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MEST 4 – Critical Investigation Questions

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1 MEST 4 – Critical Investigation Questions
One of the key characteristics of postmodernism is that the audience often sides with the villain. A critical investigation into why genres present villains as anti-heroes with particular focus on “The Vampire Diaries”. According to Strinati (2004) a key characteristic of postmodernism is that society values style over substance; in addition, it also values celebrities more than those with true talent. A critical investigation into why the Media feel responsible to portray the Royal Family’s private life with particular focus on Catherine Middleton. Baudrillard (1980) states that in a postmodern society audience’s engagement with technology might lead to the construct becoming more real than the reality’. To what extend is this comment true of the advances made in video gaming in the C21st? A critical investigation on why Video Games are perceived as an escape from reality with particular focus on Call of Duty. ‘In the C21st postmodern audiences value style over substance more than actual talent.’ Strinati (2010) To what extend is this true of football stars in the media. A critical investigation on why footballers are celebritised in the Media, with particular focus on celebrity endorsement of English Football stars used to advertise Gillette products.

2 Using a quote as a starting point picks up on a critical analysis.
It allows you to take a stance and have a specific angle to respond to and to debate the issue more effectively.

3 MEST 4 You should now have some idea on what you want to focus on for your coursework. You should be: Looking at a wide range of texts over different platforms Some relevant theory from AS that could fit in. Making detail notes on places you have looked. DO NOT RELY ON ONLINE SOURCES YOU MUST BE LOOKING ELSEWHERE

4 MEST 4 Proposals These are due in Friday 3rd October to be signed off by me. Detailed sources need to be included.

5 MEST 4 Example Critical Investigation
A critical investigation on why the Hunger Games can be perceived as a typical postmodern and post-colonial text.

6 Introduction “The Hunger Games is a production inspired by the Hunger Games series by S. Collins a dystopian text outlining how society can become oppressive if ruled by an evil dictator. The books were highly acclaimed and the films tap into an already hooked and established audience. However, despite being a dystopia, the text also explores wider contextual ideas and the question is whether this text can be considered as a postmodern or a postcolonial text.”

7 Why does the introduction work?
To enable the author to evaluate whether the text is a postmodern or postcolonial text it is important to define the key theories considered. (Postmodernism) It refers to a range of media platforms not only moving image as it considers the novels as well as the film. It touches on key theories from the outset It explores key ideas and theories and it moves on to define key theories. The introduction is crisp and it tackles the focus immediately Ask pupils now to consider their introductions and to work on these for the next lesson.

8 Developing an Argument
The next step is to develop a point of view or an argument. The easiest way to establish what your point of view is regarding an issue is to consider what your short answer to the question might be. When looking at the investigation on the Hunger Games, it can be argued that it is a text that presents both postmodern and postcolonial views. As a short answer this is fine however, the aim of the essay is then to demonstrate how this short answer is true by investigating all aspects of the film closely and compare these elements to other media texts and examples too to ensure that it fits the expectation. (MEDIA ANALYSIS)

9 Developing an Argument
You will need to ask yourself what points can be made to now develop this argument. For example: The text explores how individualism is expressed v an evil dictator aiming to control society and keep order for his own personal gain Challenging and mistrusting authority v obedience Blurred gender roles represented as the protagonist is female and assumes a heroic and masculine role at times The confusion between reality and the game Oppression v liberation

10 Next Steps…. You need to make sure you have at least 8 resources noted on your grid for your coursework. MEST 4 Proposal Form Return of Proposal Form Peer Assessment of Critical Investigation Completed Investigation Due 3rd October with detailed explanation of proposed area of study and research undertaken. First 1000 words of essay need to be submitted on Friday 24th October with full references included. A peer marking exercise is undertaken. 21st November.

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