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Live Officials Clinic 2013-14 Season.

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1 Live Officials Clinic Season

2 Coach Rules May question a misapplication of a rule. They may NOT question judgment- handling calls, line calls. Note it is okay for an R1 or coach to overrule a miscalled line It is okay for R1 or coach to reverse or replay a point if a call is incorrectly. Coaches may NOT talk to the scoring table at any time. Requests go through the R2 or officiating coach. Head Coaches if seated must sit in the chair closest to the 3 meter line. (if not seated the 1st chair is empty) Coaches may not go past the 3 meter line during a set. R1’s and Coaches Be Proactive- don’t wait until things are out of hand

3 Assistant Coaches Only ONE assistant coach may stand at a time and they may NOT intervene in the match; i.e. they may not call timeouts – subs The may not talk to the scoring table. No request for time outs, substitutions left, or line-up checks. If the head coach is not standing, only ONE assistant may stand. Assistant coaches only get to coach the players.

4 Floor Captains- Floor Captains are the main avenue of Communication with officials. Should communicate between Head coach and R1 Can ask for Line-up checks Can call time-outs Can asked to have the score checked (supposedly they are the only ones allowed to ask for this) Ask for remaining time-outs and substitutions May request a protest of a rule misapplication- this must be accepted by the R1 and may NOT be waved off.

5 Crowd & Coach Control Assistant Coaches may NOT questions officials, even on misapplications of a rule. (Only Coach or floor Captain may talk to the R1 or R2) In Iowa, Coaches are responsible for their parent behavior and may be warned or carded for this behavior. Parents are not allowed to talk to or yell at the officiating crew. –Have the Team Captain come over and take the warning back to the Head Coach. Coaches and Parents may not yell in a bullying fashion to their players, throw clipboards, books or other items.

6 Ground Rules Ground Rules: Make sure you are aware of what the ground rules are for the tournament. Ceiling playable on own side of court, beams = ceiling Object above 15’ playable Object below 15’ is out of play and a play over is awarded if the ball would have remained in play (judgement) Balls hitting an object over an unplayable area and returning to court are called out. Players may play up to, but never step into the next court. Players may play behind the next court if they do not interfere. The basketball centerline between courts is not a boundary line.

7 Ground Rules 2 NET HEIGHT
Men (Boys 16and up) 7' 11 5/8" Women (Girls 13 and up) 7' 4 1/4" Boys 14 and under 7' 4 1/4" Girls & Boys 12 and under 7' 0'' Girls 10 and under 6' 6“ ( Iowa Rule) Serving Line for 12 and under competition can be set at 7m (23’) from the axis of the center line. However, the regular serving line is used at Qualifying events and at Junior National Championships for all age groups.

8 Time Management At the end of the Previous Match
Coaches shake opponents hands go immediately to score table and sign the score sheet. The next crew should do the flip immediately. Have a timing device ready to start the serving team warmup at the end of the Captain’s meeting. If players are slow to get to the serving line blow the whistle for serve as soon as the receiving team is ready. If receiving team is doing too many team huddles after points call the captain over to inform them you will be issuing a team delay warning. Do not let Coaches argue judgment calls. They may question misapplications of a rule.

9 Warm ups The teams should be passing during the captains meeting
NO JOINT warm ups allowed for junior competition. The serving team has the first warm up. The other team is not allowed to do any ball handling during the other teams warm up period. This includes at the end of the bench or spectator walkways. This is for safety concerns. The first matches of the day of Each team (including when the 5th team in the pool take the court, match 3) the warm up time should be 10 minutes for these matches. 2/4/4 For all other matches a 6 minute warm up 3/3 is used. Teams must serve during their warm-up period. You may ask the officials to let you know when one minute remains in your warm up period.

10 National Protocol National Warm-up (is optional at local tournaments)
First match of the day 5(ball handling)-4-4 After the first match for each team 2-4-4 Start of Match- Introduction of teams Teams line up starting on 3 meter line Order of lineup Team Captain First Libero listed Team member numerically from lowest to highest Second Libero if you have on listed. Walk out on court wave- turn wave. Shake hands with opponents.(last person through line makes sure all opponents hands have been shaken.

