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Better Homes Realty…a unique franchise system and dynamic alternative in today’s changing real estate industry. SINCE 1964.

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1 Better Homes Realty…a unique franchise system and dynamic alternative in today’s changing real estate industry. SINCE 1964

2 Better Homes Realty creates a positive alternative for new and existing real estate brokers by offering:  Added revenue streams for owners, agents and staff  Creates an environment of teamwork and mentorship  Instills a powerful and positive recruiting culture  Affordable  Bundled technology solutions  Websites  Cloud based transaction management  Listing presentations  Automated flyers/Postcard systems The Solution

3 Business Cards Letterhead/Envelopes Customizable Marketing Materials Flyers Postcards Yard Signs

4 Our marketing materials are fully customizable to suit your personal needs and local market. Formatted for professional results. Customizable Recruiting Materials

5 Better Homes Realty has developed “Success Express” a five-week program designed to help new licensees understand the fundamentals of the business and put them into action. From contracts, to marketing, to negotiation to opening their first escrow… …our focus is helping agents get business right away. Agent Training: “Success Express”

6 “New Agent Mentoring” programs specifically designed to align new recruits with more experienced agents… …giving them actual on the job training and freeing up your time. Agent Training: “Mentoring”

7 Better Homes Realty has aligned itself with the top training programs in the country, hence our "Best of Class" focus on helping our associates and brokers to become even more successful in the industry. Better Homes Realty believes that not all salespeople are the same, and that as individuals, we all seek different solutions. The following companies offer what we regard as some of the finest training and coaching programs available. National Training Partners

8 Some of our Preferred Vendors

9 Over 90% of home buyers are beginning their search online. Recognizing the importance of the Internet, Better Homes Realty has done the research and sponsored a solution to help our Agents and Brokers create an effective presence on the Web. Our preferred vendor, Reliance Network, offers innovative websites, business automation tools and expert service. Better Homes Realty Website Program

10 WOW! Your Sellers with the Best Listing Presentation ToolkitCMA Web-based software that enables residential real estate professionals, from any Internet-connected PC, to quickly and easily produce proposals, presentations with picture CMAs, and property flyers for all listing and selling occasions. Realty Tools, Inc. 2 Beechmere Lane Hunt Valley, MD 21030 Toll Free: 800-828-0970 Local: 410-628-1400 Fax: 410-628-1459

11 Virtual Presentation Tours Circlepix Presentation Tour Automatically Built & Linked to Your Listing! CirclePix CirclePix is the nationwide leader in virtual tour technology! At CirclePix, you will receive superior customer service, the fastest turn- around time, the best nationwide coverage, and the most technologically-advanced virtual tour on the market. 676 W 1200 N Springville, UT 84663 Phone: 877-390-6630 Fax: 801-818-2749

12 Brochures Postcards Recruitment

13 Agent Tools


15 Custom Flyers/Mailers etc. Just Listed/ Just Sold etc. High Level Customer Service Fast Turn Around Quality/Web Based Orders 24 Hours a day Personal Marketing


17  The cost to purchase a real estate franchise can be anywhere from $20,000 to $25,000, ours is $12,000.  We offer one year contracts that can auto renew at zero cost.  Our royalty fees are affordable and scale on volume and market. Traditional Franchise Costs

18 For Upper End Markets, Our Luxury Home Branding is Available

19 Behind The Numbers Revenue Sharing

20 FRANCHISEE Pays on Closings Better Homes Realty NETWORK $1.00 Better Homes Realty NETWORK $1.00 Bimonthly Disbursement $.40 Better Homes Realty Retained Earnings $.40 Member Revenue Sharing $.40 Member Revenue Sharing ($.40) Level 1 payout Level 2 payout Level 3 payout Level 4 payout Level 5 payout Level 6 payout Level 7 payout Expenses  Overhead  Marketing  Research  Technology  Software … Profit $.20 Marketing Support + Training $.20 Marketing Support + Training “Path to Success®” - How it Works

21 Member AGENT LEVEL1 AGENT LEVEL1 AGENT LEVEL1 AGENT LEVEL1 AGENT LEVEL 1 AGENT LEVEL 1 AGENT LEVEL 2 AGENT LEVEL 2 AGENT LEVEL 2 AGENT LEVEL 2 AGENT LEVEL 2 AGENT LEVEL 2 AGENT LEVEL 3 AGENT LEVEL 2 AGENT LEVEL 2 AGENT LEVEL 3 infinity… … infinity infinity… …infinity infinity… …infinityinfinity… Each Member has the opportunity to create 7 levels below them with an infinitely wide number of Members on each level. AGENT LEVEL 1 AGENT LEVEL 1 Revenue Sharing Flowchart/Downline

