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CIC Scope of Services Frances Paterson & Tony Broomhead.

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1 CIC Scope of Services Frances Paterson & Tony Broomhead

2 Why? mismatch between scopes for different disciplines lack of definition /clarity of roles / gaps emphasis on the conditions (the ‘legal bits’) rather than the services (what’s to be done) Industry standard contracts but no scopes

3 Definition

4 Roles Look at roles (not disciplines) Participants: – consultants – specialists – contractor etc SoS can be used whatever the procurement route or contractual responsibilities

5 Tasks tasks that are, or may be, required on all projects tables / CIC stages choose tasks appropriate for project allocate them to appropriate participants to produce contract documents

6 Definition is BIM BIM is Definition from inception to use Definition + Construction = Project DefinitionConstruction Consultants Contractor. Definition is the same Roles are the same

7 Clear roles which can be allocated Well defined stages for refinement of definition Defined management framework –Management procedures (BIM protocol) –Risk –Value project specific SoS framework

8 1 Preparation Project objectives, business need, Client priorities, aspirations Strategic Brief: function, use, scale, location, quality, cost, value, time, safety, health, environment, sustainability Stages use of BIM

9 2 Concept detailed brief, scope, scale, form, budget Initial design criteria, design options, cost estimates, selection of preferred option First alignment of Brief + Design + Budget

10 3 Design Development detailed form, function and cost plan Components: overall size, typical detail, performance, outline specification, co-ordination that affects size and performance

11 4 Production Information final detailing, sizing, positioning, specification of all systems and components enabling manufacture or construction

12 5 MI&C Information fabrication, manufacture, installation, verification testing, O&M manuals, as built information DataValue Element ID34534345j Element typePump 4j-b Part No.737474 – 2323 ManufacturerPrestige Net weight1.87t Service interval5,000 hours O&M RefTTA-4 Programme codeWP4-L2-C34 Install date27-02-2011 Commission date15-05-2011 Residual risks4a/d, 6, 7, 9b

13 6 Post Practical Completion Handover “Soft Landings” and use & use

14 Integrated scope for all

15 BIM is Definition of the project from inception to use –SoS provides the framework foundation BIM is collaboration, integration and co-ordination across contract boundaries –SOS gives the clarity of responsibilities BIM requires flexibility of approach; projects are different –SOS gives organisational and management framework but with bespoke project protocols

16 The Scope for BIM


18 Next steps Finalise modifications to SoS for BIM projects Industry standard for level of information in Model at each stage. Recommendations on Ownership of information in Model

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