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1 RiskView, R3 and CERT-RMM The Where, What and How of Operational Resilience

2 © 2012 SunGard. | Operational Resilience – Challenges and Benefits Organizations often struggle with: Meeting business and compliance requirements Ever increasing costs Breakdown in key processes Understanding and measuring resilience An Operational Resilience program can: Lower or eliminate redundancy and cost by optimizing between protection and sustainability strategies Lower operational risks with an enterprise focus Improve processes that are measurable and manageable – and therefore make them more effective!

3 © 2012 SunGard. | R3 Framework  SunGard’s approach to delivering services to our clients which reduce Risk while enhancing Recoverability and thereby improving Resilience  Drives the creation and delivery of SunGard Availability Services Consulting solutions  Built upon the foundation of the Carnegie Mellon Resilience Management Model (CERT- RMM)

4 © 2012 SunGard. | Methodology in Action – The Process Collect Data Export data from plans in LDRPS Perform BDNA asset scan and export results Perform Nessus vulnerability scan and export results Map & Import Data Normalize and validate source data Run adapters to populate RiskView Develop Risk Profiles Build and refine formulas to calculate concentration of risk Evolve Data Analyze & represent data in various views (business function, location, processes, etc.) Identify gaps in BC/DR plans and testing Perform what if analysis on identified risks Rollout Results Review results to determine focus and priority of resilience spending Develop actionable roadmap to quantifiably reduce risk exposure

5 © 2012 SunGard. | The Power of RiskView, R3 & CERT-RMM Shows you how to do it… The CERT-RMM is a process improvement approach for driving operational resilience and remediating exposures. 26 Process Areas for Improvement Shows you what to do… The SunGard proprietary R3 framework provides the tools and methodology for enabling operational resilience. Enabling Technology & Services Shows you where to focus… The RiskView visualization tool provides the analytical representation of risk concentration and where best to focus resources. Risk Visualization

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