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2 Signal & Telegraph Dept.
“Signalling the Link”. By Mike Walshaw, Swanage Railway Signal & Telegraph Dept.

3 Network Rail Partnership.
“Project Wareham” will see the Swanage Railway linked with the Main Line at Worgret Junction under a Swanage Railway – Network Rail Partnership.

4 Swanage Railway Staff Token System
Show No.5: The work carried out by Swanage Railway Staff to install the Token System between Norden and Wareham .

5 Mike Walshaw wires up the relays in the depths of Corfe Castle Signal Box.

6 And in Norden Relay Room.

7 Mike Southey installs the NSKT Token Instrument in Norden Gates Cabin for the Corfe Section.

8 And contemplates the new Diagram in Corfe Castle Signal Box.

9 S&T Manager Tony North puzzles over the back of the Diagram.

10 And completes wiring up the Token System Controls.

11 Mike Carnaby wires up the Wareham Token Instrument Circuit Board, now set up in Norden Gates Cabin.

12 Robin Sowter and Nick Gosden, the ‘Verifying Team’, get busy in Norden Gates Cabin with the Token System Test Rig.

13 And now in Norden Relay Room.

14 Mike Southey dealing Mike Southey deals with the Corfe NSKT System in Norden Relay Room.

15 Tony Udall assists with the testing of the Token System in Corfe Castle Signal Box.

16 It is now time to install the Token Instruments at Wareham
It is now time to install the Token Instruments at Wareham. Mike Southey gets busy on the Down Platform.

17 And now on the Up Platform, while Tony North looks on.

18 Tony North hopes we will not close the door on him!

19 At last it is time to install our equipment in the middle of the remote River Frome Flood Plain. It is a 2-km walk from the nearest access point.

20 So, accompanied by a COSS and a Lookout Man, we load up our trolley at Creech Bottom Crossing.

21 We arrive on site. Tony North opens up the Swanage Railway Cabinet while Mike Walshaw finds the right wiring diagram.

22 Here we are, out in the wilds near the River Frome Viaduct.

23 We fix up a Magic Marker Board on our way home.

24 Photo credits: Andrew P.M. Wright, and Mike Walshaw

25 Show No.6 will highlight the Testing of the new
Token Block Signalling System between Norden and Wareham



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