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Jiggy Bot Aka Cyclops.

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1 Jiggy Bot Aka Cyclops

2 Engineering and Design
Most humans spend over 95% of their time with technology. Take the role of an engineer. Assume the engineering task is to design an electrical device that light up a small light bulb and moves. Predict and list the type of components the electrical device should have to allow it to work properly.

3 Jiggy Bot Components Take the parts out of your baggie.
Sketch your prediction of how the Jiggy Bot components come together to light up the LED and move.

4 Jiggy Bot Components IN TABLE 1
Match the part with the purpose on your data table.

5 3.0 v battery Battery holder PCB (printed Circuit board) Switch
LED – short leg in square hole R ohm resistor M1 - Vibrator motor Wire legs

6 Jiggy Bot Schematic Label component parts on each diagram

7 Safety First SAFETY ALERT: Wear Safety Glasses; be aware of the hot temperature of the soldering iron, inform your instructor immediately if burned; DO NOT go ahead of the instructor as they lead you through the assembly; hold your hand over leads when clipping and/or trimming Read the directions carefully. Follow the step in order with your instructor. When you have your component into the proper placement, ask for a check of placement from your lab instructor or lab technicians.

8 Jiggy Bot Assembly 1. Observe both the top and bottom surface of the PCB. Notice the words, symbols and shapes outlined on both sides. The words, figures, and shapes will help guide you to where the components should be soldered.

9 Jiggy Bot Assembly Resistor
2. Solder the 680-ohm resistor onto the PCB board labeled R1. Put the leads through the via and spread the legs out to help hold them in place. Solder leads and then clip leads with wire cutters

10 Jiggy Bot Switch 3. Solder Switch: Place it in the off position. The switch should be pointing outward from the interior of the PCB. Solder switch onto the same side of the PCB as R1

11 Jiggy Bot = LED 4. Solder LED: Solder LED onto same side of PCB as R1 and Sw. Refer to the inventory handout for proper placement. Make sure your instructor Okays the placement before soldering. *Notice that the LED has a short lead and a long lead: *always insert the short lead into the square pad on the PCB and the long lead into the round pad on the PCB *Line up the flat side of the LED with the shape on the PCB Round Via Square Via

12 Jiggy Bot Motor 5. Solder Motor:
Find the M1 shape on your PCB. Place the motor in the appropriate position on the PCB and solder.

13 Jiggy Bot Batter Pack 6. Solder Battery pack:
Observe the back of the PCB and trim all leads. Observe the opposite side of the PCB board. Arrange the battery pack in the appropriate placement on the underside of the Jiggy Bot. Make sure placement is correct. Make sure the battery IS NOT in the battery pack. Solder when ready

14 Engineering “Legs” 8. Leg Design: Use your creativity to put legs onto the Jiggy Bot. You may use any available holes. Remember you are going to race so you may want to think about shape and placement. This is also a good time to add tails, wings, etc.

15 Let’s Get Jiggy Race First Jiggy Bot to reach the outside of the circle wins!!!

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