11 Start of a Set Line-ups are due 2 minutes before start of set 1- make sure coach turns in promptly- even if their team has the last 3 minute warm-up. (Scorer needs time to enter) Line-ups are due with 30 seconds remaining of the 3 minute interlude between sets. Please turn in line-ups before talking to your team. R2 & Scorer check for Liberos, Captains and no duplicate numbers. Scorer enters the Line- ups. R2 and coach checks the line- ups on the score sheet with the line-up sheets before checking line-ups on the floor.

12 Start of Set – New Iowa Rule
As the R2 checks the line-ups on the court they Call the Line-up OUT LOUD so that the coach and scorer may hear the line and check the players. Start in Position I, II, III, IV, V, VI If a Libero is entering at this time Call the Number of the Player the Libero is replacing.

13 Iowa Rules – allowed only @ IA events
Serving Line for 12 and under competition can be set at 7m (23’) from the axis of the center line. However, the regular serving line is used at Qualifying events and at Junior National Championships for all age groups. R2’s Call the Line Ups Out Loud at the beginning of all sets. Short must be the same color (Libero excluded) for all team players. The Style may be different to accommodate sizes and modesty issues.

14 Iowa Rules Officiating Crew 2 Adult Requirement for 16U and younger teams Adult at Score table as either the Scorer or Libero tracker for all 16U and younger. ( The may be the visual scorer if they are spotting Liberos and Substitutions for the scorer and assistant scorer) For 17 & 18U and Adult as R2 for pool play is suggested and for playoffs the Adult should be the R1 and the players can be R2 and Scoring table staff. If the Adult is ill or called in to work, a team will be granted 1 exemption. Tournament directors need to notify the Region Office.

15 NEW SANCTION SCALE Verbal/hand Warning Yellow Card – is a warning. No longer a point Is in effect for the Whole team for the Whole Match Red Card – point/side out Red and Yellow Card together – Expulsion for set Red and Yellow Card separated – Disqualification for the match Sanctions may progress in any order – multiple verbal/hand warnings may be given to a team. If a coach/player is behaving in a manner where more than one verbal warning is warranted; a yellow card should strongly be considered After a Yellow Card you may still issue Verbal warnings to a team for minor issues, even to the same coach/player.

16 Protest Floor Captains & Coaches can request a protest.
You can not ignore a valid request of a misapplication of a rule. Judgment calls are not protestable Protest can only be accepted if it is a misapplication of a rule Example- double hit call Not Accepted if a judgment call Accept if you call a double hit on first contact (which is allowed as it would be a misapplication of a rule) Protests can only be accepted after the point in question and before the serve of the next point. If the final point of the set is protested they have until the first serve of the next set.

17 Handling a Protest If you can find the issue in your rule book- do so
Call Tournament Director over & Get Best referee available (Day official or referee from a team that is off) Reference the rule book. In other words LOOK IT UP The protest must be resolved before the match can continue.

18 Equipment– What NOT TO HAVE HAVE
Cell Phones (unless for recording time) Head Phones Open WATER scoring table. Food - No eating during officiating duty HAVE Whistle for R1 & R2, and COACH, a watch, Red & Yellow Cards (use plastic plates to make cheap one) Pen, pencils, erasers, & watch for timing.

19 Mechanics Blow the whistle loudly and promptly
R1 whistles promptly when the play ends. On close plays blow the whistle promptly and wait for the lines person to make the call. (This is most common error) For Service Blow the whistle and then beckon for serve. (helps server know if it is your whistle) Before you blow for the serve scan to see everyone is ready ex.lines,scorer,R2. For a net violation or centerline violation R2 blow immediately- so R1 can determine if the net occurred before the ball was down. For Subs on each side of the net. Whistle for each side. For Time Outs- R2 whistles to start and end the time out.

20 Mechanics – pg 2 End of Play
Whistle play dead promptly Indicate which team gets the ball and point. (HOLD the call to allow scorers more time to put in the correct results.) Keep fingers and thumb together, no raised finger needed for a point Indicate the fault Never give 2 signals at once it is confusing. In your head say- This team gets the ball (extend hand with fingers together drop hand) Because of this fault (then indicate the fault with the other hand)

21 Centerline- new rule Centerline: The rule for centerline faults has been altered to allow a player to have a foot/hand/body part completely on the opponent’s side of the court – as long as one part of their body is on or above the centerline. PROVIDED; there is no interference with or a safety issue involved with the opponent.

