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1 2012 NYHRPS Survey Initial Summary of Results Marketing & Technology Committee March, 2012 NYHRPS Survey Results 8. short.pptx.

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1 1 2012 NYHRPS Survey Initial Summary of Results Marketing & Technology Committee March, 2012 NYHRPS Survey Results 8. short.pptx

2 1.Understand factors that influence membership renewal 2.Develop a professional profile of our community 3.Determine extent of expectations met 4.Gather ideas for improvement Objectives 2

3 Survey drafted by Marketing Committee with input from Board On-line survey link sent to all members, former members and guests over the past three years We had 93 responses to our survey. At $3 a response we are donating $279 to the Save the Children Fund. Core survey team: Laura Mindek, Deborah Seidman, Daniel Baitch, James Cortez Process 3

4 Implications of the Data As you review the data ask yourself Are these the results I expected? What other questions do we have? What are we doing that’s working? Not working? What are we not doing that we might try? 4

5 Respondents 92 of 1,112 (8.2%) targeted members, former members and guests participated. More than half are current members Response RateMember type 5

6 Demographics: Gender and Generation Slightly more than two out of three respondents are women. The great majority are Boomers (born 1946-1964 – 72%) and Gen X (born 1965-1980). GenderGeneration 6

7 Demographics: Career Situation More than two out of five respondents are consultants – most (35%) consulting independently. Two out of five (40%) are working in for-profit organizations, 8% in not-for-profit. More than one out of ten (12%) are in transition, seeking employment. 7

8 Demographics: Primary Industry More respondents work in the finance and insurance industries than all other industries combined. Nearly one out of ten (9%) work in the healthcare field. (Don’t you mean Tech and Communications?) 8

9 Demographics: Number of employees Among those employees working for organizations, most (36%) work for moderate sized companies. Two out of five work for organizations with more than 10,000 employees. 9

10 Demographics: Areas of Experience More than one out of five respondents stated their current area as Talent Management, Org Effectiveness, Org Development, Learning & Development, Executive Coach, or HR Director/Executive. More than one out of three have served time as HR Directors/Executives and nearly half (45%) as HR Generalists 10

11 Renewing and Joining 19 out of 20 members are considering renewing NYHRPS memberships. Of former members who participated, slightly less than half are considering rejoining. Two out of three non-members would consider joining. These results suggest reaching out to former and non-members to increase membership. Members considering renewing Former members considering rejoining Non- members considering joining 11

12 Current Members’ Ratings of NYHRPS Performance Favorable ratings range from a high of 95% favorable (communication re: upcoming events) to a low of 45% (opportunity to participate in thought leadership discussions). Both “opportunity” items have high proportions of neutral results, possibly suggesting a need for more information about opportunities for involvement. 12

13 NYHRPS Performance: Favorable Ratings 13 Seven out of 10 items were ranked favorably by at least four out of five members. Profile of people in the network came close to that mark at 79%. Two items were rated favorably by fewer than three out of five members – opportunity to make valuable professional connections (57% fav) and opportunity to participate in thought leadership discussions. (45% fav).

14 NYHRPS Performance: Summary Highest ratings (90% fav or higher) relate to administrative issues (communications regarding events and ease of registering). High ratings (80-89% fav): Organizational leadership, relevance of topics, value of membership, opportunities for involvement, quality of speakers. Moderate ratings (70-80% fav): Types of people in the NYHRPS network. Lowest ratings (below 79% fav): Opportunity to make valuable connections, opportunity to participate in thought leadership discussions. 14

15 Former Members’ Ratings of NYHRPS Performance Former members’ ratings are lower than those of current members, except for quality of speakers at events (current members 81%, former members 83%) and opportunity to participate in thought leadership discussions (current members 45% favorable, former members 55%). 15

16 NYHRPS Performance: Favorable Ratings 16 Not surprisingly, the biggest gap between current and former members is the value of NYHRPS membership. Current and former members agree on the ease of registering, communications regarding upcoming events, and quality of speakers.

17 What Influences NYHRPS Membership Quality of presenters, profile of people in the network, and relevance of topics at NYHRPS events heavily influence at least half of members to join or renew. Quality of presenters is crucial, according to three out of four. Which three of these have the most influence over your decision to start or continue NYHRPS membership? 17

18 Recommending others for Membership 85% of respondents are likely to recommend NYHRPS to friends and colleagues, and half are highly likely. A total of 15% are unlikely. How likely is it that you would recommend NYHRPS to a friend or colleague? 18

19 Involvement with Social Networking and HRPS 17 out of 20 respondents use LinkedIn at least once a week, and nearly all (97%) use it at least once a month. Two out of five respondents use FaceBook on a weekly basis, and only one out of five (22%) use Twitter that frequently. Nearly all members (97%) have involvement with national HRPS; most of whom (41%) use those benefits a few times a year. This includes the HRPS Website, People & Strategy Journal, HRPS Knowledge Center, HRPS conferences, Human Capital Institute, business book reviews, and I4CP. How frequently do you use…? 19

20 Open Comments: What is NYHRPS Doing Well “Events that are well managed.” “Excellent quality of speaker s that attract a large attendance of people to meet.” “Great speakers with new perspectives on topics of interest. “High quality speakers for a reasonable membership fee. Time to network with professionals and practitioners. Ease of registration…information on the web site.” “Welcome at the door and help with introductions during networking. Coffee and food at the meetings. “Variety of relevant topics.” “Mix of morning and evening programs.” 20

21 What could NYHRPS do better that would have a positive impact? 21

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