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Brad Wheeler Kuali Foundation, Chair Vice President for IT, Dean, & Professor Indiana University.

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2 Brad Wheeler Kuali Foundation, Chair Vice President for IT, Dean, & Professor Indiana University

3 Dr. Brad Wheeler IU Chief Information Officer & IU-Bloomington Dean of IT Indiana University Assoc Professor of Information Systems Kelley School of Business Kuali, Community Source, and Sustaining Our Future Together MAY 2006

4 4 The Cathedral The Bazaar Two Models of Software Production

5 5 A gap…. Need for a Hybrid Model …Community Source “The Pub…the Place Between the Cathedral and the Bazaar”

6 Update & Perspectives Collective Progress

7 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 Financial

8 30 August 2004

9 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 R1R2x.. R3 $ Research Rice R1.1.2 R2 $ R1R2 R3 $ R3.1.2.3Financial Student M1…M2…M3 $

10 Chronicle of Higher Ed – 2009

11 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 R1R2 R3 $ R3.1.2.3Financial R1R2x.. R3 $ Research Rice Student Ready Library R1.1.2 R2 $ R1 R2 $ R1 R2 $ M1…M2…M3 $

12 Library (OLE) Investors Indiana University Florida Consortium (FC) (University of Florida Lead) Lehigh University* Triangle Research Libraries Network* Duke University* North Carolina State University* University of Chicago* University of Maryland University of Michigan* University of Pennsylvania* * New to Kuali

13 Kuali Days Attendance

14 Implementations The Value Becomes Real


16 Australian National University Boston University Bradley University Carnegie Mellon University Colorado State University Cornell University Florida State University Indiana University Indiana University Foundation Iowa State University Marist College Massachusetts Institute of Technology Michigan State University NACUBO Naval Postgraduate School North West University (South Africa) Pennsylvania State University Research Foundation of the City of New York San Joaquin Delta Community College The University of Arizona University of British Columbia University of California- President's Office University of California-Berkeley University of California-Davis University of California-Irvine University of California-Santa Barbara University of California-San Diego University of Hawaii University of Maryland University of Southern California University of Vermont University of Virginia University of Washington Kuali Member Institutions

17 Kuali Commercial Affiliates New MŌDERAS

18 2009 Nobel Prize in Economics Elinor Ostrom “…challenged the conventional wisdom that common property is poorly managed and should be either regulated by central authorities or privatized.” Oliver Williamson “…focuses on the problem of regulating transactions that are not covered by detailed contracts or legal rules. He has argued that markets and firms should be seen as alternative governance structures that differ in how they resolve conflicts of interest.”

19 Projects’ Success…period.



22 Integrated Workflow for Approvals

23 Kuali Meetings Approach 1.Kuali Days – Fall 2.Kuali Workshop – Spring

24 Above Campus Services Shaping the Promise of Cloud Computing for Higher Education by Brad Wheeler and Shelton Waggener Illustration by Randy Lyhus ©2009 EDUCAUSE Review, Nov/Dec 2009

25 Kuali Ready Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Planning Software as a Service (SaaS) by Subscription

26 Kuali Ready Founders University of California Berkeley Indiana University University of British Columbia Penn State University * University of Southern California Delta College California State University * Tufts University * University of Toronto *

27 Fair Questions… (Circa 2004)

28 1. Can disparate institutions agree on software design?  Yes

29 2. Can distributed software development teams write enterprise scale, high quality software?  Yes

30 3. What about commercial support? 

31 4. Will it work?  Yes

32 5. Will it really cost less to implement and sustain?  Yes….(and soon to be) Yes

33 6. Is the community model extensible to other needs?  Definitely Yes

34 … Our turn to ask

35 How many faculty lines and scholarships did that [Big System] decision cost you over Kuali? ?


37 Number of Students, Faculty, Staff, Transactions, Modules etc. Licensing & Support Costs Licensing Cost Models $ $$ $$$

38 $5,000,000,000 Kvavik & Katz, EDUCAUSE, 2002


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