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Provider Directories - Technical Activities Update Nagesh Bashyam 1/16/2014.

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1 Provider Directories - Technical Activities Update Nagesh Bashyam 1/16/2014

2 Background Which standard should a vendor implement ? – IHE HPD or IHE HPD with CP 601 – HPDPlus v1.0 or v1.1 – ModSpec Provider Directory (Federated HPD?) IHEEHR|HIE IWGONC IHE Healthcare Provider Directory Profile published for trial implementation in August 2010. S&I Provider Directory Initiative completed HPD Plus v1.0 completed IHE HPD CP 601 added to IHE HPD HPDPlus v1.1 reconciled with IHE CP 601ONC Mod Spec Provider Directory (Federated HPD) completed

3 Comparison of Standards Data Model – IHE HPD is the data model based on ISO 21091 – HPD Plus v1.0, v1.1 and IHE HPD CP 601 try to add the data elements identified by S&I Provider Directory Initiative (ESI) – Federated HPD (ModSpec PD) uses the same data model as HPDPlus Web Interface (WSDL) – WSDL is similar and compatible between IHE HPD and HPD Plus versions – Federated HPD WSDL is slightly different from the base WSDL and hence is not backward compatible

4 NYeC Pilots ONC Exemplar HIE Governance program awarded NYeC project to conduct Provider Directory pilots examining federation and implementation challenges in the PD space Environment scan and Actual pilots identified – PD Implementations are just starting, none of the existing standards is widely implemented – Implementations differ from each other in terms of standards and technologies Pilots – Snowbird Pilot – California Pilot – NATE Pilot – NY Pilot Feedback – Confusion about standards (Need a single standard to implement!!) – When the same standards were used the same value sets were not being used consistently (Need complete definition of value sets that are applicable) – Needed ONC ModSpec activity to be adopted by IHE – Most federated solutions are one-off and not adopting a standard – Complex queries are cumbersome in the existing standards

5 ONC/IHE Harmonization Activities ONC Presented Federated HPD to IHE ITI Planning Committee in Fall 2013 IHE approved a project to bring Federated HPD under IHE umbrella but as a US specific profile ONC working with IHE to create the Federated HPD as a US specific profile – Had public calls with community and implementers – After long discussions, the community is going forward with the Federated HPD work as it currently exists to solicit feedback – IHE New Directions Connectathon established for end of January to test Federated HPD and gather technical feedback – Participants will get an opportunity to showcase the test results at HIMSS New Directions Showcase.

6 Test Tools ONC publishing the PD Sandbox on SITE – – Forum to ask questions – Test Tool to help implementers test their Provider Information Directory Provider Information Consumer Provide a federation partner as necessary

7 Q/A

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