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National Capital Region Interoperability CAD Interoperability in the NCR Master Slide Deck 4/27/2010.

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1 National Capital Region Interoperability CAD Interoperability in the NCR Master Slide Deck 4/27/2010

2 CAD2CAD Project Management - TUG 2 Program/Project Approach

3 CAD2CAD Project Management - TUG 3 Program Structure and Approach The National Capital Region (NCR) includes the District of Columbia and parts of Maryland and Virginia. 6,000 square miles 4.2 million citizens 23 local jurisdictions Operating as a regional partnership, the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments (MWCOG), these jurisdictions have been working together since 1957 to implement “intergovernmental policies, plans and programs.”Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments (MWCOG) In 2005, the MWCOG Chief Information Officers (CIO) Committee established the NCR Interoperability Program (NCRIP), a regional initiative to create an Interoperable Communications Infrastructure (ICI) for public safety and emergency response utilizing funding from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.U.S. Department of Homeland Security. CAD2CAD was one of many data exchanges envisioned to run over this infrastructure.

4 CAD2CAD Project Management - TUG 4 History of CAD2CAD The Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) systems of the NOVA Fire Departments have maintained other jurisdiction’s units in their own CAD systems. Previously 1.Each CAD System recommended NOVA units for dispatch based upon a ‘closest unit’ prediction. 2.All requests for resources were handled verbally by dedicated ring down telephone lines 3.One jurisdiction's Communication Center called another to confirm resource availability, transfer information, and perform dispatch City of Alexandria Fire and Rescue Fairfax County Fire and Rescue Arlington County Fire and Rescue

5 CAD2CAD Project Management - TUG 5 Program Components DATA EXCHANGE HUB NCRNet

6 CAD2CAD Project Management - TUG 6 DEH – “Connecting the Dots” The DEH is a Service Oriented Architecture designed to facilitate information sharing between Emergency Support Functions to improve emergency response, reduce response times and enable appropriate deployment of resources. Economies of Scale will be realized through the reuse and sharing of technology and data. Data sharing without DEHData sharing with DEH

7 CAD2CAD Project Management - TUG 7 DEH Goals and Strategic Objectives Goal Area 3 STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURES Strategic Objective : Develop, adopt and implement standard policies, processes and procedures to facilitate information sharing. Goal Area 1 TECHNOLOGY INFRASTRUCTURE Strategic Objective : Ensure device independent access to data and services in real time when needed through implementation of a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). Goal Area 4 TRAINING Strategic Objective: Ensure all necessary personnel are trained to support interoperability across all systems for shared situational awareness. Goal Area 5 GOVERNANCE Strategic Objective: Establish a common operational governance structure that improves the implementation of any major technology project. NCR Data Exchange Hub Goal Enable the efficient and secure exchange of data (text, voice, video and multi-media) across the NCR. NCR Data Exchange Hub Final Outcome A sustainable, enabling architecture for the secure sharing data (text, voice, video and multi-media) across all Emergency Support Functions within the NCR when needed and as authorized. Goal Area 2 SECURITY Strategic Objective : Preserve the inviolability of the DEH through sound security practices.

8 CAD2CAD Project Management - TUG 8 CAD2CAD Data Exchange Goals and Deliverables

9 CAD2CAD Project Management - TUG 9 Unit Status CAD2CAD - Yesterday and Today

10 CAD2CAD Project Management - TUG 10 1 CAD2CAD is Utilizing the ICI NCRNet Buildout FFX ARL ALEX DEH CAD2CAD Data Exchange

11 CAD2CAD Project Management - TUG 11 1 NCRnet UASI-PSIC Completion Road Map 02/03/2010

12 CAD2CAD Project Management - TUG 12 Roles and Responsibilities

13 CAD2CAD Project Management - TUG 13 Internal Jurisdictional Roles and Responsibilities CAD Vendor Project Team Jurisdiction Staff Vendor and Consultant Staff KEY:

14 CAD2CAD Project Management - TUG 14 Project Roles and Responsibilities CAD Vendor Project Team CAD Vendor Project Team CAD2CAD Project Team Lead Project Manager Security / /Infrastructure Architect Financial / Administrative Analyst Process / Business Analyst Integration Architect Developer CAD Vendor Project Team Regional Executive Oversight Committees and Funding Agencies Alexandria Arlington Fairfax (Grant Administrator) Jurisdiction Staff Vendor and Consultant Staff KEY: COG CAO Interoperability Council COG CIO Committee NoVA Fire Chiefs Committee NCR SAA for UASI Funding VDEM for State PSIC Funding Accountable to

