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12/03 Professora Francianne Professora Francianne.

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1 12/03 Professora Francianne Professora Francianne

2 Conteúdos P1 (the/X – a/an) (Subject/Object) (Infinitivo ou S – Do/Does) (Verb TO BE + Verb-ing) Conteúdos P1 - Definitive and indefinitive articles (the/X – a/an) - Personal pronouns (Subject/Object) - Simple Present (Infinitivo ou S – Do/Does) - Present Continuous (Verb TO BE + Verb-ing) - Possessives

3 Sujeito Sujeito + Verbo Objeto Verbo/Preposição + Sujeito


5 POSSESIVES Possessive adjectives + NOUN MODIFICAM MODIFICAM o substantivo. OBRIGATORIAMENTE substantivo Seguidos OBRIGATORIAMENTE de um substantivo. MY Ex. They are going out with MY friends. HER Jack is HER boyfriend. OUR OUR dog is black.

6 POSSESIVES Possessive pronouns SUBSTITUEM SUBSTITUEM o substantivo. Ficam subentendidos. GERALMENTE, GERALMENTE, no final da frase. Ex. your hers. This is your book and this is hers. My yours My car is blue, yours is red. mine. Her friend is nicer than the friends that I have. Her friends are nicer than mine.

7 P. 17 Activities 4, 5 and 6

8 P. 17 – Activity 4 a)Your b)Their c)Its d)His e)Her

9 P. 17 – Activity 5 a)Mine b)His c)Yours d)Theirs e)Mine

10 P. 17 – Activity 6 You I / You/ It You US My Yours Mine You I

11 P. 16 – Atividade 1 I. a)He hates soccer b)He hates basketball c)I hate basktball d)I hate French e)I study French f)Tom studies French. g)Tom understands French h)She understands French i)She likes French j)I like French

12 P. 16 – Atividade 1 II. a)She doesn´t speak English b)I don´t speak English c)They don´t speak English d)They don´t understand English e)They don´t understand me f)They don´t like me g)They don´t like TV h)They don´t watch TV i)Paul doesn´t watch TV j)We don´t watch TV

13 P. 16 – Atividade 1 III. a)Does he like coke? b)Does he drink coke? c)Does he sell coke? d)Does he sell books? e)Do they sell book? f)Do they read books? g)Do they red magazines? h)Do they buy magazines? i)Does she buy magazines? j)Do we buy magazines?

14 Correção caderno

15 Atividade 1 a)Listens b)Doesn´t study c)Is d)Work e)Doesn´t go f)Are g)Watches h)study

16 Atividade 2 don´t a) N – The children don´t live near the park Do I – Do the children live near the park? aren´t b)N – Those flowers aren´t very pretty. Are I – Are those flower very pretty?

17 Atividade 2 doesn´t c) N – Susie doesn´t have a messy bedroom. Does I – Does Susie have a messy bedroom? isn´t d) N – The message isn´t very clear. Is I – Is the message very clear?

18 Atividade 3 a)He is eating salad. b)They are walking to the mall. c)I am studying English for a test. d)Those people are speaking English. e)The mailman is deliverying letters. f)The nurse is helping the sick children.

19 Atividade 4 a)I – Is my father reading a magazine? N – My father isn’t reading a magazine. b) I – Is the woman preparing a dinner? N – The woman isn´t preparing a dinner.

20 Atividade 4 c) I – Are the neighbors washing their car? N – The neighbors aren´t washing their car. d) I – Is the boy watching tv? N – The boy isn´t watching tv.

21 Homework P.17, 18, 19 e 20 + fichamento e vocabulário no caderno (para quem ainda não fez) P.24 (tradução no caderno) e 25

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