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Lianne Gagné, Career Educator Office of Student Development and Services, B210 705-474-3461 ext. 4491 (our office does not assist.

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1 Lianne Gagné, Career Educator Office of Student Development and Services, B210 705-474-3461 ext. 4491 (our office does not assist with your practice teaching placement and/or reports)

2 Search For Employment and Interview Tips This workshop is offered to Nipissing University Schulich School of Education and Concurrent Education Students

3 Learning Outcomes At the end of the presentation, students will be able to: identify the different methods of applying for a teaching position identify 2 websites to access provincial, national and international teaching opportunities describe the process for preparing for an interview

4 Organized Events Education Fair Education Centre Gymnasium Friday, January 30 30+ school boards and recruiting organizations Information booths Information sessions Interviews (attend!) Submit applications Written and VERBAL agreements

5 QECO ( Qualifications Evaluation Council of Ontario) Monday, September 29 QECO evaluates, for starting salary purposes, all teachers, with the exception of teachers in English public secondary schools Early registration deadline is April 30. If early deadline is missed, student must wait until confirmation of employment or until registered for supply teaching More information on QECO evaluations at

6 OSSTF ( Ontario Secondary School Teachers’ Federation) Tuesday, September 30 Presentation AND Application Evaluates all teachers who will teach in English public secondary schools More information at Deadline to apply is August 31

7 Internet Sites 69% of managers have rejected candidates because of: inappropriate photos, comments about drinking and using drugs, negative comments about previous employer, lied about qualifications... Facebook and Twitter have millions of users. Your future boss is probably one of them! If you post it... they will find it!

8 Application Package 1. Cover Letter 2. Resumé (2 pages) 3. Reference page (3-5 names) 4. Copies of practice teaching reports, send subsequent PT reports 5. Other documentation: photocopy of undergraduate transcript, photocopies of letters of reference 6. Catholic School Board: Faith Reference Form/Pastoral Form will be required

9 Submitting Your Application  Read instructions carefully Applications to be sent: Electronically (ApplytoEducation) School board Principal of the school Application deadlines could be as early as December/January OR as late as August/September.

10 Applications collected in in our office (B210) 1. Place application in 9 x 12 envelope 2. Neatly write the name of the employer and complete mailing address 3. Your name and address top left 4. Submit by stated deadline. Late applications will not be accepted. (same process applies if you are directly submitting a hard copy application to the employer)

11 Apply to Education Some school boards use Apply to Education at applytoeducation was built by Industry Canada and the Centre for Education and Training (Peel District School Board) in 1998 and shared with all school boards in 2003.  Send your application online at  Cost is $12 per year for each school board/private school

12 Teaching in Other Provinces/Territories: Ontario teachers can teach in other provinces and territories Each province/territory has different requirements for the application process Check the Council of Ministers of Education, Canada at

13 e.g. British Columbia Application Information Application Package Checklist:  Application Form  Application Fee  Criminal Record Check  Statement(s) of Professional Standing  Teaching Qualification  Secondary School Diploma  Official Post-secondary Transcripts  Distance Teacher Education Details  Degree Verification  Verification of Teaching Experience  Assessment Form  Two Character Reference Forms  Language Proficiency Results  Identification Document(s)

14 First Nation Schools For school locations in Ontario:, click on schools, click on maps Schools are also located in southern Ontario: Barrie Bay of Quinte Guelph Mississauga Thames

15 Independent Schools (Private Schools) Independent schools are an alternative to teaching in the traditional school setting. Representatives will be attending the Education Fair. View a list of schools on the Canadian Association for Independent Schools’ website:, click on View a list of Alternative Schools in Canada at You can search by Montessori, Ontario, Christian, Military…

16 International Positions in English Speaking Countries UK continues to recruit: ANZUk Teaching Agency Protocol Education Sanza Teaching Agency Smart Teachers Ofsted (Office for Standards in Education) regulates and inspects ( -click on inspection reports Work visas for 2 years only, must apply for permanent visa Ensure that contract/agreement stipulates days of work/week

17 New Zealand welcomes Canadian teachers Australia - permanent teaching positions may be more difficult to obtain (also recruits for London and throughout England) USA teaching positions: process can be lengthy. Check each state’s Department of Education web site for further information. VIF (Visiting International Faculty), USA New Government Regulation: can only hire teachers with 3 years of experience

18 International Schools International Magazine for overseas teaching and how to access jobs: (app. $39.00/web subscription)

19 Queen’s University International Fair Teacher's Overseas Recruiting Fair “TORF" January 23-25, 2015 Limited Space: 75% experienced teachers 25% Queen’s students Other students on waitlist –register early App. $125 registration fee

20 The Internet can be helpful in your ‘international’ job search Investigate the organization: Affiliated with the Department of Education? Salary? Bonus upon completion? Housing provided? Airfare provided? How many hours per week? Shift work? Weekends? Contribution towards medical insurance? Professional Development provided? Fee for services? Google “concerns with teaching for...”

