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Pocket PowerBuilder v1.5 & v1.5.1 New features. Ian Thain Pocket PowerBuilder Evangelist PTOG Evangelist Team, Sybase Inc.

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1 Pocket PowerBuilder v1.5 & v1.5.1 New features

2 Ian Thain Pocket PowerBuilder Evangelist PTOG Evangelist Team, Sybase Inc.

3 Agenda Introduction History New Features Demos

4 History V1.0 – August 2003 (TechWave) V1.0.1 – October/November 2003 V1.5 – January 2004 V1.5.1 – Beta Now March 2004 - JOLT Breaking new ground in PPC development “PK is to mobile development as PB was (and still is) to Client Server development… OUTSTANDING!” – Ian Thain PocketBuilder Technical Evangelist, Sybase Inc

5 JOLT Recognizing the emergence of Mobile Development Tools in today’s wireless business environment, CMP Media's Software Development magazine has awarded a 14 th Annual Productivity Award to Sybase Pocket PowerBuilder software. Sybase Pocket PowerBuilder was recognized as one of the best products or technologies in the award's Mobile Development Tools. The awards were announced March 17 at the Santa Clara Convention Center in Santa Clara, California.

6 IDE IDE support for Source Code Control Deploy to PPC-2003 emulator (if installed) DataWindow Syntax tool Auto-run when deployed Automatically adding shortcuts

7 IDE Default window size of Landscape

8 Language Control the display of the SIP through simple properties rather than code Property for the tap-and-hold visual cue

9 Picture Controls Adds support for JPEG and PNG images in standard picture controls, This includes the picture buttons in TreeView and ListView controls

10 Mail You can send mail from a PPB application through a Microsoft ActiveSync connection that is configured to synchronize mail files with a desktop mail client. Microsoft Outlook can be configured to work with ActiveSync. ActiveSync supports synchronization with Outlook but not with Outlook Express. Can send mail directly to Exchange-Server

11 Mail Instantiate a mailSession object and call the PowerScript mail functions mailLogon, mailSend, and mailLogoff mail Message and mailRecipient system structure objects hold content and destination information for the messages mailFileDescription object can be used to describe mail attachments, although mailAttach! is the only supported value for an attachment's file type. Currently cannot use PowerScript mail functions to retrieve mail in a Pocket PowerBuilder application

12 Messages for PPC specific events PBM_HIBERNATE = sent to all windows when trying to scavage memory PBM_NETCONNECT = network event (like connect/disconnect) PBM_SIPUP and PBM_SIPDOWN

13 New Examples Checking for IP connection // WinSock functions gethostbyname gethostbyaddr gethostname inet_ntoa ML Maint TodayItems etc

14 Database Includes the new ASA 9.0 Build #1271 includes ‘Server Initiated Sync’ message post to a PPB app. This is an EBF to ASA 9.0.0

15 Database Includes the new ASA 9.0 Build #1271 includes SIS message post to a PPB app

16 Database Enhancements to MobiLink features

17 PK VM Smaller than V1.0 Leaner & meaner ! pkvm15u.dll has a footprint of 3.8MB !

18 Icons All Applications now have icons Assigned in Application painter 32x32 – 256 – PPC Desktop 16x16 – 256- PPC App & Task Man

19 Rich Ink/Signature control Rich Ink/Signature control…

20 Notification Bubble Notification Bubble… BTW Share price now $21

21 Biometric & Barcode HP 5400 & 5500 Series Biometric Fingerprint Scanner Symbol Barcode Scanner

22 BT GPS & Camera Bluetooth Global Positioning System HP Camera Integration

23 Toolbars Toolbar is a separate object In PB toolbar is a MDI Menu property In PPB Toolbar has a separate object ‘painter’ Can be at top or bottom

24 POOM Pocket Outlook Object Model POOM is the key to the Pocket Outlook object managers repository This repository is the object store for the Pocket PC contact manager, appointment manager & task manager.

25 POOM So with the POOM object & Pocket PowerBuilder we can now enquire, access, create, update & delete contacts, appointments and tasks Programmatically from within Pocket PowerBuilder applications in a very 4GL way.

26 Today Item In PPB, the custom Today item and its parameters are part of the Application object, and you can use the Application painter to set Today item properties. The Today Item means several things from being a way of displaying data from a Pocket PowerBuilder Application onto the Display screen, to being a glorified shortcut to a Pocket PowerBuilder application, as well and even a combination of the two.

27 Today Item Two types of applications are needed for Today Items, they are the Display Application & the Run Application. If you have both a Display Application and a Run Application,each will have its own instance of the PPB VM Data Segment loaded No communication can take place. Today Screen pktdy15u.dll PPB Item 1 PPB Item 2 Display App 1 Display App 2 Run App 1 User taps Item

28 Printing DataWindow print events and most print properties are supported in applications deployed to a PPC device Graphs that you print from a PPC device do not expand to fill the print paper (as they do when you print from the desktop). The size of a graph that you print from these platforms is not modified from its screen display size.

29 Printing Third Party - Print PrintOpen PrintSetFont PrintBitmapPrintOval PrintSetSpacing PrintClosePrintPage PrintText PrintDataWindow PrintRect PrintWidth PrintDefineFont PrintRoundRect PrintX PrintLine PrintScreen PrintY PrintCancel, PrintGetPrinter, PrintGetPrinters, PrintSent, PrintSetPrinter, PrintSetup, and PrintSetupPrinters are NOT supported

30 Demonstrations Pocket Waiter Allocate table to customer, take order & order payment View Menu, Specials & Reservations Uses Synchronization & has PB client Good example of DW printing

31 Demonstrations Insurance Assessor Appointments can be sent & placed in POOM Note Claim details & Synchronize back Uses POOM, Notification, Camera Integration & Synchronization Has PB Client

32 Demonstrations Biometric App Train 10 fingers to represent 10 presidents Information stored in ASA Random fingers matched to President Uses HP’s Biometric API & Scanner

33 Conclusions Pocket PowerBuilder v1.5.1 – RAD PPC Development… ‘ Boldly going where no Pocket PC Development tool has gone before !’

34 Pocket PowerBuilder Code Examples Pocket PowerBuilder code examples can be found on the CodeXchange,

35 Questions and Answers Ian Thain Pocket PowerBuilder Evangelist PTOG Evangelist Team, Sybase Inc. Check out PBDJ for Pocket PowerBuilder articles

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