22 AL1 BL1 CL1 DL1 EL1 FL1 GL1 HL1 IL1 infinity… … infinity 50% L2 L3 L4 L5 L7 L5 L6 L7 L6 10% 8% … infinity infinity… L2 L3 L4 L5 L4 L5 L4 L7 L2 infinity… … infinity L6 infinity… … infinity infinity… Member YOU Member YOU Revenue Sharing Flowchart/Downline

23 Better Homes Realty allows you to do the unthinkable: Retire in just seven years. 0 – 3 years 3 years 4 years 5 years 6 years 7 years 0% residual 20% residual for life 40% residual for life 60% residual for life 80% residual for life 100% residual for life At 7 years you can retire or semi-retire and are entitled to receive revenue sharing for life. Building Your Retirement Entitlements

24 10% 30% 60% 30%60% Executive Better Homes Realty Senior Executive Executive Agents: sponsors with a minimum of eight participants on their first level and at least 20 participants in their total downline. Senior Agents: sponsors with a minimum of three participants on their first level and at least eight participants in their total downline. Executive Agents are also Senior Agents and will participate in the distribution of both categories and receive a combined total of 90%. Better Homes Realty retains 10% of the breakage pool to defray the cost of administering the “Path to Success®” program. The "Breakage Pool" represents undistributed funds in the revenue sharing pool that are a result of someone leaving prior to being 100% entitled to his or her revenue sharing. If less than the entire pool is distributed during any distribution period, the undistributed portion (“breakage”) is put into a bonus pool and is distributed as follows: Better Homes Realty’s Breakage Pool

25 The share of each Executive Agent and each Senior Agent will be determined by dividing each portion of the bonus pool by the number of Executive Agents and Senior Agents. Example: If there are 10 Executive Agents and 20 Senior Agents eligible to participate in the bonus pool (“breakage”), the bonus pool will be divided into 30 - 60% shares and 10 - 30% shares. Each Executive Agent will receive one 30% share and one 60% share and each Senior Agent will receive one 60% share. Better Homes Realty’s Breakage Pool

26 Remember: Residuals are assigned to “you” and not to your office.  If you transfer to another office within 90 days you retain your residual earnings at their present value.  If a Member leaves the Better Homes Realty system all Members move up to fill the space created by their departure. This is known as “Compression.” Personal Residuals

27 BL1 CL1 DL1 IL1 infinity… … infinity 50% 10% 8% L2 L3 L4 L2 infinity… … infinity infinity… … infinity infinity… Member YOU Member YOU … infinityinfinity… AL1 L8 … infinityinfinity… L8 L2 L3 L4 … infinity infinity… … infinityinfinity… L5 L6 L7 L2 Level 8 becomes Level 7 Level 9 becomes Level 8… … and so on L2 L4 L3 L4 L5 infinity… L4 L3 L7 … infinity L6 infinity… L5 L8 … infinityinfinity… L8 Level 8 that paid 0% now pays a residual of 8%. How Does Compression Work?

28 Remember: You can sponsor agents, brokers or entire real estate and mortgage brokerage firms within your own region or nationwide into the Better Homes Realty program. Residuals are disbursed every 60 days and there is no limit to the size of the residual income that can be achieved. Sponsoring nationwide is a great way to tap into other real estate markets. Unlimited Potential

29 Better Homes Realty was recognized by Realtor Magazine as one of the fastest growing real estate franchises in the United States. One key reason that Better Homes Realty continues to expand is largely due to the Path to Success ® program. This unique revenue-sharing system was submitted to the United States Patent and Trademark Office in March of 2003. Better Homes Realty is please to announce that in October of 2006, Path to Success was awarded U.S. Patent Number 7,149,707. The multi-tiered revenue-sharing program promotes recruiting and retaining a sales force while compensating its members for building the Better Homes Realty organization. Path to Success ® provides its members a method to earn residual income now as well as retirement entitlements for life. This awarded patent, along with many unique features, will assist Better Homes Realty’s ongoing expansion throughout U.S. markets. APPROVED Path to Success®

30 Franchise Sales P.O. Box 82010 Las Vegas, NV 89180 Tel: 702-891-8203 Fax: 702-895-8998 Chuck Scoble 707-321-5400 Better Homes Realty Corporate Contact Us

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