21 Ontario Regulation 274/12 Effective September 12, 2012 http://www.e- h/2012/elaws_src_regs_r12274_e.htm http://www.e- h/2012/elaws_src_regs_r12274_e.htm Contact Federation Presidents for clarification Contact Human Resources managers in your school boards of interest for clarification

22 Examples of Alternative Careers Tutor (Kumon, Sylvan, Oxford Learning, ) Camps (Tim Horton’s) Colleges / Universities (Administrative positions) Continuing / Adult Education Early Years Centres / Head Start Programs Hospitals / Rehabilitation Centres Human Rights Organizations Mad Science / Elephant Thoughts Municipal, Provincial, Federal Government Social Service Agencies Volunteer Coordinator Writer / Author YMCA / YWCA Museums / Art Galleries EQAO Free the Children PHE Canada Health Units Right to Play Ontario Agri-Food

23 Excellent Resources! ETFO Resources for Occasional Teachers: nalteachers/pages/default.aspx nalteachers/pages/default.aspx ETFO Resources: ult.aspx ult.aspx Getting Hired to Teach in a Canadian School The History of the Hamilton-Wentworth Catholic District School Board

24 Check the Resources/Web Links at  Teaching FREE Publications  Publications and General Resources Teaching opportunities will be posted @NU Career Ed

25 Ten Things You Need to Know Before You Interview for a Teaching Job To purchase a copy, contact Dr. Nancy Maynes at or Dr. Glynn Sharpe at Nipissing University Teachers’ Facebook Site: 0954753/ 0954753/ For more information, contact Dr. Glynn Sharpe at

26 Acronyms … Federations (unions) ETFO (elementary) OSSTF (public secondary) AEFO (franco-ontarien) OECTA (English catholic) OCT You must apply to the Ontario College of Teachers for certification Recommend that you apply this year and not postpone QECO Qualifications Evaluation Council of Ontario evaluates for starting salary purposes OSSTF Ontario Secondary School Teachers’ Federation evaluates for starting salary purposes

27 The Interview Process A conversation between you and the employer An opportunity to tell your story

28 Before the interview… Information re. interview: name/contact information, interview team names/titles, location Research the organization Familiarize yourself with the job posting Prepare one or two relevant success stories that describe your instructional style, your assessment experience, differentiation, conflict resolution, communication skills, classroom management, professional growth STARRS: situation/problem, task, action taken, relationships, results, skills. Describe how you handled yourself. Bring a duplicate application package

29 Dress for Success! Your body should NOT be the most noticeable part of your outfit. Thighs, boobs, belly buttons and butt cracks are ALL OFF LIMITS. The same goes for your underwear, including bra straps, boxers, waistband or any part of your thong!

30 Arriving at the interview… Arrive ten to fifteen minutes early Location Peak Traffic Parking Entering the Building Interview Format Be respectful to EVERYONE Receptionist Custodian Administrative staff Your interview starts upon your arrival!

31 Team of 3-5 members Team will take turns asking you questions Team will write down everything you say Formal Interview

32 The interview… Shake hands firmly Establish and maintain eye contact Jot down a few ‘key words’ of the questions Avoid criticizing previous employers or others Team may ask you if you have any questions Do NOT ask about salary Comment Thank the team

33 After the interview… Be prepared for a “follow-up” telephone call seeking clarification. Prepare your family and/or housemates for the incoming call, appropriate telephone message. As you acquire more practice teaching reports, mail copies OR take them into the school or board office

34 Remember… Learn from the experience: -successes -questions that you struggled with -write down questions and take notes -practice, practice, practice

35 Dates to Remember Now until December 1: Drop off FINAL copy of cover letter and resume in B210 for proof-reading January 30, 12:30-3:30, Education Fair, Education Centre Gym April 30: QECO Application August 31: OSSTF Application

36 Office of Student Development and Services Academic Skills (math, science, writing, study tips) Career Advice (career tools, self assessments) Accessibility Services (testing accommodations, note taking services) Peer Tutoring ($25 for 5 hours) Personal Counselling The Learning Network (mentor program, student success workshops) Health Services Code of Student Rights and Responsibilities Leave the Pack Behind (LTPB) (cessation support) Off-Campus Living Student Development Fund First Generation programming

37 Learning Outcomes At the end of the presentation, students will be able to: identify the different methods of applying for a teaching position identify 2 websites to access provincial, national and international teaching opportunities describe the process for preparing for an interview

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