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Vampires Laurent FALLET – ASI 3 – 13/03/2003.

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1 Vampires Laurent FALLET – ASI 3 – 13/03/2003

2 Presentation Generalities about vampires Vampires in films
Vampires, society and reality

3 Vampires Attracted by fresh blood Afraid of garlic Afraid of crucifix…
Turn into bat Turn into Mist (fog)

4 Vampires High power of seduction Immortality Unpredictable (moody)
Solitary Vegetarian

5 Origins Many sources Who knows? Atlantis Egypt Europe
Religious stories… Who knows?

6 Films About Vampires All those with Dracula Blade I, II, … Ann Rice
Interview with a vampire Lestat the vampire (book) Queen of the Damned J. S. Cardone « Les vampires du désert »

7 Manga

8 Gothic People Claim they are vampires Dress and act like vampires
Live during night Why? Fear of death Wish to be powerful

9 Conclusion Wide subject Enable to dream and frighten Origin unknown

10 That’s all folks!

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