) Only develop new software when necessary  Integrate existing solutions if possible  Practical development  real needs of users Maintain production quality with rapid evolution  Use agile and scrum methodologies  Iterative integration: always maintain working distribution  Public releases approximately every 6 weeks

6 6 Grid and Cloud Integration Grid Resource Center StratusLab Distribution Private Cloud Cloud API Grid Services Public Clouds users

7 7 Releases:  v0.1 (9 Nov. 2010)  v0.2 (17 Dec. 2010)  v0.3 (11 Mar. 2011)  v0.4 (~mid-Apr., +storage)  v1.0 (~end-May) Goals  Provide complete, open- source cloud distribution  Generate feedback from users and administrators Warning:  The APIs, commands, etc. can (and will) change! Public, Preview Releases Documentation  User tutorial (web et video)  Reference deployment description  Installation guides Services  Appliance repository  Marketplace (v0.3)  Cloud infrastructure (GRNET)  User and administrator support ( Software  OpenNebula (2.0 in v0.1-2, 2.2 in v0.3)  Command line utilities (user and administrator)  Utilities for signing and validating image metadata (v0.2)  Site policy engine for specified images (v0.3)  IP Addresses: public, local, and private (v0.2)  Standard machine images (ttylinux, Ubuntu, CentOS)  Bioinformatics and grid services images (v0.3)  Web monitor  Manual and Quattor-based installation Security  Integration with grid certificates (v0.2)  Integration with VOMS proxies (v0.3)  Enhancing logging (v0.3)  Quarantine for forensic analysis (v0.3)

8 8 Demonstration YouTube (channel) atusLab YouTube (video) =eR8OgKsuBoo Video (MP4) /stratuslab-user- tutorial/stratuslab-user- tutorial.mp4 Video (MP4-HD) /stratuslab-user- tutorial/stratuslab-user-tutorial- HD.mp4

9 9 Roadmap StratusLab Marketplace  “Registry” for image metadata  Tools for manipulating metadata Appliances  Tools for creating images  Base images: CentOS, Ubuntu, ttylinux, SuSE?  Images for grid services  Specialized images: MATLAB, … Contextualization  Dynamic configuration of machine network configuration  Configuration of SSH keys, grid certificates, etc.

10 10 Roadmap Data (disk) management  Static images: fixed databases, standard data, …  Modifiable images: service state, logs, … Management of services  Control of an ensemble of virtual machine images  Vary the resources dynamically and automatically

11 11 Architecture of StratusLab v1.0 IaaS Cloud Virtual Machine Manager (OpenNebula) OCCI Physical Computing Resources VMware Service Manager (Claudia) TCloud Storage Manager OCCI (?), CDMI (?) iSCSI (?)KVMXen… Physical Storage Resources … Appliance Repository Appliance Registry HTTP(S) REST Interface Appliance Stores (Web, Grid, Cloud) users

12 12 Expectation from French Institutes CNRS/LAL  Run moderately sized public cloud for select users  Run internal cloud for laboratory services (already done)  Progressively migrate existing grid resources onto StratusLab cloud infrastructure with v1.0 IBCP  Evaluate StratusLab distribution for use in bioinformatics  Push for migration of ReNaBi resources to StratusLab cloud Other institutes  Expect most other (Quattor-managed) grid sites to follow LAL in using StratusLab  Already some interest in public, private clouds from others like LAPP and IRFU

13 13 Conclusions StratusLab  Small project (3 M€, 20 people)  integration of existing services  StratusLab v0.2 available, v0.3 end of February  Reference infrastructure available (and open to public)  Support: Expect Strong French Participation  Partners LAL and IBCP to adopt quickly  Expect other Quattor-managed grid sites to follow soon after  Interest at some sites in running public and/or private clouds independent of grid services  Would like to see France-Grille also offer cloud-based services

14 Copyright © 2011, Members of the StratusLab collaboration: Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Greek Research and Technology Network S.A., SixSq Sàrl, Telefónica Investigación y Desarrollo SA, and The Provost Fellows and Scholars of the College of the Holy and Undivided Trinity of Queen Elizabeth Near Dublin. This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License

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