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CH 27 P1 Insights Goal Questions 1.Evaluate if you feel the US was correct in taking over Hawaii and offer two pieces of evident to support your judgment.

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1 CH 27 P1 Insights Goal Questions 1.Evaluate if you feel the US was correct in taking over Hawaii and offer two pieces of evident to support your judgment. 2.Explain how Americans were duped into going to war against Spain by providing two pieces of evidence. 3.Analyze if America was correct in keeping colonies if won from Spain. Gives two reasons to support your answer

2 Ch 27 Insights P1 ID- The Imperial Menu (627) Summary 1- Identify the four nations on the menu. -Cuba, Puerto Rico, Philippine Is, Sandwich Is (Hawaii) Summary 2- Why do you feel Uncle Sam/USA is gleefully eyeing these nations? Uncle Sam wants to take them over

3 OI- America turns outward (ID how each of these motivated American imperialism) 1) “Yellow Journalism/Press” –Sensational stories that enraged Americans to want to go to war 2) Darwinism –Survival of the fittest (the stronger country is the result of evolution and deserves to take over countries with “inferior’ people 3) Alfred Mahan –New Navy- US needs to build steel steam ships (US Navy ranks 3 rd in world by 1900) –Coaling Stations- US needs to have pit stops to cross Pacific, take over islands

4 ID- Queen Liliuokalani (629) Summary 3- What nation did Queen Liliuokalani preside over? –Hawaii (independent country) –Ha. Allowed westerners to own land (Americans became largest land owners) Summary 4- Explain how here appearance shows that she is not “inferior” to whites. –Victorian dress (nice western clothing) Summary 5- How did she lose her grip on power? –Placed under house arrest by US Marines stationed in Pearl Harbor

5 Hawaiian Annexation –Why does the US want Hawaii? –Pearl Harbor (Naval Base), location (center of Pacific) Sugar- Am. Planters created ¾ of Ha. wealth and brought new workers (Chi.,Jap., Portuguese) –Outnumbered Ha. 3:1 US Planters- forced Ha. King to change Const. to allow only wealthy landowners (Americans) suffrage (right to vote) –Control of Ha. Gov. given to American planters in HA. McKinley Tariff- tax on foreign sugar in US –How can Am. Planters in HA get around this tariff?

6 OI- Spurning the Hawaiian Pear 4) What happened to Hawaii’s population that allowed Americans to feel they should dominate on Hawaii? Hawaiians were the minority (died of disease when westerners arrived) 5) How did Queen Liliuokalani upset Americans in Hawaii? Wanted Ha. to be able to vote (Seen as a threat to Am planters) Planters have US Marines arrest Queen 6) What was the President’s response after American planters had taken over Hawaii? Give Ha. Back (Pres. Cleveland realized planters stole the country) What do planters do next? Republic of Ha (planters start their own country, Stanford Dole- Pres) Wait for a new Pres. Who will want to annex HA

7 ID- The Explosion of the Maine (631) Summary 6- How does this painting express “Yellow Journalism”? –American sailors are prominently shown flying into the air Summary 7- What did this painting help leads the US into? –Spanish/American War

8 Spanish-American War (1898)- Why does the US choose to go to war w. Spain and not Eng, Fr, or Ger? Cuba- colony of Spain –Cuba Libre- movement in US to attract US support for Cuban independence Reconcentrado- concentration camps in Cuba created by Spain to end Cuban Rev Why does the US choose to go to war to free Cuba? –Proximity- close to US Oppression- Americans upset Cubans are not free –Yellow Journalism- created American sympathy for Cuba and will to fight

9 OI- Cubans Rise in Revolt 7) Identify two reasons the US sided with the Cuban “insurrectos” –US invested $50 mil in Cuba and earned $100 mil per year 8) How did William Randolph Hearst agitate Americans to demand war with Spain? –Invented stories and dramatic paintings to fire up Americans to fight 9) What event finalized American desire to want to go to war with Spain? –USS Maine-blown up killing 260 sailors(Hearst/ yellow journalism blamed explosion on Sp.) –DeLome Letter- by Sp. minister insulted Pres. McKinley (printed by Hearst, upset Americans)

10 ID- United States Expansion 1857-1917 Summary 8-Identify two key colonies the US acquired in the Pacific and Caribbean (4 total) –Philippines, Guam, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, Guantanamo Bay Summary 9- What colony/present day state is not shown on this map as a colony? –Alaska Summary 10- What do you feel was the purpose for the US to acquire so many islands? (Look at Mahan/?#3) –Coaling Stations (pit stops to China) –Panama Canal (control access to Panama)

11 Filipino Insurrection- Us promised Filipinos that if they sided w the US against Spain in war, Phil. would be given independence after war (US lied) Emilio Aguinaldo- leader of Filipinos (looked up to US and George Washington) Decision to keep Phil.- –Why should the US give up the Philippines? –Why should the US keep the Philippines? –Insurrection- 1900-1904- 65k US troops sent to fight (5k US soldiers die, 200,000 Filipinos) Buffalo Soldiers- Why were they criticized by Filipinos for fighting w US Army?

12 ID- Uncle Sam and People from His Colonies (637) Summary 11- Why did many Americans not want people from newly acquired colonies to become Americans? –Not white, would they become Americans? America’s Course (Curse) of Empire 10) Why did many Americans have confused feelings about acquiring the Philippines? –Keep- Access to China, US with a major colony in Asia, won during war –Against- Needs to be defended w US lives 11) Why were Americans like Mark Twain against acquiring land overseas in regards to the Declaration of Independence? –Country fought for independence against colonial oppressor England (going against our core beliefs of freedom and liberty) –12) How was Rudyard Kipling’s poem used to have America annex land (thing Social Gospel combined with Social Darwinism) White men have a responsibility to bring culture and civilization to inferior people (white mans burden) McKinley- bring Christianity to Filipinos (Why is this a false motivator?)

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