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1 PER-005 Update Impact on Operators System Operator Conference April 17-19 and May 1-3, 2012 Columbia, SC Margaret Stambach Manager, Training Services.

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1 1 PER-005 Update Impact on Operators System Operator Conference April 17-19 and May 1-3, 2012 Columbia, SC Margaret Stambach Manager, Training Services SERC Reliability Corp.

2 2012 System Operator Conference 2 Learning Objectives At the conclusion of this training session, you should be able to: State the requirement and effective date for PER-005, Requirements 1 & 2 Explain PER-005 R1& R2 impact on operators List the features of task verification Identify what constitutes a task modification

3 2012 System Operator Conference 3 Outline of Topics FERC Order 742 – approved standards & effective dates PER-005 R1 and R2 Meaning of Reliability-Related Task Procedures for Task Verification When Must a Task Be Modified and Operators Re- Verified?

4 2012 System Operator Conference 4 In other reliability-related action today, FERC:  Issued a final rule (RM09-25-000) approving two proposed Personnel Performance, Training, and Qualifications (PER) Reliability Standards requiring Reliability Coordinators, Balancing Authorities, and Transmission Operators to establish training programs for their system operators. The rule directs NERC to take action with respect to operator training but does not require NERC to modify the two standards November 18, 2010 NEWS RELEASE

5 2012 System Operator Conference 5 FERC Order 742 Which Two Standards Are Approved? PER-005-1 System Personnel Training  Applicable entities: –RCs –BAs –TOPs PER-004-2 Reliability Coordination - staffing  Applicable entity: – RCs Significant change over previous training standard, PER-002

6 2012 System Operator Conference 6 Implementation Timeline System Personnel Training Standards Only R3 in Effect Right Now

7 2012 System Operator Conference 7 R1 & R2 – the “Real Meat” of PER-005 – Go into Effect in One Year! (4-1-13) Entities must use a “systematic approach” to develop a training program based on the job tasks that you perform Sounds simple, but……

8 2012 System Operator Conference 8 There Are many “Pieces” to a Systematic Approach to Training (SAT) Develop a list of “reliability-related” job tasks Develop learning objectives for each task Design training courses to meet those learning objectives Implement the training program (using appropriate methods like classroom, simulation, field trips, etc) Evaluate the training program and correct any deficiencies.

9 2012 System Operator Conference 9 Where Do We Stand? Most responsible entities have already developed their lists of “reliability-related” (RR) Tasks. And just what is an RR Task? One Suggestion:: “A task that, when not completed, or completed incorrectly or not completed in a timely manner, could result in an actual or potential SOL or IROL violation, unintended loss of firm load, cascading outages, uncontrolled system separation, or other BES Emergency.”

10 2012 System Operator Conference 10 Example of BA RR Task: Monitor ACE and respond to loss of supply or DCS event by applying operating reserves within allowable time frames If reserves are not applied in a timely manner following loss of generation, the reliability of the Bulk Electric System is at risk!

11 2012 System Operator Conference 11 Does the Development of a List of RR Tasks Affect You as an Operator? ……. Not really! As an operator, you still perform all the tasks necessary to protect the system, whether there is a task list or not! ……. But what about PER-005 R2?

12 2012 System Operator Conference 12 PER-005, REQUIREMENT 2: Task Verification of Performance Your entity must verify your ability to perform each task on the list at least one time, so this requirement does affect you….

13 2012 System Operator Conference 13 Tasks that are performed frequently could be observed by a qualified evaluator and documented as complete if you perform the task successfully. Tasks that are performed infrequently may require checkout on a simulator or in the classroom with table- top exercises to assure your capability to perform the task. PER-005, REQUIREMENT 2: Task Verification of Performance

14 2012 System Operator Conference 14 PER-005, REQUIREMENT 2: Task Verification of Performance Task Verification should involve: Acceptable level of accomplishment for each task. Written Task Verification Guide – with content/plan for the activity. Observation check lists. Qualified Trainer/Evaluator.

15 2012 System Operator Conference 15 Acceptable Level of Accomplishment This is the measurable outcome (action) associated with a task and its standards for completion. What does the System Operator need to demonstrate or discuss and how well? Example: Make the correct decision to approve, postpone or modify an equipment outage request.

16 2012 System Operator Conference 16 Written Guide for Task Verification Guide contains: Evaluator & operator activities Task objectives Training content Resources (equipment, material, etc.) References Useful document for both evaluator and operator being verified on a task.

17 2012 System Operator Conference 17 Observation Checklists Operator must be checked off as successfully completing each step of the task. Checklist can be part of Task Verification Guide. Document evidence that System Operator has achieved the objective of each task and can perform said task satisfactorily!

18 2012 System Operator Conference 18 Qualified Task Evaluator Experienced and knowledgeable staff must verify task performance. Evaluators should have both: Competence at performing the reliability-related tasks. Skill in communicating and guiding others.

19 2012 System Operator Conference 19 Task Verification Guide Example (Performance Check List)

20 2012 System Operator Conference 20 OJT Guide – Example 1 Task Verification Guide Example 2 (Check List is Q/A)

21 2012 System Operator Conference 21 PER-005, REQUIREMENT 2: Task Verification of Performance PER-005 R2.1 also provides for task modification or the addition of new tasks. Within 6 months of a new or modified task, you must be verified on that task.

22 2012 System Operator Conference 22 PER-005, REQUIREMENT 2: What Constitutes “Modification” to an RR Task? A modification to an existing R-R task occurs as a result of a significant change to the way a task is performed (steps) or the knowledge requirements (objectives) for task performance. For example……..

23 2012 System Operator Conference 23 PER-005, REQUIREMENT 2: What Constitutes “Modification” to an RR Task? New tools, applications, equipment needed to perform task. New procedures that change how a task is performed. New NERC Standards that change how the task is performed Job scope changes Change in task to close a performance gap Change in task as a result of a mitigation plan following review of an event.

24 2012 System Operator Conference 24 Where Do we Stand With Task Verification? On Track to Meet April 1, 2013 Effective Date?

25 2012 System Operator Conference 25 Summary PER-005 R1 requires a training program be developed based on a systematic approach. R2 requires each operator be verified on each RR task at least once. Both R1 & R2 are effective April 1, 2013. PER-005 R2 has the biggest impact on operators, since each operator must be verified that they are capable or performing each RR task successfully.

26 2012 System Operator Conference 26 Summary, continued Task verification should include: acceptable level of accomplishment, a written guide, operator check-sheets, qualified evaluator. An RR task should be modified when there are new tools, new procedures, new standards, changes in job scope, changes to close a performance gap, changes triggered by mitigation plans

27 2012 System Operator Conference 27 Questions?

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