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Convergences between L1 and L2. Theoretical and practical implication.

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1 Convergences between L1 and L2. Theoretical and practical implication

2 Second language teaching and learning LS for minority groups who have another language than L1( the language LS is based upon) as their mother tongue

3 Joint general aims  Linguistic competences for access to knowledge and participation in society  Cultural competences for understanding and participation in the culture the learners live in as well as intercultural awareness  Personal growth, identity building, Bildung

4 How do we reach these aims?  By giving all learners the same LS education? – One curriculum for all.  By offering diversified programs? – Separate curricula according to needs?

5 Pro et contra Arguments for one national curriculum for all learners. We might:  Avoid segregation and enhance joint perspectives on culture and values  Enhance understanding of cross- cultural perspectives as a value in L1 as well as in L2  Avoid problems of differences in formal qualifications after schooling.

6 Pro et contra Arguments for a L2 curriculum for those who need special attention  The great diversity within the learner group- not only newcomers and minority learners born in the country  Special needs for specific linguistic training and meta-perspectives  Special needs for cultural awareness  Lack of teacher competences

7 Decision-making. Who follows which curriculum?  Who decides?  Which criteria and tools can be used?  Which understanding of language competences are tools and criteria based upon?

8 A tool based on The European Portfolio for Languages:  A good tool for identification of linguistic competences  Unsatisfactory for identification of cultural competences  Problematic: identification of special needs and concerns for various age- groups  Can not indicate differences in judging content, depth of thought, understanding relevance of arguments etc.

9 What is language competences in LS?  Skills- competences- Bildung  Thinking- learning- understanding  Mastering culture and creating culture  Navigating in the world of language and text on a base of cultural values: critical thinking, respect of others, flexibility of mind, reasoning and judgement, esthetical sense.

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