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Presenting FlexiSIGN-PRO 8.0v1

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1 Presenting FlexiSIGN-PRO 8.0v1
April 3, 2006

2 Getting Started Safenet (Rainbow) SHK hardware key is required. Aladdin Hasp 4 and Rainbow SuperPro keys are no longer supported. Key is cross-platform. SHK key will also support Flexi 6/7 and PhotoPRINT 4/5 Upgrades will ship with new key. New security system is virtually uncrackable. Upgrades keys will have license transferred to SHK.

3 Password Changes Password length has increased from 20 to 32 digits long Flexi 8 passwords never use 1, I, S, 5, 2, Z, 0, O NFR keys now unlock Braille, URW, TIFF, HP9000 automatically Variable timers with unlimited recharges Language install protection allows for password to be limited to any language combination Beta version uses a soft key with activation. It will run on a single system only and cannot be moved without requiring new activation. Send any beta reports to

4 Operating Systems Supported
Windows 2000 Windows XP Windows XP Professional x64 Edition Windows 2003 Server Macintosh OS X.2.8 and up (3 months later)

5 Updated Splash Screen New look with updated packaging focused on theme “8” by using objects associated with 8, such as Octagon. Spider theme is for beta. Some info no longer shown in splash such as password. That is shown in about dialog only. Link to web site removed from help menu. Link added to About dialog.

6 New Look Show preview defaults to on – no more wireframe dragging
Color widget has option to show as list New look for Tip of the Day. Overprint moved to Fill/Stroke Editor

7 Smooth Screen Anti-aliasing added to eliminate jaggies
Text smoothing more accurate Option to disable in preferences

8 Updated Toolbars Toolbar icons redrawn
More modern look. Toned down color Enlarged from 16x16 to 20x20 for high resolution screens Similar to 7.6 look to aid transition True color (no 256 color limit) Separators added Flexi 7.x workspace for old icon look

9 New look

10 Standard toolbar 7.6v2: 8.0v1: Spell check removed
Navigator view removed

11 Main Toolbar 7.6v2: 8.0v1: Combine added Effects added

12 View Toolbar 7.6v2: 8.0v1: Show bitmaps removed

13 Combine Toolbar 7.6v2: 8.0v1: Weld by color added Remove overlap added
Combine options removed Group, Ungroup, Compound, and Uncompound removed

14 Group Toolbar 7.6v2: N/A 8.0v1: New toolbar created by taking Group, Ungroup, Compound, and Uncompound from Combine toolbar. Mask and Unmask are also included.

15 Effects Toolbar 7.6v2: 8.0v1: Combine removed and made separate toolbar Lens removed and made separate toolbar

16 Text Toolbar 7.6v2: 8.0v1: Text styles removed
Justify menu added to menu

17 RIP Engine Based on PhotoPRINT 5 technology:
Adobe CPSI 3017 RIP engine CMYK overprint support “Ignore overprint in PDF” moved from preferences to Job Properties and renamed “Ignore overprint” Job properties resolution setting 3rd party Or / Gr ink limiting Auto-rotate to fit media

18 Raster Vector Detection
Detect color mode and object type Only shows used input profiles and rendering intents Dim controls that do not apply Use embedded ICC dims if none and shows name if available

19 Object Color Control See input and output color at any point
See object type and color space Remap any color Saves as a preset Applies only to added jobs

20 Additional Changes Vividness control Presets in Default Job Properties
Moiré free angled screen patterns based on patented technology

21 Design Changes Option to save settings on exit
Improved Photoshop plug-in support

22 True-Shape Nesting Treats each object as its own shape, not as a rectangle Allows for multiple copies to be set Fills holes Creates additional pages as needed. Available as an optional feature.

23 Job statistics Shows details of entire job or selection
Each object is listed along with position, size, area, color and perimeter Export function

24 Import / Export Changes
Export as Adobe PDF for customer proofing Save / open layers for AI, DXF, HPGL, DWG Send to EnRoute improvements Smaller native .FS files via compression Export as Flexi 7.5 added as JPEG, PDF, or .FS Documents default to my documents folder Option to not update document location .FS / .PD can be added into Production Manager and be printed and contour cut Improved support of text in EPS/PS files Improved kerning of CasMate files

25 Text Changes On screen spell checking Tabbed alignment
Easier incremental font selection in DesignCentral

26 Cut/Plot Changes Options tab added, less complex advanced tab
Up to 10 custom cutter controls Driver options per color Weedline preview Split weedlines Easyweed removed Overcut

27 RIP and Print Changes Color adjustment curves added
Preset shown as a list Borderless printing Mutoh multi-segment with cut server Roland hybrid marks White ink support

28 Desktop Printing Position (center, corner or custom)
Scale (ratio, scale) Preview (with tiles) Templates (removed job info) Added grid, guides and substrate options – no longer need to open DesignEditor.

29 Additional Improvements
Templates – added additional options when applying a template such as "Selection only", "Include Border" and "Include substrate color" Additional Job info Placeholder added Multi edit template objects Option to display grid as dots

30 Drivers ColorSpan Ferret
Mimaki 2.1 Firewire (allows multiple devices, but each on own card) Canon imagePROGRAF W6400, W8400 Epson Stylus Pro 4400, 4800, 7400, 7800, 9400, 9800 Liyu, Scitex, Nur, Xerox drivers no longer protected Graphtec CE3000mk2 added with alignment support Many additional drivers added

31 Color Profiler Changes
Added support for new colorimeters – IcColor, IO, DTP20, DTP70, Spectrocam USB, Barbieri Improved profile creation workflow. Add Media Save Preset

32 Installer Changes Direct installation of PTFs
Dealer customization to add / remove files Updated to latest version of Install Shield Detects key driver and only installs if needed Separate option to install key driver No longer need reboot after install

33 Level Changes FlexiEXPERT added bitmap crop
FlexiPRINT & CUT – PhotoPRINT DX plus FlexiSIGN with all drivers. Replaces VersaCamm edition FlexiSIGN and FlexiLETTER added Select by attribute and Mask FlexiDESIGNER added Cut/Plot and RIP and Print to send to already installed PM

34 The End Any Questions? Any additional feature requests?

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