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NY Education Data Portal (EDP) RIC and Big 5 L1 Project Managers meeting: May 29, 2013 Public Consulting Group.

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1 NY Education Data Portal (EDP) RIC and Big 5 L1 Project Managers meeting: May 29, 2013 Public Consulting Group

2 Agenda 1.Education Data Portal (EDP) update 2.DDS marketing ground rules 3.DDS roadshow update 4.Follow-up on your questions 2

3 1. EDP Update 3 to make student data available and useful, connecting student learning to instructional resources by building a sustainable open technology that fosters innovation. What does success look like?

4 EDP 1.0 Release Schedule JunJulAugSepOct 2013 EDP 1.0 10/01 EDP 1.0 Code Merge / System Integration To Staging 08/15 EDP R3 07/21 EngageNY 1.7 07/05 EDP R2 07/01 EngageNY 1.6 06/07 06/01 Systems Integration Testing - Cycle 1 06/01 - 08/01 Demo Walkthrough 07/21 - 08/15 Systems Integration Testing Cycle Number 2 07/21 - 08/15 User Acceptance Testing 08/15 - 09/07 Performance and Load Testing 08/15 - 09/01 Disaster and Availability Testing 09/01 - 09/15 Production Readiness 09/15 - 10/01 DDS demonstration and selection 08/01 - 10/01 Training 10/01 - 11/15 Code Migrations R1 (Beta) – Dev. to System Test R2 – Dev. to System Test R3 – Dev. to System Test 2 Code Merge – System Integration to Staging Code Promotion – Staging to Production EDP 1.0 Code Promotion Staging to Production 09/15 L2 Load Complete InBloom API EDP R1 (Beta) Data Flow Development Tenant 05/03 07/15 Data Flow System SIT Integration Tenant Training Tenant Data Flow - Production Tenant 10/01

5 1. EDP update 5 NYSED EDP Statewide Organizational Model 11 Level 1 DWs 12 RIC Data Centers 37 BOCES 691 LEAs Big 5 LEAs Big 4 LEAsNYC LEA 2,942 Schools 244 Charter Schools 193 Schools 32 districts 55 networks 1,590 Schools

6 1. EDP update 6 EDP Communication EDP information webpage FAQs and Key Messages SED EDP field memos Presentations - RIC directors, L1 PMs, others Biweekly meetings with SED Communication, inBloom Training videos (multi-purpose) EDP as added functionality, features, apps within EngageNY

7 1. EDP update 7 EDP Documentation NYSED Wiki will support EDP documentation End-user system documentation for educators, parents, and students Technical and System services documentation for technical support staff End-user training manual for all components of the EDP

8 1. EDP update 8 EDP Training 3 Components: 1.Train the Trainer sessions: to prepare participants to provide training within their respective LEA or school PCG to Network Teams, teachers centers, leadership/principal academies, BOCES, RICs, and Big 5 large city school district representatives. 2.LEA and school level: trainers to be supported by materials developed by PCG in collaboration with NYSED and DDS vendors 3.Webinar and Videos: available to anyone wishing to be trained, relearn a particular use case, or view on as-needed basis

9 1. EDP update 9 Learning Period Webinar and Roadshow Dashboard Selection EDP Launch Training July August Aug – Sep October Oct - Dec EDP Adoption Activities Schedule

10 1. EDP update 10 DDS product learning period – from July 1 st DDS product demonstrations: roadshow & webinar – August DDS product selection - August and September EDP launch - October EDP training - October through November EDP/DDS Schedule

11 2. DDS marketing ground rules 11 1.Truth in Marketing: all product information must be accurate and verifiable in terms of what functionality and features will be available when, what assumptions have been made and how benefits have been calculated. 2.Product Differentiation: marketing materials must clearly distinguish between state funded DDS products (yrs. 1, 2, 3) and additional products and services that will result in additional costs to districts. 3.Guidance and Co-branding: all printed and digital marketing materials will incorporate EDP co-branding, EDP contact info and these DDS Marketing Ground Rules. 4.Protocols and Roles: Provided that vendors are truthful and respect the opt- out, DDS vendors may market their EDP offering prior to the demonstration and selection process operated by PCG and authorized by NYSED.

12 2. DDS marketing ground rules 12 5.Opt-out List: From July 1, 2013 NYSED will offer an "opt out" request process to LEAs that prefer not to be contacted by DDS vendors re: their EDP offering. This list will be made available online via EDP SharePoint site or a NYSED public website. DDS vendors are required to discontinue any and all EDP-related communications or marketing to LEAs listed on this site until the designated demonstration and selection period. 6.Data Privacy: all materials and activities must avoid exposure of any personally identifiable information and data. 7.Access to Materials: all digital and printed marketing materials must be made available to NYSED and the EDP program community upon publication.

