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Cliquez pour ajouter un texte 1 Ammunition Program Restructure Project Update to CFLA membership Aim – Update on: Progress of the Ammunition Program Restructure.

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1 Cliquez pour ajouter un texte 1 Ammunition Program Restructure Project Update to CFLA membership Aim – Update on: Progress of the Ammunition Program Restructure (APR) Project Status of the Ammunition Program issues Proposed Ammunition Program governance model Col Dan Rivière – APR Team Lead 18 Feb 2014

2 2 The Challenge Notwithstanding overall success in supporting ops, governance review identified multiple problems: – Chronic inability to coherently address inventory data currency and accuracy problems, and Horizon 2 and 3 planning requirements, affecting ops and public accounts – Basis for requirements unclear and not well aligned with readiness management, meaning uncertain justification for expenditures – No strategic planning of stockpile positioning and distribution causing frequent and expensive repositioning – No strategic planning design for infrastructure, meaning no sound basis for making investment decisions – Poor integration of business systems driving up business costs, which resulted in customized ammo-unique solutions adding cost. – Overlaps, gaps and uncertainty in authorities, responsibilities and accountabilities (ARA) hindering decision making and leaving critical gaps (e.g. demilitarization) – Lack of strategic level performance and risk management reporting on the program – Chronic specialist HR selection, training and PD (force generation), as well as retention and leadership development problems causing program instability – Terms of reference of the ammunition board (AB) have no actual authority to make strategic decisions and execute the program; until now, consisted of a group of interested parties that discuss and attempt to resolve issues by negotiation and consensus, assuming authority on a number of issues in the absence of clear strategic focus or direction. – Issues tabled at the board were mostly at the tactical and operational level and were not linked to program outputs and outcomes Governance and Integration Inventory Management Warehousing and Distribution Requirements Determination Support Capabilities (PRICIE) Demand – Allocn Reconciliation

3 The Project: « Road to APR » “Go” IOC FOC Phase 2: Mobilize + Outreach Phase 3: Implement + Optimize Phase 1: Plan + Prep +6m (31 Mar 2014) +12m (15 Sep 2014) Obj - Steady State - NFO - Continuous improvement + process optimization APR AO Pre-Conditions VCDS/ DCB approval, received Options Analysis, completed Mgt framework, with exec leadership in place, established MIP signed-off by ADM(Mat) Res (pers, $, infra, sys) made available to the APR Tm TOA from Study Ld to APR Team Ld, completed AA LD Conditions for IOC Orient: retreat (kick-off) conducted Res secured ($, pers, infra, sys); pers transfers staff work initiated Training initiated APR (Core) Tm assembled TORs developed and communicated Fin and HR authorities delegated. Project Control Office (PCO) estab. AB evolved to APOC; last AB forum held (closed). - Min manning levels for J4 Ammo Br (Policy, Program and Sp Capability Sections) are reached (14). Track 1: NICP/EPM functions consolidated under LEPM/DAEME. - Track 2: New J4 Ammo Branch activated under DCOS Mat. - CJOC functions realigned (internal). - IOC: (Tracks 1-2) ADM(Mat) declared. Conditions for FOC -Revitalized governance model and APOC TORs endorsed by PMB; APOC forum held. - Pers transfers approved and completed (as per MIP; relocations internal to Mat Gp and from external). - Manning levels for J4 Ammo Br (Policy, Program and Support Capability Management Sections) optimized (15-20). - Training completed (Performance and Risk Management training essential). - Transition/ integration of J4 Ammo Br into Mat J4 completed. - APR PCO transitioned into Mat J4 Secretariat. - FOC: ADM(Mat) declared - APR Project Closure and transition to steady state - Ammunition Program: Report back to DCB/ PMB as req. Focus: FG Focus: FE (and beyond) Cursit (0): MIP sign-off (16 Sep 2013) 3

4 4 Mission: To oversee strategic-level management of the ammunition & explosives (A&E) program, with the view to –providing a comprehensive mechanism for A&E policy and support capability management, and –enabling strategic surveillance, collaborative readiness planning and Joint, Interagency, Multinational and Public (JIMP) information exchange "Confiance" - Strategically credible, operationally focused, tactically enabling Pillars: « Virtual Team » Regulator (DAER) Integrator (J4 Ammo) EPM (DAEME) Project Integration Program Mgt Policy and Doctrine Support Capability Commodity: Quality ammunition efficiently delivered on time to support CAF ops & trg Capability: Effective ammunition support capabilities Accountability: Accurate inventory and financial data Outcomes The Program

5 5 High Level Organization DAER J4 Ammo DAEME DGLEPM ADM(Mat) COS Mat CDSDM VCDS DOS SJS DMSPR DGMSSCJ3 J3-4 APR TL/ Mat J4 Program Execution Program Partners (frag) DCOS Mat Program Oversight Program Authority

