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Mobile Manager v.1.2.3 (including v1.1.1 and v1.2.2) Release Notes.

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1 Mobile Manager v.1.2.3 (including v1.1.1 and v1.2.2) Release Notes

2 Bug Fixes Bug Fixes: Fixed the issue with the server command file being corrupted. Fixed the issue with the application throwing an error when the users are replying to messages. Fixed the issue with the application not navigating back to the correct form after a custom load is entered. Fixed the issue with the application not removing loads and messages when the max limit is reached.

3 Enhancements Enhancements: Signature capturing. Load and message alerts. Gps pings while the device is not charging. First phase of the field service integration. Encryption of sensitive data. Connect to server feature to allow the device to retrieve data from the server immediately. Phone module status. Support for printing. Support for Windows Mobile 6.0 and non-Ipaq devices Remote update. System and user settings separation. First phase of order creation including credit card processing. Resized the signature capture panel

4 Corrupted server command file Cause: Invalid IMEI (empty string). ApplicationStarted packet expects an array of 17 characters.

5 Error when replying a message Bug introduced when modifications were made to how data is passed to the form. Form is looking for an incorrect data object.

6 Not navigating back to the correct form after a custom load is entered Cause: No code to navigate back to previous form when custom load is set successfully.

7 Loads and messages not removed when max limit is reached Available loads are never removed. We assume loads are getting set and completed but that might not be the case. Solution: When max limit is reached (100), remove half. Old messages are never removed. Option to remove messages exists but drivers might not delete them. Solution: When max limit is reached (100), remove half.

8 Signature capturing Captures a signature and associate it with a load. Can be viewed on the Wireless client (see wireless notes for more info). Signature shows up on the invoice (see dispatch notes for more info).

9 Load and message alerts Message alert : Goes off when the device gets a message (yes/no) Message alert type: Beeps once or beeps 5 times (single/continuous) Load alert : Goes off when the device gets a load (yes/no) Load alert type: Beeps once or beeps 5 times (single/continuous)

10 Gps ping while not charging GpsSwitch When on, it will send a gps ping every 15 minutes even if the device is not charging. When off, the gps will only be enabled when the device is charging.

11 First phase of the field service integration Integrates with the Field Service application. Receives tasks Allows setting and completing tasks Allows setting statuses. Timestamps when “At Jobsite” status is set and when a task is completed. Enabled in the system settings. Setting is called Dispatch Type. Once set to Field Service, it will not receive loads and vice versa.

12 Connect to server Located in the Miscellaneous menu. Allows the drivers to initiate a connection when they need to download data from the server immediately (ie. loads).

13 Encryption of sensitive data Symmetric encryption Rijndael algorithm Currently, it only encrypts the credit card information but its use can be expanded at a later time. Same encryption used on the server.

14 Phone module status Displays an error message on the summary page. Invalid phone number – Phone not enabled when the application started up or the sim card needs an OTA update. Phone not enabled

15 Support for printing Bluetooth printers Currently, only allows printing of receipts but its use can be expanded later. Requires correct selection of printer and printer port from the settings.

16 Supports Windows Mobile 6.0 and other non-Ipaq devices Application will now work on HTC devices with windows mobile 6.0. Differences Longer IMEI number Not reporting a gps field from the nmea string.

17 System and user settings separation Separated settings to system and user settings. Allows users to change the alert types, select printer options, and enter company information without entering password.

18 First phase of order creation including credit card processing Available orders Current Orders Order Creation History

19 Remote order An order that exists on a device (either created from a device or dispatched to a device) will be marked as a “remote order.” When an order is in this state, the order is considered locked and cannot be edited in the Dispatch program unless it is manually unlocked.

20 Available orders Displays new orders that are created on the device or orders dispatched from the server. When an order is created on the device, a guid will be associated with it. When an order comes from the server, an order# will be associated with it.

21 Actions that can performed on an available order Set order – Sets the selected order Remove order – Removes the order from the device Releases order – Tags the order as not being a “remote order.” Dispatchers now can edit the order. Cancel order – Marks the order as cancelled. The status of the order will be updated to “cancelled” in the Dispatch system accordingly. Bill customer – Bills the customer associated with the order (More details will be provided later) View order details – Displays the details of the order (More info will be provided later)

22 Current order Displays the order that is currently set.

23 Actions that can performed on a current order Status change – Changes the status of the order Complete order – Completes the order Suspend order – Suspends the order Bill customer – Bills the customer associated with the order View order details – Displays the details of the order Edit order – Allows editing of the order including the customer info, pickup info, delivery info, items, etc Release order – Releases the order

24 Order creation Requires the item list from the server. Item list is a list of items (incidentals) that can be added to an order. Automated synch to retrieve most updated list every 12 hours.