13 2. DDS marketing ground rules 13 DDS Presentations Prior to DDS Product Demonstrations If LEAs approach DDS vendors for product demonstrations before the Webinar and Roadshow events begin in August 2013: DDS Vendors may conduct general product discussions or presentations but may NOT demonstrate EDP dashboard products and features prior to webinar and roadshow product demonstrations. DDS Vendors may mention that their product will be one of the three dashboard solutions that districts can select as part of the EDP statewide adoption process. DDS vendors may share a description of the solution proposed in their RFP response – including wireframes, mock-ups, and/or screen shots DDS Vendors may discuss how their dashboard solution integrates with other available products, including those currently in use by NY LEAs. DDS Vendors should explicitly state the importance of attending an in person roadshow event session or online product demonstration (being conducted in August and archived online for on demand viewing) in order to make an informed selection.

14 draft agenda 14 Introduction 9:00-10:00 AM PCG (Staffed 1-2) Capacity limited by room Breakout sessions: Each DDS Vendor Presents 10:00-11:00, 11:15-12:15, 1:30-2:30 DDS Vendors (staffed 1-2 each) Capacity limited by facilities Closing/DDS Selection 2:30-3:15 PM PCG (Staffed 1-2) Capacity limited by room 3. DDS roadshow update

15 15 Existing RIC locations Additional locations Combined RIC locations 3. DDS roadshow update 12 Locations

16 3. DDS roadshow update 16 WNYRIC Nassau RIC NYC Lower Hudson NERIC Greater Southern Tier/South Central RIC Central NY RIC Monroe/ Edutech RIC Mohawk RIC Mid-Hudson RIC Suffolk RIC Buffalo SyracuseRochester Yonkers Blue: confirmed with RIC Black: awaiting confirmation Red: awaiting initial communication Orange: Big 4 participation Blue: confirmed with RIC Black: awaiting confirmation Red: awaiting initial communication Orange: Big 4 participation Statewide Webinar Franklin- Essex- Hamilton BOCES

17 3. DDS roadshow update 17 Concurrent with product demonstrations and one month afterwards LEA District Superintendent or delegate will have authority to make selection on behalf of LEA DDS selection will be conducted through secure online tool with email based verification LEA District Superintendents will also be able to opt-out of marketing on a per product basis through the secure online tool DDS Selection Process

18 4. Follow-up on your questions 18 1.Will RICs be able to view all (3) dashboards to inform support? Yes, following input from prior L1 PM meeting we are working to provide help desk level access to RICs for all (3) DDS products. 2.Could LEAs try all 3 for a month before making a decision? No, due to an agreed development approach and contractual and schedule constraints this change will not possible. 3.Who is responsible for the quality, depth of roadshow demos? NYSED is defining the structure and requirements of the demos and would welcome review and feedback from RICs and Big 5 on the statewide webinar prior to finalization and publication. 4.Will product trial accounts be available to inform selections? No, providing additional trial account access will not be possible due to contractual and schedule constraints.

19 4. Follow-up on your questions 19 5.Will L1 centers be informed about DDS products selections? Yes, we are in the process of determining the most effective ways of managing communication and your input is welcomed. 6.What is the role of the help desk? Link between help desk and training? L1 PM representative input? The EDP Help Desk is in the process of being set up including escalation and triage processes and protocols. Help Desk activities will be closely linked to Training activities and training materials and documentation. We like input from an L1 PM representative to optimize the EDP Help Desk. 7.How should L1 PMs and RIC directors respond to, "which DDS product do you recommend?" L1 PMs are expected to remain neutral about product selection but may want to become familiar with the Buyer's Guide (under development) and help explain evaluation criteria or provide additional criteria/considerations that could help inform a district's decision.

20 4. Follow-up on your questions 20 8.How will the EDP and DDS products integrate with existing contracted applications and services? DDS vendors are best placed to address any questions about impact on existing services, contracts in place and integration between products. 9.Will the RICs and L1 PMs have access to DDS marketing material shared with the LEAs? We have asked DDS vendors to make their marketing materials available to RICs and other key stakeholders. 10.What will be the business model and pricing (TCO, ROI) after RTTT funding ends? NYSED is continuing to work on the business model and indicative pricing in an effort to share this information in advance of or during the selection process to inform future planning.

21 EDP Organizational Chart 21

22 22 Public Consulting Group, Inc. 148 State Street, Tenth Floor, Boston, Massachusetts 02109 (617) 426-2026,

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