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Puerto Rico By: Alex, Ali And Isabella.

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1 Puerto Rico By: Alex, Ali And Isabella

2 Facts About our country
Les presentamos Puerto Rico! La capital de Puerto Rico es San Juan. El presidente de Puerto Rico es Alejandro Garcia Padilla. La poblacion de Puerto Rico es 3.7 millones de personas. Los colores de la bandera son rojo, blanco y azul. El clima de Puerto Rico es tropical.

3 Puerto rico’s music La musica popular es Danza y Bamba.
Un baile popular es Salsa y Salsa Romantica, Puerto Rico has a lot of unique instruments such as: guiro, requinto, cuatro

4 Where in Puerto Rico La capital es San Juan. Places to visit:
Rio Camuy Cave Park El Yunque

5 Some Famous Puerto Ricans at least part Puerto Rican
Dos cantantes populares son Bruno Mars y … Bruno Mars, otherwise not too well know as Peter Gene Hernadez. He is a singer-songwriter, record producer, voice artist, and choreographer. He was born October 8, 1985, in Honolulu, Hawaii. His dad nicknamed him Bruno because he looked like the wrestler Bruno Sammartino. Bruno Mars

6 Famous Puerto Ricans Jennifer Lopez’s parents were both born and raised in Puerto Rico. Her mom’s name is Guadalpe Rodriguez and her dad’s name is David Lopez. She has two sisters Lynda (younger) and Leslie (the oldest) She and her sisters grew up kind of poor.

7 Los Animales que viven aqui son…
Puerto Rican Woodpecker (el pájaro carpintero) Puerto Rican Emeralds Puerto Rican Boa Puerto Rican Coqui _____________________________ The Coqui is a tiny singing tree frog (about one inch long). It is the official mascot of Puerto Rico. It is also an endangered species because of deforestation.

8 Sports Los deportes populares son beisbol, basquetbol, el boxeo, futbol y Cockfighting Cockfighting is not legal in the USA but allowed in Puerto Rico Even though Puerto Rico is a US territory it participates in the Olympics as an independent nation.

9 Religion La religion primaria es Catolica.
85% of Puerto Ricans are Roman Catholics. Some Puerto Ricans practice a religion called Santeria, which is a spiritual type of religion from Cuba and Judaism.

10 Puerto Rican currency Puerto Rico uses US dollars because Puerto Rico is a US territory. The currency used to be the Puerto Rican peso.

11 Clothing and costumes In these 2 pictures shown are examples of what Puerto Ricans wear on special occasions and holidays. Girls dresses for celebrations, such as the Bomba Festival, are usually red, white, and blue. Sometimes just white and red like that picture up there!

12 Time Difference Puerto Rico is in the Atlantic Time Zone (AST)
Puerto Rico doesn't have daylight savings

13 What the Puerto Rican flag means
The three sides of the triangle represent the three legislative branches of the government. The star stands for the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. The red stripes are the blood that feeds the government. The white stripes are the rights and freedom of the people.

14 Las comidas yummy!!! Las comidas populares son quesitos.
Buenos Comidas!

15 Credits page Slide 3 from Pinterest Special effects by Alex Rofick-Williams!

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