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Direct Certification Direct Certification Training v1.0.

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1 Direct Certification Direct Certification Training v1.0

2 2 Agenda Security Access Overview Obtain Results Evaluate Results Resources Improve Address Matches

3 Direct Certification is the federally mandated process through which students are certified as eligible for the NSLP program without further application. CALPADS provides the pupil data used for the Direct Certification statewide matching process. Direct Certification Training v1.0 3 Overview

4 Direct Certification Training v1.0 4 Overview The CALPADS Direct Certification matching process *The direct certification status of a pupil is valid for one school year. Extracts DataMatches DataShares Results Student ‘s name Student’s date of birth Student’s gender Student ‘s address The CALPADS data is compared with data from CalFresh and CalWORKS recipient list. Each month, the “DHCS Match” results are uploaded to CALPADS as a directly certified or not directly certified free meal eligible record per student.

5 CALPADSCALPADS Overview Direct Certification Training v1.0 5 Direct Certification Process Upload files to the ODS Automated Process Creates DC File (Monthly) from the SENR & SINF Data Data extracted from local SIS DHCS match results Return results to CALPADS Local Student Information System Pull data from CALPADS for matching with DHCS 2 2 Results are available Return Results to CALPADS CALPADS data matched with DHCS

6 The CALPADS Direct Certification (DC) process occurs once a month. Generally, the CALPADS student data will be pulled from CALPADS on the second of each month. A Direct Certification notification will be posted on the CALPADS Home when the results are available.. Direct Certification Training v1.0 Overview 6 Direct Certification Schedule 6

7 Direct Certification Training v1.0 7 The LEA Administrator must assign the Direct Certification role to the appropriate staff LEA users with Direct Certification Roles are able to view student(s) direct certification status online or can request an extract file containing the direct certification results. 7 Security Access Direct Certification Roles

8 Direct Certification Training v1.0 8 Obtain Results 1.Log into CALPADS and navigate to the Admin menu 2.Select View Direct Certification Status 3.Manage results displayed by updating the filter options and clicking on the Apply Filters button View Direct Certification Status online

9 Direct Certification Training v1.0 9 Obtain Results Request DC Extract Navigate to the Reports menu Select Extracts Navigate to the Reports menu Filter Options

10 Select Download button Direct Certification Training v1.0 10 Obtain Results Retrieve DC Download Navigate to the Reports menu Select Extracts Navigate to the Reports menu Specify additional filters Save file

11 Direct Certification Training v1.0 11 Evaluate Results The CALPADS Direct Certification results contain a Certification Status code for each active student record within your LEA. The Certification Status are defined in CALPADS User Manual. Direct Certification Results Codes Future Codes

12 Direct Certification Training v1.0 12 Evaluate Results Direct Certification Results Layout #CALPADS File ElementField TypeMax Length 1Academic Year IDCS9 2Reporting LEACS7 3School of AttendanceCS7 4Local Student IDCS16 5SSIDCS10 6Student Legal First NameCS30 7Student Legal Middle NameCS30 8Student Legal Last NameCS50 9Certification DateDT8 10Certification StatusCS1

13 Direct Certification Training v1.0 13 Converting an Extract CSV file to Excel Columns makes the extracts easier to view. Evaluate Results How to Importing-CALPADS-Extract-To-Excel –Quick Self-Paced Use excel filtering to refine a list of the student records that need the Household Application Form administered. Use excel filtering to export a list of student records that require an address correction or update. Use excel filtering to export a list of student records that can be import into the Local SIS. Mini clip: Analyzing Direct Certification Results with Excel

14 Direct Certification Training v1.0 14 Improve Address Matches Verify the student address data using the USPS-Zip lookup!input.action Enter the student address data and click the Find button Correct DC Address Data

15 Direct Certification Training v1.0 Resources 15 CALPADS System Documentation DocumentDescriptionSections CALPADS Extract SpecificationsFile layout and requirements for DC extract Direct Certification CALPADS FlashChanges to State-level Direct Certification Process and Additional Functionality coming soon Flash #76 and #92 National School Lunch Program Documentation DocumentDescriptionSections NSLP Fact SheetEquity in School Lunch PricingNutrition Services Division Information CalFRESH County Contacts for Direct Certification List of local welfare or social service office contacts CalFresh County Contacts for Direct Certification National School Lunch ProgramInformation about applying for and administering the National School Lunch Program (NSLP). Program Information Nutrition ServicesFiscal information to aid nutrition sponsors and to provide information about claiming meal reimbursements. School Nutrition Program (SNP) 15

16 Support Web: Phone: 916-325-9210 E-mail: Listserv: Direct Certification Training v1.0 16

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