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Model 831 V1.512 SoundTrack LxT V1.512 New features New modules June 2009.

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1 Model 831 V1.512 SoundTrack LxT V1.512 New features New modules June 2009

2 Audio - VOIP Used to reduce costs Have muted all incoming lines to reduce background noise If you have question, please use CHAT window. We will un-mute your particular line.

3 Recent Highlights and Successes (35) Model 831-FF for Canadian IRSST. Win against B&K –Firmware and software tweaks to 831/DNA –Excellent dealer support (9) NMS018-FF for Thai Pollution Control Department ERA Corporation – approached Larson Davis for strategic partnership –Former Rannoch/BAE/Tracor – specialized in airport noise monitoring –Software competitive to offering from Lochard/B&K –Airport Noise Management Suite –First wins in US vs B&K/Lochard Environmental Noise Seminar / Open House

4 Introduction V1.512 –SLM Utility-G3 –SoundTrack LxT (major) –Model 831 (maintenance) –SDK update Changes –No standalone SLMScreenGrabber –Printed manual on request –Remove screwdriver + screws –WS001 is part if LXT/831, not ACC Highlights SLM Utility-G3 –“Masking” options –QC Tonality –USB Stick > 2GB LXT –Printer support –Alignment with 831 V1.5 (stability) 831 –Many SR fixes Next DNA (QC feature, EPNL) DNA Remote 831 V1.6 Airport 831 V2.0 Room Acoustics 831 V2.1 (PC) Building Acoustics 831 V2.2 FFT 831 V2.3 Building Acoustics 831 LxT

5 V1.512 Files and documents FTP Site: Product Updates 831 V1.512 release history Model 831 Manual (F) 831 V1.512 known problems SLM Utility-G3 V1.512 –w/ DNA + Blaze demo ~ 135 MB –“small” without demo ~ 34 MB SLM Utility-G3 Manual (E) 831LXTSDK library LXT V1.512 release history SoundTrack LxT Manual (G) LXT V1.512 known problems Installation instructions New FAQ Sizing Battery and Solar Panel –Includes MS Excel worksheet What is CER-831-E –For -40 C/F temperatures AA Battery run time QC Tonality RUSH Service orders 831 LOG and FST parameters Masking options on 831 and LxT Options & Features Cross Reference for 831 and LxT PRN003 LXT Printer

6 Updated See product / Graphics for new pictures –831, HVM, LXT, EPS, … See POSTERS –You can print locally in any size

7 NEW PRICELIST LXT LXT-MEM2G = 831-MEM2G Standard = LXT-MEM250 PRN003 = MCP7870 +MPS160 + CBL159 831+LXT M2106.11 Retrofit adaptor for EPS2106/8 to EPS2106/8-2 Spare battery door: 831-BDOOR, LXT-SRV06/5 Reduced microphone pricing NEW PRICELIST UPDATE ON JULY 1ST 831 CER-831-E = -40 ºC ~ 70 ºC test CBL170 – wind & power w/o 831- INT 500 ft / 160 m NMS solution for 426A12 without 831-INT –CBL171 – power + control (2ft) –EXHxxx – control cable –CBL152xxx – signal cable CBL174 USB cable to EPS029/30- 831 EPS2112 Rainhat replaces EPS2110 S831.07 Retrofit adaptor for EPS031/2 onto TRP011

8 PRN003 Printer LxT V1.512 supports USB printer –Full screen –General overview Martel Instruments (UK) –MCP 7870 (NiMH battery) –MPS 160 (charger) –CBL159 / CBL138 USB cable –Supports “translated” fonts NOTE –Only for LIVE file Not accessible for saved file –Planned for 831

9 EPS2112 Rainhat and CBL170 EPS2110  EPS2112 CBL170 – 831 + power + weather (RPM) Power = PSA027 DB9 connector * 12V power * Logic In * Logic Out * Wind speed / tach * 3 A/D channels (wind direction, temperature, humidity) * control GND * power GND

10 500 ft – 160 m long cables with 426A12 Limitation of acoustical signal in –AMPLITUDE –FREQUENCY CBL152-xxx (xxx  500 ft) Control signal and power –Limited to 20 ft –Long distance possible with: Extra power supply (CBL171 – see below) EXHxxx extension cable CURRENTLY NOT POSSIBLE WITH 831-INT DOCKING STATION

11 External USB Connector on EPS030-831 / EPS029-831 Cable goes into 831 Download data without opening the box Read battery status

12 SLM Calibration - Uniformity SLM CER for 831 and LXT –includes PREAMP and SLM Body –Includes 831-RPT or LXT-RPT –Does not include MIC –CER-831 –CER-LXT1 –CER-LXT2 CER-MIC –Certification of the microphone CER-831-E –Includes CER-831 –Adds environmental testing CER-426A12 –Calibration and recertification with microphone –Environmental testing for temperature and humidity testing –Does not include CER-MIC microphone certification 824 –CER-824 –CER-PREAMP –CER-MIC

13 831 / LxT Battery Life

14 CAL250 CAL200 CAL150 Restyling Compliance to standards –IEC 60942-2003 & ANSI S1.40:2006 CAL250 S/N 4408  4444 & 5000  CAL200 S/N 5209  CAL150 S/N 3441  –IEC 60942-2003 & ANSI S1.40:1984 CAL250 S/N ???  4404 & 4450  4484 CAL200 S/N 2888  5208 CAL150 S/N 2314  3440 –IEC 60942 (~ < 2001) In case of repair, suggest upgrade.

15 Masking options SPECIAL FOR DISTRIBUTORS Show customer real options Reset via “format/restore”

16 STRONG RECOMMENDATION TO UPDATE Please run an upgrade campaign and make it easy for your customers to upgrade LXT  better stability, features 831  fixed several SR bugs

17 Thanks Recording of meeting will be made available shortly Recording posted to FTP Next presentation –Audiometer Calibration – update of AUDIT V2.0 –AMC493A –AEC102, -103, -104 Suggestions / Questions are Welcome

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