6 6 Current Assessment Ammo Program Elements Assess + Trend OPI – OCIRemarks Start 15-09-2013 Current 31-01-2014 Prog Planning & Management OPI: Mat J4 Ammo- Secretariat, Project Control Office stood up. - Ammo Board, convened and closed. - Evolving governance model (APOC) Policy & Doctrine OPI: DAER (regulatory), J4 Ammo (non-regulatory) OCI: CJOC, DMPP, DAEME - Reviewing entire ammo policy suite: regulatory, non-regulatory, technical. - Interface with CJOC for doctrine dev and exp Sp Capability Management OPI: CFD OCI: CJOC, ECS, J4 Ammo - Outreach/ engagements in progress - Developing processes Requirements Management OPI: SJS OCI: Mat Gp, ECS - Training and Contingency Requirements Process (letter SJS 6 Nov 2013) - Review of Ammunition Requirements WG TORs Ammo EPM OPI: LEPM/DAEME, SOFCOM (Black Ammo) OCI: PWGSC, MSP Partners - Natl Inventory Control Pt (NICP) in Mat Gp/LEPM - Procedures being established Ammo Pers Management OPI: CF Branches, Corps OCI: CJOC, ECS - Highly decentralized and dispersed function - J4 Ammo has not yet addressed the challenges Infrastructure OPI: ADM(IE) OCI: CJOC, ECS, Mat J4 Ammo, L1 ATA - Outreach to L1s and SME advice to OPI for national real property development planning - J4 Ammo has not yet addressed the challenges Regulatory OPI: DAER- Renewed Policy suite nearing completion - Compliance and Safety program stable Systems Management OPI: Mat Gp (DRMIS wave 2), IM Gp (AIMS) -Ongoing tech support, Ammunition Information and Maintenance System (AIMS) - Coord development of reporting tools

7 7 Proposed Governance Model DCBMA&S OC DSX / DMC Capability Dev/Mgt Ctee APOC MA&S Transformation Steering Committee A&E Support Capability WG PMB NPOC DG Level Director Level L1A L1 L0 Requirements & Resource Mgmt Policy and Capability Dev MA&S Authority IRMC DXPC Freq/ Reporting As per strategic calendar Bi-Monthly to Semi- Annual Working level, as reqd Ammo Requirements WG (SJS lead) A&E Policy & Doctrine WG Other A&E WG TBD

8 8 Ammunition Program Oversight Committee (APOC) – Proposed Terms of Reference Governance: L0: use existing mechanisms – SJS: requirements L1: use existing mechanisms – Corporate: MA&S Oversight Committee – Program: MGMC L2: – Corporate: APOC – Program: co-management construct L3: – Corporate: Leverage existing bodies – Program: co-management construct harmonized with L2 Composition: Reps preferably at Col/Ex Level Core Membership DCOS Mat (Co-Chair) VCDS/ DDFP (Co-Chair) VCDS/ DCI SJS CJOC/ J4 and Comd CMSG ECS (RCN, CA, RCAF) CANSOF DGLEPM DGMSSC DGIIP CMP ADM(IE) ADM(S&T) DAER Mat Gp/ J4, DAEME, DLP Supporting Membership PWGSC CFEOD ADM(IM) Mat Gp: DGMEPM, DGAEPM, DGMPD(Air), DMG Compt, DGMPD(L&S), LBI Meeting Frequency: Semi-annually (Fall / Spring) or as required Focus: The APOC provides strategic oversight of all aspects of the DND Ammo Program, which includes: Inventory requirements and planning Acquisition and Life Cycle Management Support Capability Policy and Doctrine Regulatory Policy, Compliance and Explosive safety Responsibilities: The APOC is responsible for reporting on the performance of and risks to the Ammo Program (Horizon 1, In-Year), as well as, coordinating cross- functional governance and Horizon 2(+) planning issues related to A&E. Coord: J4 Ammo Secretariat

9 9 Opportunity : Ammo Program in support of Defence Renewal Ammo Program Pillars SME advice Decision support ADM(Mat) (MSSC) 2.1 A&E Inventory Mgt (Modernize management of and rationalize commodity) ( $M ? ) SJS 1.4 A&E Rqmnts Planning (Align with FP&R) ( $M ? ) ADM(IE) 4.2 Real Prop Rationalization (Optimize Footprint) ( $M ? ) CJOC (CMSG) 2.2 A&E Warehousing-Distr (Optimize space and movement) ( $M ? ) Governance and Integration Inventory Management Warehousing and Distribution Requirements Determination Support Capabilities (PRICIE) Demand – Allocn Reconciliation

10 Cliquez pour ajouter un texte 10 Questions and discussion "Confiance" - Strategically credible, operationally focused, tactically enabling

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