25 Order creation – customer information Customer name and phone Order is created when the Create button is pressed. Can create an order without customer information.

26 Order creation – service information Service date, address, city, state, zip and notes. Guid of the order is shown.

27 Order creation – delivery information Delivery date, address, city, state, zip and notes.

28 Order creation – machine information Machine model, make, type, and vin.

29 Order creation – machine information Machine id, alt id, color, odometer and year.

30 Order creation – load information Loads, quantity, rate, hours and taxable. Taxable indicates if load is taxable.

31 Order creation – items Add/delete/edit items in the order Once order is created, it will appear in the available order menu.

32 Order creation - items Quantity and price Selecting a division will display items in that division. Check taxable if item is a taxable item.

33 Billing customer Requires sales tax list and credit card settings Sales tax list Contains the list of sales taxes that can be selected during billing. Automated synch to retrieve updated list every 12 hours Credit card settings Usa ePay customer key and pin.

34 Usa ePay Credit card gateway to allow us to process credit card transactions. We are the reseller and our customers are the merchants. Each customer needs to have a merchant account. They can log into their accounts to close out or void open batches.

35 Order creation – sales tax Requires sales tax list from server. Can override the sales tax rate.

36 Billing customer – payment selection Cash payment Check payment Credit card payment Visa Mastercard Discover American express

37 Billing customer – cash payment Enter cash received

38 Billing customer – check payment Enter document number

39 Billing customer – credit card payment Enter billing information Allows populating fields with the service address information

40 Billing customer – credit card payment Enter credit card information. Click Submit to send the information to Usa ePay for validation. An error message will be displayed if the information is not valid. Allows submission to DSI server without verifying credit card information.

41 Billing customer – signature capture Requires signature from the customer.

42 Billing customer – printing receipt Prints the receipt for the order Company information – Company information configurable in user settings Load cost information Item cost information Payment information – Includes subtotal and sales tax cost Allows printing multiple copies

43 History Displays orders that have been completed, billed, or released. Can print receipts for orders that have been billed. Automatically remove orders that are older than 30 days.

44 Status change Similar to load/task status change.

45 Order details Time – Shows the pickup window, pickup time, delivery window, delivery time. Customer – Shows the customer info. Service – Shows the service info. Delivery – Shows the delivery info. Job – Shows the machine and load info. Items – Shows the items that have been added to the order. Payment – Shows the payment information History – Shows the status change history.

46 Miscellaneous Information When an order is set, a load/task cannot be set and vice versa. Order creation needs to be enabled in the system settings.

47 TDPS Wireless v1.7.1807 Enhancements Support for Order Creation (GSS# 6057)

48 Wireless Details New Event Types Order Created Update Order Job Detail Update Order Line Item Update Service Address Order Payment

49 Order Created Event Occurs when a remote order is created by a device. Order Created events without an Order# Indicate an order was not created in the dispatch program. All order created events will have an order guid.

50 Update Order Job Detail Event Indicate that the scheduled loads fields of the order is being updated by a device. Machine Make Machine Model Machine Type Machine VIN Machine ID Alternate Machine ID Machine Color Machine Year Job Rate Job Hours Job Quantity Job Taxable

51 Update Order Line Item Event Refers when an incidental is added/updated/deleted from an order.

52 Update Service Address Event Valid for origin (pickup) or destination (delivery) Origin – Occurs when entering customer information. Destination – Occurs when entering delivery information.

53 Order Payment Event Valid for all types of payment Credit (MasterCard, Visa, Amex, Discover) Check Cash

54 Wireless Details All remote order events have the same icon

55 Showing the Remote Order Events Only the Remote Order event check box needed to show all remote order events

56 Vehicles Online Orders set will show the scheduled load number of the order. However, load type will show transport order.

57 TDPS Wireless v1.7.1807 Bug Fixes Server commands will persist to disk so that they are not lost when Sql Server is timing out. TDPS Server not resuming to correct status. (GSS# 6076) Invalid loads not being unset in the TDPS System. (GSS# 5999)

58 Server Commands Persisting to disk upon receipt and only clean out commands that were successfully inserted into the database. Potentially bottleneck in larger and busier system. Will not be an issue in the short term, but the team will address it in the next iteration.

59 GSS# 6076 When a load is suspended and then resumed, it does not follow the logic of the Net960Ex device.

60 GSS# 5999 Invalid loads not being unset from the TDPS System. When a load is in a completed state, or no longer assigned, the system will automatically unset the load if it is set to a device.

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