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Today’s Agenda, Feb. 11, 2014  TV, media, and music survey  A peek into history of technology  Timelines.

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1 Today’s Agenda, Feb. 11, 2014  TV, media, and music survey  A peek into history of technology  Timelines

2 Chapter 3 Impacts of Communications Technology and Media To what extent do communications technologies and media shape our identities?

3 Class survey  Make a list of your favourite television shows and musician

4 Media Survey If mostly what you watch is not Canadian, how does that affect your Canadian identity? What communication tools facilitate the spread of a global youth culture? Do you see a global culture evolving? What are some of the implications of the globalization of communication for your own cultural and social lives? Are Canadian music and shows having an impact outside Canada as part of a global youth culture?

5 The evolution of technology and media 1835


7 The internet is where we live our digital lives. But it’s also a physical network of cables that span the globe.


9 1897



12 Cinema timeline



15 Journal response # 2  Write a paragraph explaining how these technologies have affected the lives of your grandparents, parents, and now you and the rest of the world.  How they have help you to ‘stay connected’

16 Today’s agenda, Feb. 12, 2014  Universalization of popular culture  The CRTC  Broadcasting Corporations, CAVCO and MAPL point systems

17 UNIVERSALIZATION OF POP CULTURE  Spread of one popular culture around the world  Pop Culture – latest clothes, slang, music, movies, TV, video games etc.  YOU make pop culture – YOUR CHOICES: WHAT YOU BUY, SAY, READ, WATCH, WEAR (you learn about them their media) What you WANT/DEMAND is produced;


19 TRANSNATIONAL MEDIA COMPANIES  Read pg. 41-42 in text – put attention to the news clips  These companies produce the films, TV shows, music, book, magazines, etc. ---- therefore spreading it globally.

20 IMPACT/ EFFECT/ CONSEQUENCE OF MEDIA TRANSNATIONALS  media companies merge to become ONE HUGE company  MERGING of MEDIA CORPORATION = media convergence

21 Media convergence Who Cares?  Fewer companies = less competition =  large corporations CONTROL popular culture

22 Response to universalization & Influence of TRANSNATIONAL COMPANIES  Some people/cultures/ nations decide to REDUCE the effect of universalization of pop culture – protect and promote their own culture and identity.  CANADA - CRTC

23 How does the MAPL system work? To qualify as Canadian content, a musical selection must generally fulfill at least TWO of the following conditions: M (music): the music is composed entirely by a Canadian A (artist): the music is, or the lyrics are, performed principally by a Canadian P (performance): the musical selection consists of a live performance that is recorded wholly in Canada, or performed wholly in Canada and broadcast live in Canada L (lyrics): the lyrics are written entirely by a Canadian

24 CRTC ensures that Canadian programming reflects:  Canadian creativity and talent  Our linguistic duality (English & French)  Our cultural diversity (pluralistic society)  The Aboriginal peoples of Canada  Our values

25 Today’s agenda, Feb. 14, 2014  CRTC regarding media, telecommunications, and you  Ethnic Broadcasting: APTN and Radio Canada  Hybridization

26 CRTC Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission PURPOSE  Regulate (make rules) and supervise ALL aspects of Canadian broadcasting and telecommunications.

27 CRTC and CanCon GOAL  To help CANADIAN producers, actors, directors, musicians find work and exposure in Canada & globally.

28 CanCon

29 BNL



32 “You don’t have to change the whole world, you just have to change your world, and the rest will follow.” Tom Jackson Quote


34 French language: Radio Canada

35 Cultural Diversity through Broadcasting Technology

36 Telecommunications

37 CRTC: Positive or Negative? NEGATIVE: See cartoon on page 95. What view does it portray?

38 CRTC: Positive or Negative?

39 Broadcasting Corporations

40 HYBRIDIZATION HYBRIDIZATION mixing it up  The mixing of cultures & identities  People mix forms, genres, and styles to produce something new – A HYBRID = hybridization

41 Interdisciplinary Art (one form of hybridization) See pg. 45 in text for examples of these:  Mixing traditional cultures and communication tech  Mixing media & art forms  Mixing elements (clothing, music, spirituality, food, dance, etc.) See figure 3-5 pg. 45

42 Brian Jungen, Native artist Prototypes for New Understanding (1998-2005)

43 Prototypes for New Understanding (1998-2005); a series of sculptures Jurgen created by disassembling and reassembling Nike Air Jordan sneakers to resemble Northwest Coast Aboriginal masks.

44 Shapeshifter, Jungen 2001 Brian Jungen's sculpture "Shapeshifter" makes a statement about cultural hybridity and institutional displays of marine life in aquariums and natural history museums.

45 WHAT’S GOOD ABOUT IT? WHAT’S BAD ABOUT IT? (hybridization, that is) PROSCONS

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