15 CAD2CAD Project Management - TUG 15 Communication

16 CAD2CAD Project Management - TUG 16 Communication Plan Structured Meetings with Documented Agendas Meeting Follow-Up - Documented Minutes and Action Items Most Meetings were Virtual ( Video Conferencing and Web Conferencing ) Team Portal for housing all Documentation Monthly Weekly, Bi-Weekly and Adhoc Meetings

17 CAD2CAD Project Management - TUG 17 Meetings and Reports Weekly Core DEH Consulting Staff Expanded DEH Project Team (Core DEH Consulting with all 3 Jurisdiction Functional Leads) Core DEH Consulting Staff and Each Jurisdiction with their Respective CAD Vendor Monthly COG CIO Committee COG Interoperability Council NoVA Fire Chiefs ( Monthly Email Status Report) Quarterly NCR SAA Financial Reporting VDEM Financial Reporting Ad Hoc NCRNet Team Networking/Security Staff from each Jurisdiction

18 CAD2CAD Project Management - TUG 18 Timeline

19 CAD2CAD Project Management - TUG 19 Development Timeline

20 CAD2CAD Project Management - TUG 20 System and Integration Testing Timeline

21 CAD2CAD Project Management - TUG 21 Transition to Production Timeline

22 CAD2CAD Project Management - TUG 22 Vendor Participation Detailed Technical Specifications Detailed Functional Specifications SOWs reference Specifications Vendors are competitors with different technical implementations. Adhering to national standards and consistent and well-documented requirements is essential to ensure fairness to all and willingness to participate

23 CAD2CAD Project Management - TUG 23 Standards

24 CAD2CAD Project Management - TUG 24 Service Oriented Architecture Requires Adherence to Standards Artifacts should comply with National Standards to ensure ability to reuse data

25 CAD2CAD Project Management - TUG 25 Safecom Interoperability Continuum

26 CAD2CAD Project Management - TUG 26 Pilot Exchanges Helped Establish Standards NCR Crisis Information Management System (CIMS) Data Exchange 1 NCR – IEPD Exchange Clearinghouse NCR Fire Incident Mapping Data Exchange 2 NCR Resource Typing Data Exchange 3

27 CAD2CAD Project Management - TUG 27 Standards NIEM IEPD Life Cycle LEITSC CAD Message Set NIEM 2.0 NIST Security Standards WSI Interoperability Specifications

28 CAD2CAD Project Management - TUG 28 Development Approach and Architecture

29 CAD2CAD Project Management - TUG 29 Exchange Development Life Cycle (Follows NIEM IEPD Life Cycle) Artifacts for NIEM IEPD

30 CAD2CAD Project Management - TUG 30 Development Life Cycle Approach Planning CAD2CAD Project Charter

31 CAD2CAD Project Management - TUG 31 Development Life Cycle Approach Requirements Data Element Identification As-Is Process Flows Use Cases To-Be Process Flows

32 CAD2CAD Project Management - TUG 32 Development Life Cycle Approach Design Two Types of Services: Request for ResourceUnit Status Update SchemaMessage Structure

33 CAD2CAD Project Management - TUG 33 Development Life Cycle Approach Data Mapping

34 CAD2CAD Project Management - TUG 34 Development Life Cycle Approach Develop Latency, not Load, was the prime driver for Technology Selection Ability to Support the Selected Platform after Go Live Serialization of Large NIEM Compliant Schemas is the Challenge In addition to the 2 Core Web Services (i.e. R2I2 and USU), an End User Portal accessible to all Dispatch Centers must contain: Command and Control Console to monitor “Heartbeat” (ie. Network and Application Connectivity) Electronic processes for requesting Changes to Mapping of Data (Unit, Event Type and Unit Status) Electronic processes for Adding Deleting Units, Event Types and Unit Status) Access to the online Service Desk Access to documented SOPs

35 CAD2CAD Project Management - TUG 35 Development Life Cycle Approach Testing Issue Tracking Software for Testing CAD Simulator Testing Tool allowed for testing of DEH with each CAD Vendor Testing Scripts tied back to Requirements

36 CAD2CAD Project Management - TUG 36 Development Life Cycle Approach Training Common Training Objectives across all 3 jurisdictions Jurisdictions have different training schedules but coordination is required to support responding to requests in training

37 CAD2CAD Project Management - TUG 37 Development Life Cycle Approach Implement Safecom TemplateCAD2CAD Customer Portal CAD2CAD Functional SOPs signed by Fire Chiefs

38 CAD2CAD Project Management - TUG 38 Development Life Cycle Approach Sample SOP

39 CAD2CAD Project Management - TUG 39 NCR CAD2CAD IEPD

40 CAD2CAD Project Management - TUG 40 Infrastructure – As Is Production Test & Development

41 CAD2CAD Project Management - TUG 41 CAD2CAD Solution Architecture Allows for addition of Other Regional Participants

42 CAD2CAD Project Management - TUG 42 Governance and Ongoing Support

43 CAD2CAD Project Management - TUG 43 Policies Processes – Change Unit ID Procedures – Remember to Call Other Jurisdictions and make them aware of UNIT ID Change Mutual Aid Agreement Executive Functional PeopleTools Governance Artifacts Information Support for Decisions & Strategic Direction Equipment for Dispatch and Fire Fighting Regional Governance Needs Prior to CAD2CAD

