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R1-1 Physics I Review 1 Review Notes Exam 1. R1-2 Definitions.

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1 R1-1 Physics I Review 1 Review Notes Exam 1

2 R1-2 Definitions

3 R1-3 Definitions (Continued)

4 R1-4 Definitions (Continued)

5 R1-5 Class #1 Take-Away Concepts

6 R1-6 Problem Solving Strategy for Projectile Motion

7 R1-7 Hit the Falling Target Diagram

8 R1-8 Hit the Falling Target Table of Kinematic Quantities

9 R1-9 Hit the Falling Target Solving for Time

10 R1-10 Hit the Falling Target Solving for Final Y Position

11 R1-11 Class #2 Take-Away Concepts

12 R1-12 Using Newton’s Second Law to Solve Problems

13 R1-13 Free-Body Diagrams

14 R1-14 Example Problem in 1D An Elevator Going Down

15 R1-15 Newton’s Third Law Pairs: How to Recognize Them

16 R1-16 Class #3 Take-Away Concepts

17 R1-17 A Common Example: Atwood’s Machine

18 R1-18 Solution to Atwood’s Machine

19 R1-19 Inclined Plane

20 R1-20 Coordinate Systems and Free-Body Diagrams Use trigonometry to determine X & Y components of forces not aligned with coordinate system.

21 R1-21 Solving for Acceleration

22 R1-22 Class #4 Take-Away Concepts

23 R1-23 Important Facts About Velocity and Acceleration Vectors

24 R1-24 Uniform Circular Motion

25 R1-25 What is the Direction of Acceleration?

26 R1-26 Centripetal Force

27 R1-27 Example: A Rock on a String Twirl a 1 kg rock attached to a string in a 1 m radius vertical circle. The speed is 4 m/sec. What forces act on the rock and what are the directions of those forces?

28 R1-28 Case A: Rock at the Top of the Circle

29 R1-29 Case B: Rock at the Bottom of the Circle

30 R1-30 Class #5 Take-Away Concepts

31 R1-31 Momentum of an Object Definitions

32 R1-32 Change of Momentum

33 R1-33 Impulse and the Impulse- Momentum Theorem

34 R1-34 Example Problem Using Impulse-Momentum

35 R1-35 Class #6 Take-Away Concepts

36 R1-36 Internal and External Forces

37 R1-37 The Momentum of a System

38 R1-38 Conservation of Momentum (in a Nutshell)

39 R1-39 Class #7 Take-Away Concepts

40 R1-40 Conservation of Momentum in Multiple Dimensions

41 R1-41 Collisions in Multiple Dimensions

42 R1-42 Center of Mass

43 R1-43 Class #8 Take-Away Concepts

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