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BTEC L2 Driving and Driver Education Neil Snow – Nottingham City Council.

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1 BTEC L2 Driving and Driver Education Neil Snow – Nottingham City Council

2 History

3 Aim of the BTEC To reduce post-test crash risk amongst novice drivers who take the course Objectives Increase self-evaluation skills Increase understanding of personal risk issues Increase levels of knowledge Extend learning periods

4 Scientific Background Goals for Driver Education Matrix (2002) -Teaching self-evaluation skills reduces crash risk Coaching skills increase situational judgement and risk perception (Deery, 1999 & Keating 2007) Extended learning periods reduce crash risk (McKnight & Peck, 2002, Williams 2007, Keating 2007 and TRL, 2013) By up to 40% (Gregersen et al, 2000)

5 DfT Durkin & Tolmie (2010) conducted a literature review of young driver attitudes and behaviours for DfT. They made multiple suggestions for driver education in the UK, 5 of their key suggestions were: Should focus on perceived benefits rather than perceived risks Publicise positive behaviours of adolescents and portray peer-norms as pro-safety Adolescents should be given the opportunity to evaluate each others safety levels and in how to raise concerns about others driving Interventions should develop broad ranging strategies that take into account the multiple influences of young peoples orientation towards driving


7 The BTEC Unit 1: Motor Vehicle Construction and Use Unit 2: The Driving Environment Unit 3: Risks, Goals and Contexts for Driving Unit 4: Positive Driving Behaviour as a Life Skill Unit 5: Practical Driver Training and Peer Review 40 hours in class and 20 hours in car

8 Where we are at Nottinghamshire young drivers and passenger survey 2014 Ashfield School In talks with more for January and September 2015 starts Media Coverage Evaluation using Driver Locus of Control Questionnaire (Professor Timo Lajunen, NTNU)

9 Price/Benefits Less than £8 per hour (a third of the price of an hours driving lesson) £430 per pupil 15% Insurance discount Popular with employers Popular with parents/students


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