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 Reading Activity “Studentenjobs” Kontakte, Kapitel 5, S. 179.

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1  Reading Activity “Studentenjobs” Kontakte, Kapitel 5, S. 179

2 Goal  The students should learn what jobs are popular for students in Germany. Furthermore, they should get to know how one can put this new information into important documents such as an application.  Besides that, the students also learn different reading techniques such as skimming and scanning that might help them in the future.

3 Step 1: Context  Teacher shows pictures of famous persons and asks the students about jobs.  E.g.: Dr. House  Welchen Beruf hat er? Er ist Arzt. CONTEXT ??

4 Step 2: New Vocabulary  1) Previewing  Jobs.  2) Glossing  Mini-dictionary.  Review the jobs vocab with the students and provide them with a mini-dictionary.

5 Step 3: Pre-Reading  1) Teacher asks students: Wer von euch studiert und arbeitet?  Students are supposed to raise their hand.  Teacher asks students: Was arbeitest du? PRE-READING

6 Step 3: Pre-Reading  2) Title “Die coolsten Studentenjobs”. Teacher lets students come to the front and guess the coolest jobs  Brainstorming.  The teacher might also provide different categories, i.e. “Sport”, “Soziale Netzwerke”, “Politik” und “Länder”. PRE-READING

7 Step 4: While-Reading  1) Students are supposed to scan the text for jobs and list them: “Studentenjobs in Deutschland”.  2) Students are supposed to summarize each paragraph of the text by skimming the first lines. They should come up with a headline.  3) Students are supposed to compare and contrast interesting and popular jobs in Germany (compare with the brainstorming!)  ‘real reading’ Students might also read the text out loud! WHILE-READING

8 Step 5: Post-Reading  Students get together with their partner and work on a “Bewerbung”.   Name, Alter, Wohnort und Arbeitserfahrung  “Meine Jobs sind/waren …” “Ich habe in … gearbeitet”

9 Step 6: Next  In the next session, students could have a job fair in order to review the previously learned vocabulary!  Class is divided into two groups: Applicants and those who offer jobs!

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