22 Centerline Legal as long as one part of their body is on or above the centerline. PROVIDED; there is no interference with or a safety issue involved with the opponent. Player’s court //// opponent’s court

23 Centerline – Legal or Illegal
Own ct /// // opponents Own ct /// opponents Illegal Legal

24 Net Violations LEGAL ILLEGAL Tape on top of net Tape on top of net

25 Out of Rotation Out of rotation: Track the setter and who she is opposite. There must two players on the setter’s right and two players on the setter’s left and her opposite.  The front row player must have their feet closer to the net than the corresponding back row player (ex: right front and right back) In the front or back row the rule for the row is this. The left front must have 1 foot closer to the left side line than the center or right front players. The Right front player must have 1 foot closer to the right side line than the center or left front players. Ditto for back row of players

26 Legal Rotation Legal Front row players all have 1 foot closer to net than their back row counterpart player. Left and right side front and back row players have 1 foot closer to the side line. Right Front Left Front Center Front Center Back Right Back Left Back

27 Illegal Rotation Illegal
Front row players all have 1 foot closer to net than their back row counter part player. (okay here) The center back (setter) & left back is in front of the right front player, but behind their front row counter part (okay here) The Center back player (setter) has 1 foot closer to the right side line than the Right back player. s s Center Front Left Front Center Back Setter Left Back Right Front Right Back

28 Back Row Attack & Blocks
Back row attack/block: are typically committed by the setter. Know where the setter is at all times! Track her by her number/hair/shoes/etc. and know who she is opposite. To be a back row violation 3 things must happen- and it must be all 3 Back row player in front of 3 meter line Back row player must contact the ball completely above the height of the net The ball must cross the net or be legally blocked

29 Legal Illegal Back Row Examples
A Back row Setter (5’0”) Jumps and makes contact with the ball below net the height of the net and sends a ball over the net. A Back row setter sets 1 to the middle and the hit is blocked into her hands which are below the height of the net. A Back row Setter (6’1”) Stands and makes contact with the ball above net the height of the net and sends a ball over the net. A Back row setter sets 1 to the middle and the hit is blocked into her hands which are above the height of the net.

30 Legal Back Row Examples A back row attacker Is in the front zone
Hits the 2nd touch ball which is above the height of the net. into the middle of the net. Another player underhand passes the 3rd touch ball over the net.

31 Screening- New Rule Screening: Two items MUST happen for screening to occur: Screening occurs if a team prevents the opponent from seeing the server AND the flight of the ball is directly over the teammates in a ‘line-drive’ type fashion. An ‘arcing’ serve would not meet the criteria for screening. Players with their hands up above their heads are NOT illegal and NOT automatically screening. If you believe a potential screen exists, DO Not ask players to bend over or separate. you MAY bring the captain over and ‘warn’ them of a potential screen; Warnings are a courtesy, NOT a requirement

32 Libero – new rules If a team designates two Liberos for set one, those 2 Liberos are the only Liberos allowed in the match unless an injury takes place If they designate Zero or 1 Libero for set one, they may designate a one Libero for any of the following sets of the Match. This Libero may be a different person from set to set. Libero Replacements must take place along the sideline between the attack line and the end line; even when the benches are on the end line. Do NOT allow the Libero to exchange on the end line. Make them replace properly. You will only have to do it once.  It is important so the Scoring table can see the replacement.

33 Libero - The Libero must sit out one completed rally (pt scored) before re-entering the set unless the are rotating to their serving position. The Libero or Reserve Libero may serve in only one position in the rotation. A Libero may use hand action to set a ball to a hitter if they are behind the 3 meter line. If a Libero is in front of the 3 meter line an underhand pass is normally used. If a Libero uses hand action to set a ball to a hitter in front of the three meter line. The HITTER must hit the ball below the height of the net.

34 Libero The Libero may NOT block or attempt to block.
A Libero may attack a ball if the ball is below the height of the net. A Libero may never attack a ball above the height of the net from any space on the floor.

35 Injuries In all cases time will be allowed to move a player safely off the court. What should happen Stop the play immediately and issue a replay if needed. 30 Seconds allowed to evaluate the injury after 30 seconds Coach can call a Time Out (1 or both) Make a regular substitution If no available legal substitution is available an Exceptional Sub can take place. The player replace by an exception Sub is out for the rest of the MATCH If there is blood on the court, it must be properly cleaned up before anything else can happen.

