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Overview of MDL Course: Introduction to Marine Data Management II Murray Brown

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1 Overview of MDL Course: Introduction to Marine Data Management II Murray Brown

2 Course Summary Assembly, synthesis & display of many ocean and atmosphere data products Synoptic, climatological Measured, modeled In situ, remotely sensed Software platforms: ODV, IDV, SAGA Classwork (Liberia) and personal projects (AOI) Final project presentations

3 Basic Approach Read articles in OTA digital library (19) Course: 40 sequential exercises (Liberia) Individual student projects (TBD) Area selection Problem-solving & detective work Personal datasets as desired – ask the guru Student presentations

4 Student Preparation Lesson 1 – Reading list (pre-course) Lesson 2 – Instructor’s opening talks, including the Integration Diagram Lesson 3 – Computer setup

5 4. Area of Interest Geographic Information Systems methods to map ocean areas, from basic to complex

6 4, continued High resolution ancillary data for coastal zone considerations

7 5. Initial Collection from the World Ocean Database Repatriation of data from the World Ocean Dataset

8 5, continued Building managed data collections in Ocean Data View: OSD, PFL, CTD, XBT/MBT

9 6. Basic Data Analyses Standard graphical analyses for marine research and publications

10 7. Exporting ODV Products Ocean Data View exports data subsets or interpolations for use in other systems, especially GIS

11 8. Data Contouring Your first (?) brush with contouring

12 9. Grid and Raster Analysis with Saga Gridding scattered data for further analyses

13 9, continued Practice in making “standard products” for academic and professional work, and for new technologies

14 9, continued Methods for Level 3 remote sensing products – synoptic and climatological

15 10. Global Relief Data Products Working with relief grids permits estimates of unpublished contours and rough assessment of flooding risk Shelf depth contour estimates

16 11. Vector Charts Winds (below) and surface current vectors from climatologies

17 12. Managing Operational Data Nowcasts and forecasts of ocean scalar parameters

18 12, continued Building global salinity grids with L2 swaths

19 12, continued Near-real-time monitoring of ocean chlorophyll … possibly the “holy grail” of remote sensing

20 Postscript The MDM II course is possibly the most difficult short-course in oceanography, due to the large number of datasets, the short duration, and the complexity of the software. BUT, the student exercises have been uniformly excellent over the years. You are strongly recommended to keep your PPT file, update or improve it whenever you can, and use it for demonstrations of your skills.

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