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Joshua and Judges Corresponding to Chapter 9 of Textbook.

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1 Joshua and Judges Corresponding to Chapter 9 of Textbook

2 Book of Joshua A continuation of the Pentateuch Joshua, “savior,” is the successor of Moses Preparing to enter the Promise Land… Send spies to Jericho in Canaan…

3 The Home of Rahab


5 Pass through the water (of baptism) into the “Promised Land” We, the new Israel A type for baptism Crossing the Jordan River





10 Tribal Confederacy The Tribal Confederacy was established in the book of Joshua. – This was basically a pact made by the twelve tribes to have their own territory, but they worshipped Yahweh and had political union (much like the EU).

11 What is a judge? – “soldier-prophets”or “deliverer”. – Unlike kingship, the office of judge was nonhereditary based on divine charisma (spiritual power). – In charge of: defending Israel against its enemies settling tribal disputes Calling the Israelites back to God

12 Israel falls into sin and idolatry Israel is oppressed Israel cries out to the Lord God raises up a Judge Israel is delivered, serves the Lord, and there is peace until the judge dies Cycle of Apostasy (in Judges)

13 “Cycles” Each story in Judges is called a “cycle.” – Ex. – Deborah cycle, Gideon cycle, Samson cycle, etc. Each story fits the cyclical chart shown in the previous slide.

14 Falling into Sin


16 Finding a King Samuel warned the people what they could expect from a king. – 1 Sam 8: 10-20 Taxes Military Service Oppression However, the people still insisted on having a king in order that they may “be like all the nations”, so Samuel agreed (by God’s suggestion) to find a king for Israel. – God viewed this as a rejection of Himself as Israel’s king. – Israel did not want to be a nation set apart.



19 Saul’s Mistakes


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