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Developing innovative knowledge management systems to share information and drive improvement Andy Kent & Nigel Griffiths.

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1 Developing innovative knowledge management systems to share information and drive improvement Andy Kent & Nigel Griffiths

2 Andy Kent CEO, Angel Solutions, Liverpool Producers of Educational Software: Nexus, Keypas, Perspective, Pendulum & Broadcast

3 “The biggest little education company you have never heard of”

4 Formed in 1999 in Liverpool and with 20 staff. Angel Solutions is working with: Every Local Authority in England (NCER) 800 Schools, Academies & Children's Centres 6,500 Perspective Lite Users & growing Academy Groups International Schools Action for Children, Spurgeons, 4Children, Barnardos & Children's Society



7 A FREE service for all schools & Children’s Centres NEXUS NCER membership LOCAL AUTHORITYSCHOOLS Pendulum Record of visits module Broadcast Document distribution module News aggregator School Dashboard LA NEWS News Management Module Data tabs Live school profile data Keypas Batch Reporting Module Keypas online FSP to KS3 pupil data

8 DATA “in the right place at the right time”




12 Local Authorities benefit from Ofsted Inspection intelligence updated on a daily basis for all their schools

13 Our Observatory Dashboard gathers live data and intelligence from multiple sources Framework Grades shows LIVE Ofsted judgements updated daily

14 Teaching Schools (Primary) Working with Teaching Schools

15 Visualising Ofsted Inspection Judgements by Leadership grade


17 Collecting files securely, easily and quickly for Local Authorities, Academy Groups and Organisations

18 Easy for schools, academies and children’s centres to send their files securely to an over-arching body such as a Local Authority and/or an Academy Group

19 Filters allow an organisation to download in bulk all the returned files as a single zip file

20 CENSUS, KPIs … and all that jazz

21 Powerful, easy-to-use Census Module allowing you to create KPIs or pick from a bank of system defined ones Benefit from the wealth of benchmark data generated

22 Choose KPIs to include in a Census

23 Provide a name and a description

24 Add/edit the existing KPIs included in this Census

25 Pick from the existing list

26 Create new KPIs and preview how this will look to an end user

27 Order and prioritise your KPIs

28 Choose which school(s) or centre(s) to issue the Census to.

29 Final summary screen, choosing a deadline and issue now or issue later!

30 Schools, Academies and Children’s Centres can complete their census from inside Perspective or Perspective Lite A Star appears on the menu if any new returns are waiting to be filled in

31 Introductions, built in form validation and pop up information all help the end user to complete the census

32 The organisation can check to see who has completed the census return. Export live, raw data at any time

33 SURVEYS “it’s all about the benchmarking”


35 Create surveys inside Perspective Get access to raw data and live reporting!

36 One of the built in Surveys: the Ofsted Parent View Survey Many more to pick from!

37 Overview report provides summary of responses as well as Question Level Analysis

38 Question Level Analysis

39 EARLY, LIVE DATA … We call it “REAL-TIME”

40 National Data collections and publication dates for this year – a delay in finding out National Figures

41 Our LIVE National Picture graph calculates 2013 figures based on live data




45 ​ KS/Subject/Level DFE National ​ Nexus ​ ​ KS1: Speaking & Listening 2+ 88 88 ​ ​ KS1: Speaking & Listening 3+22 ​ ​ KS1: Reading 2+87 ​ ​ KS1: Reading 2B+76 ​ ​ KS1: Reading 3+27 ​ ​ KS1: Writing 2+83 ​ ​ KS1: Writing 2B+64 ​ ​ KS1: Writing 3+14 ​ ​ KS1: Maths 2+91 ​​ 91 ​ KS1: Maths 2B+ ​ 76 ​ KS1: Maths 3+ ​ 22 ​ KS1: Science 2+ ​ 89 ​ 90 ​ KS1: Science 3+ ​ 21 ​ Y1P: Phonics Working At ​ 58 Accuracy of Nexus compared to final published figures shown in this table




49 We use the same live data to provide LAs and Schools with similar dashboards to Ofsted but based on LIVE, early data

50 Works for EYFSP, Phonics, KS1, KS2 and KS3. LAs can choose when to switch on and make visible to schools



53 LAs can choose which data sets to make visible and whether to include contextual comparisons

54 Schools see the same data as the Local Authority but inside Perspective or Perspective Lite Option to print to PDF – report looks same as on screen!

55 INFOGRAPHICS “Telling your Story”





60 Infographic Generators

61 Infographic Generators

62 Our SCHOOL based infographic generator takes your January, May or October census file and produces an infographic of your school make-up!

63 Choose between expanded and condensed version

64 Single page version – prints really nicely using Chrome browser (save as PDF)



67 BatchGeo

68 BatchGeo

69 Google Maps Engine Lite

70 Mapping Tools

71 Mapping Tools

72 Perspective Lite has built in News Tool

73 Easy to add/remove personalised news feeds

74 Our unique Watchsted Module lets you see a map of all the latest Ofsted Inspections relevant to your establishment


76 Quick access to grades and reports by clicking on each point

77 Padlet Free online collaboration tool for posting comments – options to save/print/export later

78 Other tools & resources Many more free tools including file storage, free Microsoft Office online, Note taking, PDF generation and Slide Show creation. Click on each icon to visit the relevant website

79 Nigel Griffiths Principal, John Kyrle High School, Herefordshire NLE, Trainee Ofsted Inspector


81 Keeping Development Plans simple!

82 Dealing with Performance Management, Pay and aligning Appraisals with Development Plans

83 Sample Performance Management Reports

84 Sample grade report across departments

85 Summary  Time Saving  Innovation  Live, Real-Time Data  Benchmarking  Infographics  Mapping  Sharing  Adapting

86 Get a free copy of Perspective Lite! For Schools and Children’s Centres includes:  Watchsted Hotspot Map  News Aggregation Tool For Schools Only this also includes:  Infographic Creator  Live Data Tabs (in LAs that enable it) Email us at

87 THANK YOU! @andyckent @perspectivelite Telephone: 0845 833 0933

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