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Taita College – Our story. We all need to wake up to the issues facing our children.

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1 Taita College – Our story

2 We all need to wake up to the issues facing our children.

3 Upon listening and thinking this morning…. We know the problem… Action based on influence and expertise… Let’s turn this on its head… Role of schools as marae; teachers as/with whanau… Education as an enabler

4 Successful outcomes for successful communities rely on: Connections between expertise Funding for extra levels of specialised staffing for social, literacy, and leadership innovations. Support not finger pointing from agencies and govt departmental. Positive agentic attitudes from within the organisation.

5 Taita College – Our story


7 Defining diversity – who are we? Another factor unfavourable to progress is the non-recognition of the essential heterogeneity of a collection of children... If they appear like one another today, they will appear unlike one another tomorrow.' (Ballard, 1915, p. 16)36 Problems with definition of, and solution to, problems.

8 Putting Taita College on the map

9 Schooling improvement – our story

10 The moral imperative The moral imperative of raising the bar (for all students) and closing the gap (for lower performing groups) relative to higher order skills and competencies required to be successful world citizens.

11 Relationships NZCER SURVEY 2009

12 School Roll

13 NCEA Level 1 Results 2010-2012



16 Stand down/suspension data Stand downssuspensionsexclusions 201162185 201234182

17 Schooling improvement model

18 Quality teaching makes the difference Build social capital Find better ways to teach, learn and lead school communities. Invest in innovation over time.

19 Quality teaching makes the difference? BES The Complexity of Community and Family Influences on Children's Achievement in New Zealand: Best Evidence Synthesis Iteration (BES) Quality Teaching for Diverse Students in Schooling: Best Evidence Synthesis Iteration (BES)

20 Building social capital The role of a teacher in our school Optimistic Positive Challenge Have High expectations for their students Understand the worlds their students live in Develop good relationships

21 Teachers need to understanding learning in social contexts AffectiveCognitiveBehavioural

22 Not a subject but the child and their whanau

23 Finding better ways to teach, learn and lead school communities Using data to think about future possibilities for better learning Breaking down traditional norms Understanding change management Long term and strategic planning around better outcomes for social well-being and student achievement.

24 Breaking down traditional norms

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