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VPS® V1 R8.0 Migration Issues

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1 VPS® V1 R8.0 Migration Issues
2000 Copyright, Levi, Ray & Shoup, Inc.

2 Migration Issues Migrating from VPS V1 R6.2 Migrating from VPS V1 R7.0
LRS/MVS Server Migrating from VPS V1 R7.0 SAPI PCMDS New products Other enhancements

3 Migrating from VPS V1 R6.2 New in VPS V1 R7.0 and above LRS/MVS Server
VPS keyword changes COMMTYPE CONVTYPE Others

4 Migrating from VPS V1 R6.2 VPS V1 R7.0 implements LRS/MVS Server
Most VMCF logic moves to LRS Server LRS/MVS Server removes need for authorization SVC. LRS/MVS Server reduces CPU burden of ‘VMCF Client’, e.g.. TSO, CICS

5 LRS/MVS Server Server parameters set in PDS member pointed to by Server JCL

6 LRS/MVS Server Server requires VSAM profile dataset
Dataset stores user-specific information PFK settings User preferences

7 Other VPS V1 R6.2 Migration Issues
Keyword changes ‘CONVERT’ program can update keywords COMMTYPE and CONVTYPE keywords new in VPS V1 R7.0

8 Exit Migration Most non-JES-related exits can be migrated by assembling them with new release’s macro library Customized exits should be reviewed

9 Migrating to VPS V1 R8.0 2000 Copyright, Levi, Ray & Shoup, Inc.

10 New Features in VPS V1 R8.0 SAPI processing PCMD keywords
Minor keyword changes Other enhancements New Products VPS/ VPS/LCDS VPS/XES to AFP

11 SAPI Processing SAPI is a new interface for communicating with JES
Sysout API SAPI replaces PSO Process SysOut PSO still exists; VPS defaults to SAPI

12 SAPI Benefits Reduces CPU usage Eliminates VPS user exits
Eliminates polling of JES for datasets Eliminates VPS user exits Many JES-related exits no longer needed Enhanced throughput SAPI is multi-threaded Reduces or eliminates staging

13 Reduced CPU Usage PSO interface requires one request to JES for each printer every ‘INTERVAL’ cycle.

14 Reduced CPU Usage SAPI interface requires one request to JES per printer JES ‘remembers’ outstanding requests, notifies VPS when output arrives

15 Reduced CPU Usage VPS allocates and prints dataset No staging required

16 Increased Throughput SAPI is multitasking interface
Many datasets can be open at once PSO interface passes one dataset at a time Creates need for staging

17 Eliminate Exits Many pre-V1R80 VPS user exits use MVS cross memory services. Exits read control blocks in JES’ memory Exits ‘bring back’ SYSOUT dataset information to VPS

18 Eliminate Exits SAPI provides dataset information to VPS
Eliminates need for many JES-related exits

19 Exits eliminated VPS exits may not be required with VPS V1 R8.0
Exit00 Preselection Exit13 Requeue Exit15 Cross Memory Exit16 Pooling Exit24 Subsystem Request

20 Customized Exits Customized JES-related exits will have to be re-written for VPS V1 R8.0

21 PCMDS processing Support for printer-specific commands in outbound print stream was added to VPS years ago Implemented in VPS Exit14

22 PCMDS Processing Sample Exit14 constructed to support external storage of printer setup commands Allowed setup commands to be modified dynamically

23 PCMDS Processing Setup commands stored in external modules called ‘Formats’ Many customers have modified LRS-supplied Formats.

24 PCMDS Processing VPS V1 R8.0 introduces new method for supporting printer setup commands Most functionality moved from Exit14 to PCMD keywords Formats still used

25 PCMDS Processing PCMD keywords provide much easier and more flexible alternative to exit14

26 PCMDS Processing PCMDS allow different settings for each printer
Landscape vs. Portrait default PCL and PostScript Formats may be used on same printer

27 PCMDS - Migration Format module structure changed in VPS V1 R8.0
LRS sample Formats supplied in new structure User-created Formats must be updated to use new structure

28 Keyword Changes VPS V1 R8.0 introduces minor printer keyword changes
Some TCPOPTS values now supported on TCPDISC keyword Other keywords ERRACTN MAXLPG

29 LRS/MVS Server Changes
Server parameter/keyword structure changed from VPS V1 R7.0 Keywords renamed Exit points renamed

30 Other VPS V1 R8.0 Enhancements
BIP™ (Bi-directional Internet Printing) Support Based on Printer Job Language Extends capability of TCPIP ‘sockets’ printing Fix level 098 and above VPS/AnyQueue™ High percentage compression between VPS and VPS/AnyQueue

31 Other VPS V1 R8.0 Enhancements
VPS/PCL AFP Enhancements BCOCA support (bar codes) Enhanced input tray support VPS/PageCenter Web Access

32 New Products VPS/Email VPS/LCDS VPS/XES to AFP
Send SYSOUT datasets via Rich Text Format PDF VPS/LCDS Support Xerox DJDE output via TCP/IP VPS/XES to AFP Convert UDK data streams to AFP

33 Summary 6.2 support has expired 8.0 recommended release to run
Services - Normal support process VPS Webstart - $3,600 2 days of dedicated on-line assistance Knowledge transfer from LRS S.E. 1 user copy of VMCF/Client for Windows

34 New Product Demonstration
VMCF Client for Windows

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