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T GPS Fundamentals Your location is: 37 o 23.323’ N 122 o 02.162’ W.

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2 T GPS Fundamentals Your location is: 37 o ’ N 122 o ’ W

3 T Global Positioning System Your location is: 37 o ’ N 122 o ’ W

4 T Satellite Signal Structure CarrierL1L2 Frequency MHz MHz Wavelength 19cm24cm Code Modulation C/A-code- P(Y)-codeP(Y)-codeNAVDATA C/A - Coarse Acquisition Code P - Precise Code (Y-Code when encrypted) NAVDATA - Satellite health, satellite clock corrections, and ephemeris parameters.

5 T Satellite Signal Structure Carrier C/A-code P-code NAVDATA Received Signal

6 T GPS Observables Autonomous Position Relative Position What is Measured? Code RangesCarrier Phases

7 T Code Range Results Autonomous Position +/- 100 m (330 ft) error (horizontal) +/- 156 m (515 ft) error (vertical)

8 T Carrier Phase Results Measured Reduced Baseline or Vector (cm precision) Azi = 212 o 42’ ” Dist = m  Ell Ht = m  X = m  Y = m  Z = m OR

9 T ECEF Coordinate System +Z -Y +X X Y Z ECEF X = m Y = m Z = m

10 T Reference Ellipsoid a b a = semi-major axis b = semi-minor axis b a  H WGS-84 Ellipsoid a = m b = m 1/f =

11 T ECEF and WGS-84 +Z -Y +X ECEF X = m Y = m Z = m X Y Z b a  H WGS-84  = 37 o 23’ ” N = 122 o 02’ ” W H = m

12 T GPS Heights vs. Elevations h = Orthometric Height H = Ellipsoid Height N = Geoid Height h = H - N N N N h h h H H H Earth’s Surface Ellipsoid Geoid

13 T Errors Sources in GPS Selective Availability (SA) and Anti-Spoofing (AS) Multipath Ionospheric Noise Human Error

14 T Selective Availability (SA) Clock dither Ephemeris error Anti-Spoofing (AS) Encryption of the P-code signal SA and AS 100 meters ????????

15 T Multipath

16 T Ionospheric Effects Ionosphere < 10 km > 10 km

17 T Human Error

18 T Survey Requirements 10:30 10:35

19 T GPS by Trilateration D Distance D = Speed of Light x Time

20 T Summary There are three segments to GPS. All must be working to use GPS. There are 2 GPS signals, L1 and L2. Code Range measurements result in autonomous positions with several meter precision. Carrier Phase measurements result in relative positions with centimeter precision.

21 T Summary (cont.) GPS results are in reference to an ECEF coordinate system and the WGS-84 ellipsoid. Errors in GPS can be minimized by planning and utilizing proper surveying techniques. At least 4 SVs are required to determine a position or survey with GPS. At least 2 receivers are required to survey with GPS.

22 T Questions?

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