44 CAD2CAD Project Management - TUG 44 Regional Governance Needs With CAD2CAD Policies – Service Support Processes – Submit Problem with C2C Exchange Procedures - Online Service Desk Policies Processes – Update UNIT ID Change Procedures – Access C2C Portal submit UNIT ID Change Mutual Aid Agreement MOUs Executive Technical Functional PeopleToolsGovernance Artifacts Hardware, Software, Networks, Middleware Equipment for Dispatch and Fire Fighting DEH NCRNet SLAs Regional Technical Support Could Be Outsourced Information Support for Decisions & Strategic Direction

45 CAD2CAD Project Management - TUG 45 NCR & NoVA Strategic Plans for Interoperability

46 CAD2CAD Project Management - TUG 46 NCR Mutual Aid Agreement CIOs Fire Police Emergency Management NoVa Mutual Response Agreement NoVa CAD to CAD Operational Plan Fire & Rescue Mutual Aid Operations Plan Police Mutual Aid Operational Plan Emergency Mgmt Operational Plan Interoperable Communications Infrastructure (ICI) Operations Plan to include : NCRNet Infrastructure DEH Certified Exchange or Application Policies, Processes Procedures Security, Information Mgt, ITSM, Network Mgt Longer Term, when Cost Allocation Approach and Operational Governance Structure is determined, then proceed with one MOU regarding the Interoperable Communications Infrastructure. Liability Protection through NCR Mutual Aid Agreement ( Authority derived from the Terrorism Act of 2005 ) At cutover to NCRNet each ESF Ops Plan should Reference the ICI Ops Plan Agreements Agency Head Signatures Required BOS or Council Approval Required ESF Operational Plans

47 CAD2CAD Project Management - TUG 47 Technical Operations delivered by 3 rd Parties Network Operations Center HostingData Center HostingHelp Desk Service Jurisdictional Hosted Components IT Service Delivery guided by Policies, Processes & Procedures Long Term IT Service Support CAD2CAD Support Transitioning to 3 rd Parties Security Policy Information Management Policy Service Catalog/Policy Network Management Policy NCR Mutual Aid Agreement ICI Ops Plan ICI Ops Plan

48 CAD2CAD Project Management - TUG 48 What will Transition ? Service Desk Incident and Change Management DEH Hardware DEH Operating System DEH Software Platforms Management and Administration of Windows Servers Management and Administration of SQL Database Servers Connected Storage Backup and Recovery Operations CAD2CAD & Biz Talk Managing of SmartCenter Firewall Management and Administration of Networking Equipment Remote Access for Application Administration DEH Hardware DEH Operating System DEH Software Platforms Management and Administration of Windows Servers Management and Administration of SQL Database Servers Connected Storage Backup and Recovery Operations Managing of SmartCenter Firewall Management and Administration of Networking Equipment Remote Access for Application Administration PRODUCTION CAD2CAD DEV AND TEST CAD2CAD NCRNet Jurisdictions CAD2CAD & Biz Talk NCRNetJurisdictions 24 x7 x 365Bs. Day Service Desk Incident and Change Management

49 CAD2CAD Project Management - TUG 49 Infrastructure – To Be Production Test & Development

50 CAD2CAD Project Management - TUG 50 CAD2CAD Change Advisory Board (Functional Leads and Technical Project Staff)

51 CAD2CAD Project Management - TUG 51 Incident Management and Change Management Well-defined and fully supported IT Service Support processes are crucial to the operation of the DEH CAD2CAD Exchange.

52 CAD2CAD Project Management - TUG 52 Service Desk End-Users directly log Incidents and Change Requests. Service Desk Staff use Incident Reporting software to respond to and track outstanding issues.

53 CAD2CAD Project Management - TUG 53 Immediate Impact of the CAD2CAD Exchange

54 CAD2CAD Project Management - TUG 54 Next Steps for CAD Interoperability in the NCR 1.Unifying public safety communications (radio and data) across ESFs and executing on the vision of information sharing 2.Formalize processes for deciding on what to invest in, enhance, or maintain the governance structure itself 3.Outreach and buy-in by jurisdictions (across all ESFs) “Interoperability is a process that involves planning, requirements, and communication with many public safety and non-public safety disciplines. By establishing common values such as a bottom-up or practitioner driven approach and collaborative processes to share resources, a region can agree on common needs to support the interoperability vision.”

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