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KN4140V R1 Product Information ATEN Sales Department KVM OVER THE NET.

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1 KN4140V R1 Product Information ATEN Sales Department KVM OVER THE NET

2 KN4140v Diagram 2010.02.10 2

3 KN4140v Diagram

4 Appearance Front Rear Models: KN2124v 2 (IP users) x 24 (Computers) KN4124v 4 (IP users) x 24 (Computers) KN2140v 2 (IP users) x 40 (Computers) KN4140v 4 (IP users) x 40 (Computers)

5 Appearance CPU Modules KA7120 For PS/2 Computers KA7170 For USB Computers KA7130 For SUN Legacy KA7140 For serial devices KA7175 Support Virtual Media KA7176 Support Virtual Media + Audio

6 KN4140V R1 New Features IPV6 Support Blade Server Support Integrated PON Support Automated CSR creation Utility Modem in Dial in/Dial out/Dial Back Support Keyboard/Mouse Broadcast Magic Control Panel. Green IT: Fan Speed varies according to temperature.

7 Features Multiple sessions, Concurrent Access Access Mode – Share, Occupy, ExclusiveAccess Mode Panel Array Mode (Local & Remote client)Panel Array Mode Message Board Mouse DynaSync (USB CPU Module) Multi-platform (PS/2, USB, Sun, Serial) Single-level Cascadable

8 Features Virtual Media Green IT – Variable Fan Speed Audio Enable (KA7176) Power Over the NET SupportPower Over the NET Magic Panel Adapter ID Dual Network Cards / Dual PowerDual Network CardsDual Power

9 Features Event log and Windows-based Log ServerLog Server Critical system events sent by email and SNMP Trapsent by emailSNMP Trap OOBC (modem dail-in, dail-back, dail-out support)dail-indail-backdail-out Third-party Authentication – RADIUS, LDAP(S), ADThird-party Authentication Flexible encryption IP / Mac Filter Advanced Password Policy

10 Features User and Group Permission Table Private Certificate Authority Creation Keyboard Pass Through Exit Macro On-screen Keyboard (multi-language) IPv6 supportIPv6 Blade Server Support ( How it works ?)Blade Server How it works

11 2015/4/15 11

12 Multiple sessions, Concurrent Access KN4140v 1.Up to 64 user accounts, up to 32 users simultaneously SHARE the control 2.4x Remote users and 1x Local user can control DIFFERENT devices at the same time Complete

13 Single-level Cascadable KN4140v series CS9134 / 9138 CS88A KH1508 / 1516 OSD Tree-view can be integrated Complete

14 Access Mode KN4140v series Access Mode KVM ShareOOO OccupyXOX ExclusiveXXX Complete

15 Message Board KN4140v series Complete

16 Panel Array Mode KN4140v series support Panel Array Mode for both Local and Remote client. Complete

17 Network Card Access Modes KN4140v series Redundant LAN Single IP KN4140v series Dual NIC Access Dual IP Complete

18 Dual Power KN4140v series PDU Link KN4140v’s power inlets to different power sources to have power redundancy. Complete

19 Virtual Media KA7175 or KA7176 Support DVD/CD drives, USB mass storage, Hard Drive or ISO images Complete

20 Power Over the NET Support KN4140v series PN0108 KVM access and PON control can be integrated in one interface. Complete

21 Magic Panel A ToggleZoomScan Port Macros DialogOn-Screen KBArray Mode Video OptionsMouse PointerCat5 Cable Length Auto-syncMouse Sync ModeEnter OSD Screen ModeSpeakerCustomization SnapshopMacro ListExit Message BoardFirst Port Ctrl+Alt+DelPrevious PortNum Lock GrayscaleNext PortCaps Lock Virtual MediaLast PortScroll Lock Complete

22 Log Server / SMTP / SNMP Trap TCP/IP KN4140v series Log Server AP Or Syslog SMTP SNMP Manager KN4140v series supports SMTP. The event can be sent to the assigned email address. Complete

23 OOBC – dail in mode KN4140v series Modem PSTN Dial in to connect KN4140v series Complete

24 OOBC – dail back mode KN4140v series Modem PSTN Hang up the phone Dail back Dial back mode 1.Fixed number dial back 2.Flexible number dial back Complete

25 OOBC – dail out mode KN4140v series Modem ISP Dial out to ISP Complete

26 Advanced Password Policy Complete

27 Third-party Authentication TCP/IP KN4140v series Active Directory LDAP(S) RADIUS Username Password Complete

28 Flexible encryption Complete

29 IP / MAC filter Complete

30 User and Group Permission Table Complete

31 Private Certificate Authority Creation Complete

32 Keyboard Pass Through Complete Alt + Tab (for switching screens)

33 Exit Macro Complete Computer 1Computer 2 When users switch from Computer 1 to Computer 2… KN4140v series can send a stored command (Exit Macro) to Computer 1, for example, “Log out” Log out

34 IPv6 Complete

35 Blade Server Complete

36 Blade Server (How it works?) Blade Server Blade 1Blade 2Blade 3Blade 4 KN sends signals to switch blades KN contains Blade Server’s hotkey Complete

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