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What does this infographic show you?

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1 What does this infographic show you?
Think pair share: What does this infographic show you?

2 Learning Objectives by the end of this lesson students….
All Students To understand what the terms sub-sector, channel and business size is. Most Students Some Students jj

3 Recap-Retail “Retail involves a business or person that sells goods to the consumer. A wholesaler sells to a business.” Types of store Physical Online (eRetailing)

4 Today we will be covering
Sub-sectors Size Location Ownership Format How do the above terms relate to retail?

5 Retail involves Location Size (Local, Regional, National, Online)
(Small 0-50, Medium , Large 250+) Ownership Independent, Multiple, Franchise) Channels

6 Sub-sector Retail sub sectors are the different categories of product types. Sub sectors of a main business, say a car dealership, might be (1) car sales, (2) car maintenance, (3) parts & spares What sub-sectors do Tesco have? What ‘groups’ of products do the sell?


8 Sub Sectors Sub Sectors Product-related ‘sub-divisions’ of the retail industry, e.g. clothing, electrical goods, food and grocery, footwear, DIY, music and video, Insurance etc Tesco has many sub-sectors within their supermarkets and company as a whole. The sub-sectors of Tesco could be: Fruit and Veg, Dairy, Electrical, Gaming, Entertainment, Hair and Beauty Household, Bank, Insurance

9 Size Small 0-49 Medium 50-249 Large 250+
The size of a business is usually catagorised by the number of employees within the company.

10 Retail Format This is the general nature of the retail mix in terms of range of products and services, pricing policy, promotional programmes, operating style or store design and visual merchandising. Independent Department store (John Lewis, Debenhams) Supermarket (Tesco, Morrison's) Hypermarket (Sports Direct, Tesco, Asda) Shopping centre's (Westfield's) Wholesalers (Cosco) E-retailing

11 Location

12 TASK; Which of the below is a Producer, Wholesaler or Retailer?
A retail store sells individual items directly to the consumer. A wholesaler sells to a retailer, often bulk items at a reduced cost.

13 Which company matches the correct ownership?
Independent Multiple retailers are businesses with more than ten branches Franchise

14 Franchise Franchised retailers are granted selling rights in a geographical area. The franchisee pays a fee based on sales or an annual rent to the franchisor to operate their business model.

15 Against the clock You have 5 minutes in groups (against the sand timer!) to list: What is retailing? What is a retail format? Size? Now feedback to the class

16 Pick three organisations and apply your knowledge.
Size Format Sub-sectors Ownership

17 Task- P1 Describe the sub-sector, channels, format, size, ownership and location of two retail businesses operating in different sub-sectors. (P1)

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