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INPO Update CMBG Meeting June 2013. 2013 Department Focus Areas Engineering Fundamentals and Technical Authority Vendor Product Quality Digital Projects.

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1 INPO Update CMBG Meeting June 2013

2 2013 Department Focus Areas Engineering Fundamentals and Technical Authority Vendor Product Quality Digital Projects / Cyber Security Seismic / External Events AC Power Reliability

3 2013 Ongoing Work Efforts Principles, Objectives, and Criteria Revision  EN.1, Engineering Fundamentals  EN.2, Technical Authority Updated CM.1, Margin Management Recognizing when your current design basis may need to be changed  Fukushima  Open Phase conditions  Seismic Events  Flooding

4 2013 Ongoing Work Efforts Transitional CM for New Construction Plants  Need CM controls / programs that use technology Revised Evaluation Guidelines and Procedures  Evaluation Guidelines Support Focus Areas 4

5 Engineering Fundamentals and Technical Authority

6 Engineering Fundamentals Engineering personnel apply essential knowledge, skills, behaviors, and practices needed to ensure: Equipment performs as required The plant is maintained within design requirements Margins are controlled The plant is operated safely and reliably 6

7 Engineering Fundamentals Five principle level categories of engineering fundamentals  Monitor and Evaluate  Operate, Maintain, and Modify in a Controlled Manner  Communicate, Advise and Advocate  Acquire and Maintain Expert Knowledge  Critical Thinking, Decision-Making, and Challenging 7

8 Must Know OE - MKOE Part of Performance Objectives & Criteria A collection of the most important OE documents issued since 1980. Engineering MKOE is found in INPO 12-005. As discussed in Recommendation 2 of SOER 10- 2, Engaged, Thinking Organizations  MKOE should be included in initial and continuing training for supervisors 8

9 Vendor Product Quality

10 Working Meeting in April 2012  Selected A/E firms and Various Utilities  Collected best practices for the different blocks in the flowchart Issued Evaluation Guideline for Vendor Oversight / Engagement  Project Initiation & Project Performance Terry Schuster Ralph Schwartzbeck

11 Vendor Product Quality INPO 90-009, Conduct of Design Engineering Revised for Cyber, Digital, and Vendor Quality Good Practices (Nov. 2012) Examples of Appendix C (new): Identify, document, and communicate expectations between engineering vendors and the requesting organization Perform a feasibility study to identify the best solution 11

12 Vendor Product Quality Perform licensing review prior to starting design work Develop a road map of applicable standards, procedures, and best practices. Communicate this to the engineering service providers Determine hardware lead time impacts on project schedules Document and communicate expectations for project and deliverable quality 12

13 Digital Projects / Cyber Security

14 Ralph Schwartzbeck Digital Projects Digital Project Guidance Modification Testing FMEA Analysis Integration of Digital Equipment Bill Nowicki Gary Garrett Doug Kinsman

15 Digital Projects Recent Industry Workshop – May 2013 IER L2-11-2 Scram Analysis and IERL4-12-87 Causes of Digital Upgrade-Related Events Community of Practice Webpage Pilot Review Visits 15

16 Digital Projects Communication / Technical Leadership (from IER 12-87) Vendor Interface and Oversight Technical risk assignment and monitoring Project personnel knowledge and experience Supervisor assignment and monitoring of project engineering activities 16

17 Digital Projects Community of Practice  Used to Share Issues Unique to Digital Modifications  Design Project Issues May Occur Prior to Installation Pilot Review Visits  Two sites approved in 2013 17

18 Cyber Security Created Cyber Security Training NANTeL  Awareness (general)  CSAT (assessment team)  Technical (OPS, MA, Design Engr., Engr. Support) Added Digital/Cyber event codes in EPIX 2013 Plant Evaluations will include cyber security  Waterford and Beaver Valley Plant Evaluations 18

19 Cyber Security Scope of Cyber Security Program  Safety-related, Important to Safety  Security  Emergency Preparedness  Support systems (BOP) and equipment, which if compromised, would adversely impact configuration control and plant operations 19

20 Seismic / External Events

21 Seismic Update How-To has been developed and is being used. No real issues with sites compliance; use with IER L2-12-12 response IER L4-13-3 issues for NAPS Lessons Learned EPRI NP-6695 has been supplemented with TR 1025288

22 External Events PO & C include - External Events (CM.1)  11 Evaluation Activities  Beyond Design Basis Event  Cliff edge effects IER on Fukushima Lessons Learned: –Out for Review IAEA promotes doing Periodic Safety Reviews every 10 years 22

23 External Events Post-Fukushima NRC Near Term Task Force Recommendations (2.1, 2.2, and 2.3) Items 2.1 and 2.3 are being performed now; NRC Request for Information, issued March 12, 2012 Summary of Industry Results (NRC Follow-ups)  Capability to Mitigate Fires in Large Areas of Plant  Licensee Capability to Mitigate Design Basis Internal and External Events 23

24 AC Power Source Reliability

25 Joint Focus Area with Equipment Reliability  Event LOOP Matrix Reviews  Joint TSG / EDG Reviews Evaluator Guideline (How To) Issued  Identify vulnerability to design related risk  Checklist Attachment 3, Evaluator Checklist IER Focused on Causes / Contributors  Target June 2013 25 Shawn Simon Ralph Kothe Steve Swanson

26 EN/CM Department Staff

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