36 Exceptional Subs You must use a legal substitution BEFORE you can do an exceptional sub. Legal subs Player who has subbed in that position in this set A Player who has not been in the set. Players on the court at the time of the injury are not eligible to be an exceptional sub. No regular substitutions are allowed during injuries. Exceptional substitution Order A player on the bench who has substituted in another position on the court The Libero

37 New Rule on Wrong Player
The first of these scenarios is Rule In this scenario, the illegal player in question refers to a player on the court who is not recorded on the line-up sheet. When it is determined that there is an illegal player on the court, the referee must go to the scoresheet and Libero Control Sheet and determine the first moment the illegal player entered the set. The team will lose ALL points from the moment the illegal player entered the match. And only those points.

38 New Rule on Wrong Player
For example, Team A has player # 9 listed on the line-up sheet, but player # 8 is in the game and has been from the start of the set. After several rallies with no substitutions and the score 5-5, number 8 goes back to serve. The scorer immediately notifies the second referee that there is no number 8 on the line-up. Since no substitutions have occurred, the referees know that number 8 was on the court from the beginning of the set. Team A loses all their points since they have played the entire set so far with an illegal player. Team A would be instructed to put the correct player on the court or request a substitution to allow the illegal player to continue in the set. Team B would receive a point and the ball for service. The set would continue with a score of Team B 6, Team A 0.


40 New Score sheets The Results Section is now on the upper right side
The Team & Match winner needs to be listed The signature of the Coaches, First official and Scorer are below that section. Signing the sheet means the score is correct.

41 Deciding Set Scoresheet

42 Line Up Sheet Because of the Libero Rules and the Service Order High School Line up sheets will NOT be accepted. If you want to have a set sheet. Please use the USAV sheet and add the players names and numbers. Find on the Iowa Region website Forms page. You must write out a new line up for each set.

43 Line Up Sheets

44 Substitutions Make sure the scorer has finished the previous rally (point &/or exit scores) before starting the substitution Do NOT recognize a substitution request until the sub ENTERS the substitution zone. Substitution: One sub in the sub zone at a time. Call the number of the sub and the player they are replacing. It is handy if the R2 or Visual scorer give the score at time of substitution- Give the subbing teams score first followed by their opponents. Let the first sub on the court. Check that scorer is ready/finished before starting the second sub. The scorer should give you the Ready sign for each sub and when they are finished and returning the court to the R2. Scorer should be done writing before resuming.

45 New Substitution Procedure
Enter line ups centered in each column For a Substitution Enter the number of the new sub on the left. Followed by the score at the time of the sub listing that teams score listed first followed by the other teams score.(because of new rule team scores must be listed) 3. Slash the total team substitution.

46 If Points are removed Erase the Slashed or Triangled points by
Using Correction Tape Erasing Or “x” ing over Rewrite the points and slash when rescored. Nothing will be done with the exit scores so One exit score for a team may be 16 and the next after points are removed may be 1.

All information prior to the first serve and after the last point should be done in ink. In the officials section, last name, first name. Date is; example ( 11/10/13). All times international, ( ex: 9am=09:00) Use the grid on the score sheet. After the coin toss, draw an x in three places, (may be done for set 2 at start of match)1. Through the S of the serving team,2. Through the R on the receiving team. 3. In the service round box 1 for the position I player of receiving team. Record start time when R1 blows for the first serve. You may use pencil from the first serve until the final point is recorded. If the set is 21 pts. Hourglass out the first 4 points in the running score column.

48 Why the Check- Draw a small check mark over the number in the service rounds box for each players FIRST SERVE (if a legal serve). Marking the server will Keep You on Track Will let you know that an exit score is needed. Is required for the correct server. 1

49 When to NOT Wrong server
Set point awarded to the receiving team on opponents serve. In a deciding set (on the far right), at change of courts. Team on the right scores point 8, On the far right: Copy last exit score recorded on far left without a check mark. On the far right: Copy the last exit score recorded on the far left without a checkmark. No checkmark in current server’s box, record final score here.

50 Tracking Wrong Servers
Receiving team side should start with an X in the first Service Round Box Receiving team will reach 2nd round for serves first.

51 Hour Glass all points not scored.
End Of Set Hour Glass all points not scored. End Time Point 25/or the win by 2 pts entered Circle last exit scores (not in running score)

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